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Item and Pokerus Thread

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Hello i have 4 kings rocks, 4 lucky eggs, 15 pp ups, 9 max pp ups and 9 rare candies for trade i also have 10 metal coats that i can attach to scythers im after subway items and shinys


simply bored
Hi, I need quite a few evolution stones:
sun, moon, water (x2), shiny, dusk, dawn, fire and leaf (9 total)
I can trade a rare candy or two per stone, or I can breed a starter (except totodile which I also need)/zorua/phione for them.


Hey, I'm looking for all the EV-train Items (Power-items)

This is what i have to offer:
All the 646 different pokemon (so every breedable pokemon and the legendaries)
Charmander (named POP)
Thundurus (Japanese)
Ho-Oh (Japanese)
Lugia (Japanese)

I can also give all the pokemon Pokerus if you want.
I can also offer:
Vulpix with Drought Ability


New Member
Hi all, I just recently started playing and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade me a Pokemon with Pokerus. I have thunderstone, shinystone and sun stone if you want. It would be really appreciated :) :)
PM me if anything, thanks a lot

My white FC : 3397 0385 4431
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I'm looking to obtain a Light Ball for my Black version.
I can offer these items:
Power Anklet (1)
Moon Stone (I have 10+)
Shiny Stone (1)
Sun Stone (I have 10+)
Green Shards / Blue Shards (Used in B2W2, I can buy any amount)
Rare Candies (I have plenty thanks to Pickup)

PM me if something is possible.
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Well-Known Member
Offering pokerus. looking for evo stones and dex fillers from gens 1-4. pm me.


#1 Lanturn Owner
Offering most all items (do not have: lock capsule, water stones)
Have pretty much everything (or can obtain everything) else.
PM for offers.


New Member
I have most of evolution stones, rare candies, ev training items (power etc.), leftovers, lucky egg, evolution hold items.
I'm looking for a choice scarf and toxic orb (too lazy to farm subway bp) or any impish natured, male, bug family pokemon
PM or VM me


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EDIT: Got what I was looking for
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Looking for a magmaizer. PM me to discuss.


RNG Enthusiast
I'm looking for fire stones, water stones, dawn stones and rare candy. Depending on the amount you can offer, I will RNG whatever you want.


I'm looking for any shiny pokemon, i'd like a scyther if possible but I do have a Slobro with pkrs and I have many legendary pokemon i'm willing to trade. Just message me if anyone is interested.


The Blue Mew
Want: Mater Ballz, Rare Candies, Thunderbolt TM, Thunder TM, Flamethrower TM, Hidden Power TM, HP Up, Max PP Up, Ice Beam TM, Dig TM, Earthquake TM, Shadow Claw TM, Overheat TM, Dragon Claw TM
Have: Heal Ball x3, Mystic Water, Premier Ball x2, Great Ball x1, most pokes from my shop (click the link in my sig, the one that says Click Meh. :3 )


<-It's Flat!!!
Need Master Balls. I have Pokerus, Rare Candies, Evo Stones, Evo items, such as Deepseascale, and so much more. PM me plz


New Member
LF choice band,specs,scarf. focus sash & life orb. i can offer pkrs, lucy punch,fire stone,lucky egg,exp share,dagon scale,electrizer,any gem,heart scale,kings rock,dep sea tooth & scale
razor fang,dubious disc,dawn stone,water stone,& everstone pm if your interested in anything
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