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Item and Pokerus Thread

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#1 Lanturn Owner
I have:

Most items (All stones/trade items/power items/etc.)
Pm me if you have a specific item you want, I probably have it.

I Want:
Will look at other offers.


Wanna trade
i have all items except lock capsual and a couple things but im lokkin for shiny,dw,dwf,and events


New Member

I am looking for

(no hack please..)

I can offer following:

Extreme speed male DRATINI

Ev trained Dragon Dance DRAGONITE, Adamant Nature lv 69
Ev trained Rain Dance KINGDRA, Modest Nature lv 54
Ev trained GENGAR, Timid Nature lv 61
Ev trained MAMOSWINE, Adamant Nature lv 57
Ev trained SCIZOR, Brave Nature(slow u-turn), lv 60
Ev trained Bulk Up GALLADE, Adamant Nature, lv 57 with Egg Move Shadow Sneak

Dream World -
Regenerator TANGELA
Analytic PORYGON 2 with evolite (ev'ed)

I can also offer:

Pokemon with fresh new POKERUS
Any Battle item from the frontier
Power lens, brace, anklet, etc.
Male riolu with Egg Move Hi Jump Kick
Modest riolu with Nasty Plot
togepi, snorlax, serperior, and also ZEKROM

Pm me if you are interested in any of the above!!


Pop Punk, Bro.
I have Pokerus and am looking for shinies, legends, Balloons, certain starters, event Pokemon, or other interesting stuff. Message me with offers!


New Member
Need some items for my B/W pokemon:

3 leftovers, 2 life orbs, 2 air balloons, and a shed shell and all the EV training items( Power Bracer, Belt, Lens etc.) Too hard for me to rack up BP with my weak team, that's why I need these.

I'm offering active pokerus and 2 masterballs. I could also do some work in return by breeding pokemon with egg moves and specific natures; once I get the Power items, I'll also be able to max out two IVs. I could also offer Jirachi, Zekrom, Darkrai, Mewtwo, Shiny Entei, Shiny Raikou, and Rayquaza, though I would want a substantial items off my list for one of these. PM me.
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Dance Party!!
I was wondering if anybody would let me borrow their kings rock to evolve my poliwhirl. I can trade giga drain lotads or swift swim poliwags. I have more things if you want something else so just PM me if you have one :D


I'm looking for a life orb and a focus sash.
I've got:
a shiny Gamestop Suicune,
a shiny Gamestop event Raikou,
Lv. 5 UT Natural Cure + Calm Chansey with Seismic Toss and Aromatherapy from Gen 3.
a female UT, Adamant, Marvel Scale Dratini with ExtremeSpeed.

Please PM me if you can help me out!


New Member
i have a lot of heart scales and other specieal items you find mining in dppt please pm me if interested


New Member
Hey, im looking for the power items except macho brace, really cant be bothered with battle subway all the time :p, PM if your willing, i hav evo stones and a few other items, Let me know :D


I'm looking for all 3 of the choice items or any other battle subway item.

Since I rarely trade anymore, I don't need any of the Pokes in my shop. So feel free to ask for any Poke that you like in exchange for the item you are offering.
i need a thunder stone. i have items, pkmn, pkrs. jus pm me please
Seeking a Light Ball on BW/B2W2. I would like to have a competitive Pikachu - impossible without a Light Ball, and I cannot transfer mine from HGSS. (A DW female Pikachu or Pichu would also be good, but I'm really after the LB)

Have Event pokemon, Event-Legendary Dogs, A wide selection of DreamWorld females including SwiftWag(Drizzle) and DroughtPix.
Also have a smaller selection of Japanese Hidden Hollow pokemon.

Will happily breed up to two perfect stats and a nature of your choice onto any breedable pokemon (including DreamWorld females).

Further pokemon, items and services open to negotiation.

Thank you for your consideration,
Umbreon 13


I have a male Zorua lvl. 15 and male pawniard lvl. 33 with pokerus, looking for any Tornadus
PM if interested


New Member


I can offer PKRS~ all I want in return are wings :) pm if interested!


Dragon Trainer
I'm LF a Relic Crown, i can trade it for evolution stones, pokerus, focus sash, Life Orb, Leftovers and power items.


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for lucky eggs. I have lots of spare dittos and japanese dittos. I also have a complete pokedex so can breed any breedable pokemon and will also breed for nature or gender. I also have pkrs. PM me if interested.
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