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Item and Pokerus Thread

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Bug Gym Leader
Looking for a choice scarf and a focus sash. Will trade any dw female in my sig as well as a few different egg moves, and several different evolution stones. PM me for trade, but do it quick because I need them today


Supreme Overlord
I'm looking for anyone who has a Griseous Orb that they don't use anymore. I traded mine away to a friend, and then the friend lost his game. :(

Offers: Check my signature.

EDIT: Done!
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MultiRegion Champion
done :) thanks everyone
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The Wanderer
Looking for the following items...

-Dawn Stone x1
-Dusk Stone x4
-Fire Stone x5
-Leaf Stone x9
-Moon Stone x8
-Oval Stone x2
-Shiny Stone x5
-Sun Stone x4
-Thunder Stone x6
-Water Stone x12
-Kings Rock x3
-Magmarizer x1
-Rare Candy (Any)
-Heart Scales (Any) (2 HS = 1 Poke)
-Master Balls (Any)

I can give any hatchable poke.
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Show me the Munna!
Hey all,

I'm looking for someone that will do this trade with me. I'm looking to get this done in one shot, but will do single trades if required.

Female Poison Heal Gligar/Gliscor
Female Technician Shroomish/Breloom
Air Balloon
Toxic Orb


Lv 70 Docile Lugia
Lv 50 Lonely Zapdos
Lv 70 Serious Mewtwo

Can offer Pokerus too...

Message me if interested... Thanks in advance.


Well-Known Member
Looking for an oval stone x2. I've got the following evo stones I can trade:

Black: sun stone & moonstone
White: dusk stone, thunder stone, dawn stone, fire stone & leaf stone

PM me if interested.

Shiny Zek

Triforce of Wisdom
Looking for a Focus Sash, a Life Orb, an Air Balloon, and a Choice Scarf. If you can get me all of those, I can give you a shiny EVd Flawless Heatran.


Electric Master
Im looking for an electrolizer, I have quite a bit of items to trade for it, let me know what you are looking for.
Hello! Anyone want to help me get pokerus? I can offer any of the legendaries I have, pm if you would like to help. :D

EDIT: GOT IT! Thanks to all the people that tried to help me! n_n
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Feather Trainer
I want a thunderstone.

I can give you attack-power-up gems or even other evolution stones in exchange...

PM me if interested.

My fc: 3353-5813-3766

edit: nvm. It took a few days, but I already got one via chargestone cave...
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I need any pokemon that has the Pokerus virus.

Ill trade one of my Hatched Lv.1 Zoura for it.

PM me your FC and add mines which is in my signature.

Update: Complete. Thanks RedTroopa.
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First Male Swiftie
I have pokerus for whoever needs it! Looking for the ev training items! Pm me if you need it!!


New Member
I can offer Zekrom, Cobalion and Terrakion

I'm looking for:

Leftovers x 3
Lifeorb x 2
Light Clay

All Power Items

Any pokemon with pokerus

also, Various TMs .. PM if your looking to make a deal :)
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