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Item and Pokerus Thread

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Not to be rude, but no one wants the AWESOME items I offered earlier??? I'll give like 3 or even 5 items for one legendary!!! Anyone have extras?????? I can also give you pokerus too!!!!


Trading Masterball for Electrizer.


Pokemon Breeder
I'm looking for a liechi berry on 5th gen. PM me and make me an offer, I can offer any item you can purchase at the battle subway.


New Member
Seeking razor claw. Will trade adamant extremespeed dratini with marvel scale (DW) ability. I also have razor fang and many other items that I could trade for it.


Hi, I'm looking for any of the berries that weaken super effective attacks!!! I'll trade some of the items I mentioned a little earlier in this thread for them, if anyone wants!!!


Fire Trainer
im looking for 19 red shards i can offer many things in return items dwf pokemon egg move pokemon pm me to discuss ne help would be great thanks!

General Nonsense

Star Glider
I have a lot of shards of all colors. PM me if you want any.

Team Legend's Dragonite

W1nN!n6 you mad o.0?
looking for a tomato berry, and focus sash. have masterball, and other items. pm me if you can trade these


Hey :),
so I most certainly have every item somebody would want and I also have over 300 BP left...
I am looking for DW females, IV bred and soft resetted PKMN (Event Entei and Raikou, Tornadus Timid/Naive/Hasty/Jolly).
I dont want a PKMN, if:
- it was Hacked/RNG abused or cloned.
- it was bred using a quick hatch cheat.
- a flawless Ditto was involved
- an AR was used to check the IVs of the egg.
- Pokecheck was used to check IVs of bred PKMN, its fine if it was used for soft resetted PKMN.
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Mega Victini?
Looking for Pokerus if you have please pm me also looking for someone who has a Custap Berry on DW.


New Member
Looking for Leftovers! Can offer pokerus, DWFs listed in my sig, and some IV trained pokemon as well, PM to discuss.

EDIT: Got some Lefties!
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New Member
Looking for any pokemon with pokerus. Don't have too much to offer as I just recently got the game, I'm around the fifth gym badge so if you can think of something I can get from where I am and trade it to you I will.


Dirge in the Dark
Looking for a lagging tail.

Can offer:

- rare candies
- masterball
- Ganlon Berry
- PP Up
- Leftovers
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