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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


New Member
Still need Pokerus, but it isn't urgent.

Also am getting a lot of Evolutionary Stones from Pokepelago, notably Ice Stones. If you need any stones at all, send me a PM.

I can easily give you a Pokérus mon, however I want something other than Evolutionary stones. If you can either get me a Metal Coat or a Razor Claw I'd give you a Pokérus mon.


Dawn•Advent Ghost
LF: Pokerus

JPN Vulix, Jolly, egg moves: Freeze-Dry, Charm, Hypnosis, Moonblast. Beast Ball Wimpod, Adamant. Beast Ball, Luxury Ball.

Dragonite Fan

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Looking for Lansat and Starf berries.

can give Ha vulpix, stufil, mearine

also pokerus

PM me


LF: Power Items

FT: Ice Stones, other evolution stones, most berries or

Willing to trade any one of these 5IVs for one:

Hidden Abilities

4-5IV Adamant Galvanize Geodude w/ Block, Wide Guard, Magnet Rise, Automatize (Luxury Ball)
4-5IV Adamant Overcoat Jangmo-o w/ no egg moves (Quick Ball)
4-5IV Timid Snow Warning Vulpix w/ Powder Snow, Moonblast, Extrasensory, Encore (Timer Ball/Luxury Ball)
4-5IV Adamant Slush Rush Sandshrew w/ Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear (Timer Ball/Dive Ball)
4-5IV Adamant/Jolly Rough Skin Gible w/ Sand Tomb, Outrage, Iron Head, Twister (Beast Ball)
4-5IV Bold Regenerator Mareanie w/ Spit Up, Swallow, Stockpile, Haze (Beast Ball/Dive Ball)


4-5IV Adamant Blaze Litten w/ Crunch, Heat Wave, Body Slam, Fake Out (Pokeball)
4-5IV Modest Torrent Popplio w/ Aqua Ring, Perish Song, Amnesia, Wonder Room (Pokeball)
4-5IV Adamant Overgrow Rowlet w/ Baton Pass, Defog, Confuse Ray, Haze (Pokeball)
4-5IV Calm Overcoat Vullaby w/ Foul Play (Pokeball)
4-5IV Adamant Wimpout Wimpod w/ Aqua Jet(Pokeball/Beast Ball)
4-5IV Timid/Modest Static Pichu w/ Charm, Electric Terrain, Encore, Fake Out (Fast Ball)
4-5IV Timid Corrosion Salandit (Love Ball/Luxury Ball) - Multi 5IV trades and/or items for a 5IV Female.
4-5IV Jolly/Adamant Disguise Mimikyu (Dusk Ball)
4-5IV Adamant Iron Barbs Togedemaru (Quick Ball)
4-5IV Timid Shield Dust Cutiefly w/ Baton Pass, Speed Swap, Bestow, Moonblast (Love Ball)


Well-Known Member
LF:Love balls(item itself)

FT:Heavy,fast and lure balls,pokerus, and leftovers.

PM me to send your offer,i will most likely answer fast.
LF: Lucky Eggs, Battle Items (Choice Specs, Weakness Policy, etc.), Mega Stones


5-IV Pokemon:
- Adamant Mimikyu w/ Nightmare, Destiny Bond, and Curse [Dusk Ball]
- Timid Snow Cloak A-Vulpix w/ Moonblast, Freeze-Dry, Encore, and Disable [Dive Ball]
- Adamant Rock Head Cubone [Dusk Ball]
- Adamant Clear Body Beldum [Beast Ball]
- Bold Regenerator/Merciless Mareanie w/ Haze, Stockpile, Swallow, and Spit Up [Poké Ball]
- Jolly Sand Veil/Rough Skin Gible w/ Outrage and Iron Head [Poké Ball]
- Adamant Wimpod w/ Aqua Jet [Great Ball]
- Timid Shield Dust Cutiefly w/ Moonblast and Baton Pass [Premier Ball]
- Adamant Swift Swim Magikarp [Net Ball]
- Naive Rock Head Bagon w/ Dragon Pulse, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, and Fire Fang


- Berries
- Evolution Stones
- Bottle Caps
- Shards


- Pokérus

PM me if you want to trade! I'll get back to you ASAP.
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New Member
LF: Power Band, Dawn Stones, Heart Scales

FT: Pokerus, Electirizer, Ice Stone, Fire Stone, Thunder Stone, Water Stone, Power Herb, Prism Scale

Also willing to trade my Fast Ball for a Friend Ball.

I have plenty of heartscales to offer for pokerus


Berry Maniac
For Trade:
-All Evolution Stones
-All BP items (within reason)
-All Available Berries
-Destiny Knot

Looking For:
-All Apricorn Balls
-Gold Bottle Caps
-Bottle Caps
-Lucky Eggs
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I'll do my Lilliest
I need lucky egg. I realized you need to be the champ to get it. (Not planning to finish the game coz Lillie)

I have these to trade:
Totodile, litten, Popplio, rowlet, chikorita, Snivy...


Well-Known Member
Hidden ability vulpix
Hidden ability geodude
Power Items

Evolution items
Lucky egg
Ice stone
Shiny stone
Dusk Stone
Dawn stone
Pokemon sun exclusive pokemon
PP Max

*Will trade multiple items for a masterball
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Pokemon Breeder
Trade completed.
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Magically Delicious!
Black Sludge
Focus Sash
Lucky Eggs

Fast Ball
Lure Ball
Moon Ball
5 IV Bold HA Mareanie
5 IV Adamant HA Magikarp
5 IV Timid HA Abra
5 IV Timid HA Vulpix w/ Moonblast
5 IV Adamant Wimpod w/ Aqua Jet
5 IV Adamant Skill Link Shellder w/Rock Blast
5 IV Modest Feebas w/ Dragon Pulse

Pm Me if you wanna trade :)
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Ghost Master
LF: Master balls

FT: Most fully evolved forms of Pokémon, Sun and Moon exclusives, pokerus, berries, stones, Solgaleo, Tapu Koko

HA rough skin Gible
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Back from the dead
LF Masterballs.
5iv HA Pokemon
Choice Items

FT: 5 iv Bold HA Haze Mareanie (Dive Ball)
5 iv Timid Porygon (Download or Adaptability)
5iv Adamant Lightning Rod Cubone (Moon Ball) with Ancient Power, Chip Away, Perish Song, and Belly Drum


I have Galvanize Geodude, Snow Warning Vulpix, Battle Armor Cubone, and Regenerator Mareanie for Pokerus.