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Item and Pokerus Thread

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<3 Ghosts
Still looking for evolution stones :)

Items I need:
1x Dusk Stone
1x Dawn Stone
1x Leaf Stone
3x Moon Stone
4x Water Stone
1x Sun Stone

I have Thunder Stones and Fire Stones. I can also trade berries, just ask to see if I have what you want. If there's something else anyone is looking for, just ask and I'll see what I can do.

PM me if interested.


Avery, EV Trainer
I, like many others, need evolutionary items.

I really need the following:

Sun Stone x3
Moon Stone x5
Thunder Stone x2
Water Stone x6
Leaf Stone x3
Dusk Stone x3
Oval Stone x2

I can trade the following:

DeepSeaTooth x1
Dubious Disc x1
Heat Rock x9
Icy Rock x4
Protector x1
Razor Fang x2
Smooth Rock x1
Yellow Shard x3

Please PM me with offers! I really need these items.


Water Expert
Need a 'White Herb'
I have for trade:
Flutes/magmarizer/electivizer/deepseascale/deepseatooth/metal coat/dragon scale and lots more (including pokerus) pm ASAP as I need a white herb before the end of the week :D


Eeveelution Master
In desperate need of a Light Clay still, pm me! Willing to trade poke's
Traded my Dawn Stone away earlier and now i need a new one >.<


New Member
need light ball plz

can anyone give me a light ball i am trying to get a pikachu that knows volt tackle i am willing to giving almost anyhting for it.


looking for power bracer in pokemon black

pm what you looking for in hg/ss (i want breed at the start and I dont have my pokemon and item yet in the game)

I have a couple of shiny like a completly legit lavitor shiny adamant captured at mt silver "like a boss" !


Pokerus in general
Dusk Stone
Leaf Stone
Moon Stone
Shiny Stone
Sun Stone
Water Stone
ANY item available in the Battle Subway
Other evolutionary items

Timid (Shiny) Jirachi (negotiable)
Useful shinies

All offers welcome. PM if interested. :3
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I have at least 5 copies of each stone and enough BP to buy multiples of any Battle subway item. PM me if interested.


Well-Known Member
Looking for a Lid Fossil.

Have Lucky Egg, Thunderstone, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Dusk Stone, Shiny Stone, Dawn Stone, EV reducing berries, and super-effective reducing berries. Will trade 2 items for it, and I'll attach them to a freshly hatched Tirtouga and Archen if you want.


Berry Master
I need leftovers pm me with offers and we can work something out


Ecruteak Trainer
I want ice gem

I can offer Bug gem, water gem, Fire gem, Grass gem, Fighting gem, Ground gem,
Exp. Share, Quick Claw, BrightPowder, Rare Candy, PP Max, Rocky Helmet, Hart scale, Fire stone, Moon stone

I get ice gem.
Thank you
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I'm looking for Moon stones and possibly other evo stones.

I'm able to offer Zorua with Dark Pulse or Snarl, DW Nidoran (Female), any starter, and plenty more. Just PM me and we can work something out. Thanks! ^^

Onyx Leviathan

Leviathan & Behemoth
I really need two Dusk Stones. Please pm me if you have one/two.


The Spook
Looking for a hondew berry. Please pm me if you have one and are interested in trading/lending one to me.


Looking for 2 master balls.

I have plenty to offer, please pm me with what you want!


Edit: Pokerus dissappeared, need a new pokemon with it !
I got almost every item and will trade almost anything for it !
PM/VM if you're interested !
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Looking to restock my shop. (Other items will be added to list later)
I'm currently looking for these:
Prism Scales

Willing to trade Master Balls or Evo Stones for some.
PM/VM Me with offers.

I have all the Prsim Scales I need now (20) :p
Thank you all so much
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Ecruteak Trainer
I want Passho Berry.

I can offer I can offer Bug gem, water gem, Fire gem, Grass gem, Fighting gem, Ground gem,
Rare Candy, PP Max, Rocky Helmet, Hart scale, berry
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