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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


Rocket Grunt
LF: Friend Ball
FT: Any BP item of your choosing

PM me if interested.


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I am LF a razor claw. If I can get more than one, that would be great too.

I have some Popplio (males), Salandit females, one Gible if interested :)


Looking for a HA Crabrawler, no specific nature or IVs required.

Will be willing to trade any one of Power Items, PP Max, Friend Ball.


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Trade complete
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LF: Starf Berry, Lansat Berry

FT: Any other Berry, pretty much any other item (just ask)
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Offering evolutionary stones or a rare candy for a Destiny Knot.
LF: Lucky Eggs, Battle Items (Choice Specs, Weakness Policy, etc.), Mega Stones


5-IV Pokemon:
- Adamant Mimikyu w/ Nightmare, Destiny Bond, and Curse [Dusk Ball]
- Timid Snow Cloak A-Vulpix w/ Moonblast, Freeze-Dry, Encore, and Disable [Dive Ball]
- Adamant Rock Head Cubone [Dusk Ball]
- Adamant Clear Body Beldum [Beast Ball]
- Bold Regenerator/Merciless Mareanie w/ Haze, Stockpile, Swallow, and Spit Up [Poké Ball]
- Jolly Sand Veil/Rough Skin Gible w/ Outrage and Iron Head [Poké Ball]
- Adamant Wimpod w/ Aqua Jet [Great Ball]
- Timid Shield Dust Cutiefly w/ Moonblast and Baton Pass [Premier Ball]
- Adamant Swift Swim Magikarp [Net Ball]
- Naive Rock Head Bagon w/ Dragon Pulse, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, and Fire Fang


- Berries
- Evolution Stones
- Bottle Caps
- Shards


- Pokérus

PM me if you want to trade! I'll get back to you ASAP.


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-Jolly nature MALE amorphous Pokemon (IVs do not matter)

-5IV Adamant nature Mimikyu.

...message me if you're willing to trade :)
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Looking for:
Any Pokemon with Pokerus
Destiny Knot
Power Items

For trade:
All currently available Berries (Lansat and Starf need time to grow)
Synchronize Abras of all natures (except for some of the neutral ones).
Level Ball Cyndaquil
HA Pokemon
Alolan Vulpix (Beast and Moon Ball)
Eevee (Level and Love Ball)
Bruxish (Lure Ball)

PM me to arrange a trade.
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Reputable Trader
Offering 6 leftovers and a master ball

Looking for assault vest, items good in vgc, 4iv 0 speed sassy oranguru, 4iv quiet 0 speed torkoal, and other interesting competitive bred Pokemon


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Destiny Knot
Lucky Eggs

Fast Ball
Level Ball
Lure Ball
Heavy Ball
Moon Ball

Razor Wind

The Heartless Absol
LF: Destiny Knot for two of the following Pokemon or items:

FT: 4iv Jolly Mimikyu / Timid HA Alolan Vulpix with Hypnosis, Moonblast and Freeze-dry EM (Random IV) / 2 Leftovers / Pokerus infected Pokemon
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Magus lover
I need any and all apricorn balls, and an extra masterball and can offer -

Prism scale
HA rockruff in heavyball
HA alola vulpix loveball
Eevee in moonball with curse, stored power, wish and yawn but no HA sorry
Shiny oranguru I traded for, no flawless stats was a random encounter sorry I cannot nickname it. Offer should be good for this as I believe it is legit. Caught in a pokeball.
Dex fillers is about all else.


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I've got Lansat berries for trade. Also have Starf berries, but I need a few more days to grow them and have enough to trade. I'm really just looking for apricorn Pokémon I don't have, and also 7th gen HA Pokémon. PM or VM me if interested!

-Fast ball: Abra, Growlithe, Oranguru, Pichu, HA Pikipek, Minior(orange), Scyther
-Friend ball: Bounsweet, Chikorita, HA Comfey, HA Eevee, HA Fomantis, Grubbin, Kangaskhan, Minior(green), Petilil, HA Rockruff, Snivy, Stufful
-Heavy ball: HA Beldum, Cubone, Drampa, HA Geodude, Honedge, HA Riolu, HA Sandshrew, Scyther, Turtonator, Vanillite, Wimpod
-Level ball: Cyndaquil, Minior(yellow), Mudbray, Oranguru, Sandygast, Snorunt, Torkoal
-Love ball: Bounsweet, HA Bruxish, Chikorita, HA Cutiefly, HA Eevee, HA Fomantis, HA Goomy, HA Jangmo-o, Minior(pink), HA Salandit, Stufful, HA Togedemaru, HA Vulpix
-Lure ball: HA Bruxish, Carvanha, Dhelmise, Dratini, Feebas, HA Goomy, Magikarp, HA Mareanie, HA Pyukumuku, Totodile
-Moon ball: Cubone, Cyndaquil, Deino, HA Eevee, Honedge, Litwick, Mimikyu, Minior(indigo), HA Morelull, Oricorio(Sensu Style), HA Rockruff, HA Vulpix
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LF: Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps

