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Item and Pokerus Thread

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New Member
Hi everyone, new to the forums.

Looking for pokemon infected with pokerus to do my EV training, I can offer most gen I/gen II pokemon for collection or I have quite a few japanese ditto if you're interested in breeding shinies. Have a japanese copy of soulsilver also so I can catch something on there if people want something specific.

PM me and I will reply with my friend codes!



I'm willing to offer pokerus, evo stones, other items, and DWF from my signature for any kind of Shellos PM or VM if interested
Shellos has been obtained
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Looking for PKRS, I don't have a lot of useful pokemon or items. But let me know and i"ll try my best! thank you!


Looking for an electrike willing to offer Pokerus Items and other pokemon


New Member
I have some random (slightly useless) Gen 5 Pokemon infected with Pokerus, in case anybody's interested. Hoping to get some starters in return...?


New Member
Looking for lucky eggs, rare candies, or Battle Subway Choice Items or Power Bracer/Weight. Can give your Pokemon Pokerus and have many Squirtles, Ralts's with Mean Look for False Swipe Gallades, DWF Sigilyph, Larvitar, Exeggcute. Just PM me :)
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Chewiana Jones

I'm looking for a whole bunch of (mostly BP) items, namely Choice Scarf/Specs/Band, Life Orb, Power Weight/Lens/Anklet, Evolite, Metal Coat, and Chople Berry. In return, I can offer (I'm pretty sure) any breedable Pokemon at level 1, as well as Pokerus infection and some dream world females including Vulpix, Gligar, Dratini, and Abra. I would trade for multiple life orbs, and possibly multiples of the choice items as well.

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Does anyone have a Light Ball to spare?

I've got multiple evo items that I can offer

x 2 Dawn Stones
x 3 Shiny Stones

Metal Coat
Dubious Disc
x 2 Dragon Scale

Please PM if interested :]

EDIT: Got the Light Ball, but I'm still willing to make trades with these items since I don't need them. Consider them free ;3
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I am looking for a Light Clay, but am too lazy to catch a Golurk for it. Does anybody have one? If you have one you're willing to trade away, please PM me so we could make a deal!
LF Treecko and Thick club. i got spike/stealth rock sassy ferroseed, Both gen v and iv starters. I can also give pokerus if needed


An Alternate Reality

Looking for Power items.

I can offer Mews and pinch berries in exchange.


Looking for Red Shards x10 (For Ice Punch), and the electrizier

I can Offer:
any starter except Piplup
Yellow Shards
Green Shards
Fire Stone
Shiny Stone
Dark Gem
Fire Gem
Master Ball
Valuable Items (Big Nugget, Big Pearl, Nugget, etc.)
PP Ups

PM me!
Various held items (Flame Orb included)


New Member
Hi, i'm new to the forum. I was just wonder wether anyone would be able to trade me a pokemon with pokerus still active? If so i only have some fodder pokemon available for trade. Im not looking for any special pokemon with pokerus any will do (besides magikarp...). If someone can please PM me to set something up. Thank You


Fire Trainer
need 5 yellow shards can offer pkrs dwf pokemon and egg move pokemon in return pm me if ur interestd thank u

trade complete
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looking electrike and or DWF Vulpix can offer Items, Pokerus, Pokemon, or DWF Pokemon


New Member

I'm looking for an exp share and a lucky egg because I lost both of mine. I can offer various items/pokemon/pkrs in return.
Please PM me if you're interested.


Magikarp. The best.
I have a bunch of pokémon with pokérus (None of them are extremely useful in competitive battles tough).
Also have some items in disposition:
Master Ball
Fire Stone
Sun Stone
Moon Stone
Dawn Stone
Leaf Stone
Dusk stone
Shiny stone
Power Bracelet
Exp. Share (if you need it...)
If anyone is interested, just let me know by PM.


Poké Earth Traveller
Looking for these starters: tepig, mudkip, treeko, chimchar and all johto starters. PM me if you have any of those you are will to breed. I might have some Pokemon you'll like.
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