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Item and Pokerus Thread

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I need a focus sash and a choice specs. Focus sash is my priority though. I can offer around half the starters, most in-game legendaries from most regions, and some non-ev trained high levels.


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I am currently looking for the Power Weight, Power Lens, and Power Band. Here's what I've got for trade:
King's Rock
Lucky Punch
Razor Claw
Quick Claw
Gems (Ground, Steel, Grass, Poison, Water, Electric, Rock x2, Dark)
Dusk Stone
Ring Target
Sun Stone
Exp. Share
Shiny Stone
Heart Scale
Scope Lens
Moon Stone
Type powering items (Hard Stone, Silk Scarf, Poison Barb, Soft Sand, Dragon Fang, Spell Tag, Sharp Beak, Never-Melt Ice, Miracle Seed, Charcoal)
Rare Candy x4

I also have
An event Arceus from the "Befriend a Pokemon" Global Link Giveaway (Lvl. 100)
An event Mewtwo from the B&W one year anniversary (Lvl. 70)

I can also give you Pokerus.

PM me if you are interested.
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looking for evolutionary stones. cann offer pokerus, trade evolution help, and several pokemon. for genv games only


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Looking for any power items, except power anklet. PM for offers


I have most items you may be looking for... looking for dwfs.... willing to trade items pkrs and dwf vulpix's for other dwf pokemon


Wanna trade
have almost all the items all i want is events, dws, or shinies pm me and ill see if i have tht item


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i have pokerus,alot of breedables,& even some DW i can trade. im looking for any shiny that you dont need or want any more. pm me and we can work something out


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In need of any of the EV-enhancing items obtained from the Battle Subway (excluding the Power Lens) and a Light Ball.

I will be willing to infect any Pokemon with Pokerus in return, plus a few DWFs including Vulpix and Eevee.

PM me if you're interested~


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looking for ev reducing berries, offering power items


Looking for power lens, can offer many items, please PM

Chaos L

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I have a masterball up for trade. What I want back is an english arceus or a japanese flawless ditto. If you want I can infect the pokemon holding the masterball with pokerus. I can attatch the master ball to a rayquaza. PM me if you're interested.


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looking for evo stones. can offer pokerus and a few pokemon in my sig.


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I'm looking for (non-hacked) Leftovers. I can trade a couple of Battle Subway items.

Edit: I'm also looking for a Chople Berry.
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Wanna trade
have lots of items to trade just ask me and i might have it


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I am Looking for a Light ball for my black game, If anyone has it i would be greatly appreciative if i could get it :)


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Looking for EV Braces (Def, Sp. Def, Atk, and HP). I can trade version exclusives to White with Pokerus, PM me if you are interested.
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