FT: Lansat Berries, Starf Berries, 4IV German Dittos, and 1 6IV Ditto (1 each of the caps for this)

These 5IVs:

Hidden Abilities

Adamant Galvanize Geodude w/ Block, Wide Guard, Magnet Rise, Automatize (Luxury Ball/Heavy Ball)
Adamant Overcoat Jangmo-o w/ no egg moves (Quick Ball)
Timid Snow Warning Vulpix w/ Powder Snow, Moonblast, Extrasensory, Encore (Timer Ball/Luxury Ball)
Adamant Slush Rush Sandshrew w/ Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear (Timer Ball/Dive Ball)
Adamant/Jolly Rough Skin Gible w/ Sand Tomb, Outrage, Iron Head, Twister (Beast Ball)
Bold Regenerator Mareanie w/ Spit Up, Swallow, Stockpile, Haze (Beast Ball/Dive Ball)
Adamant Speed Boost Carvanha w/ Bite, Double-Edge, Hydro Pump, Psychic Fangs (Moon Ball)


Adamant Blaze Litten w/ Crunch, Heat Wave, Body Slam, Fake Out (Pokeball)
Modest Torrent Popplio w/ Aqua Ring, Perish Song, Amnesia, Wonder Room (Pokeball)
Adamant Overgrow Rowlet w/ Baton Pass, Defog, Confuse Ray, Haze (Pokeball)
Calm Overcoat Vullaby w/ Foul Play (Pokeball)
Adamant Wimpout Wimpod w/ Aqua Jet (Pokeball/Beast Ball)
Timid/Modest Static Pichu w/ Charm, Electric Terrain, Encore, Fake Out (Fast Ball)
Timid Corrosion Salandit (Love Ball/Luxury Ball) - Multi 5IV trades and/or items for a 5IV Female.
Jolly/Adamant Disguise Mimikyu (Dusk Ball/Love Ball)
Adamant Iron Barbs Togedemaru (Quick Ball)
Timid Shield Dust Cutiefly w/ Baton Pass, Speed Swap, Bestow, Moonblast (Love Ball)
Adamant Technician Scyther w/ Vacuum Wave, Night Slash (Friend Ball)
Timid/Modest Blaze Cyndaquil w/ Double Kick (Level Ball)
Calm Overgrow Chikorita w/ Leech Seed (Nest Ball)
Jolly Torrent Totodile w/ Metal Claw (Dive Ball)
Adamant Intimidate Shinx w/ Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Eerie Impulse (Beast Ball)
Modest Hustle Deino w/ Dragon Rage, Assurance (Beast Ball)

Also make sure to ask if you don't see something you like. I have a lot just not readily bred.

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I am in need of a 0 speed iv ditto. With trade my Pokerus for that


New Member
LF - Pokerus!

FT - Any of the following

Jolly/5IV (pretty good SpD)/Love Ball Mimikyu
Modest/4IV (decent Atk&SpA)/Sap Sipper/Shiny Drampa
Modest/6IV (30 HP)/Berserk Drampa
Modest/4IV (pretty good HP&Atk)/Triage Comfey
Modest/4+IV/Repeat Ball/Shield Dust Cutiefly

For dex entry:
Pokemon Moon exclusives

Ganlon berry (many)
Power Herb (x1)
Lure Ball (x1)
Evolution stones (contact)
PP Max (x2)
Bottle Caps (x2)
Misty Seed (x1)
Grassy Seed (x1)


Looking for 0 Speed IV Ditto. Any nature. Willing to trade BP items, also have a number of Apricorn Ball/HA Pokemon I'd be willing to trade, some with breedject (normally non perfect 5IV) spreads.


Never give up!
I'm looking for a salamencite (mega stone) atm. Not really a competitive player so I don't have much to offer. However, I do have a lot of different items I never used and probably some HA pokemon and whatnot. PM me and we can go from there :)

Oh, I do have a shiny (male) milotic at lv 1. I got it from GTS as a feebas holding a prism scale. I'm pretty sure it's a cloned one though as the player has been offering it at least(?) two times wanting two different (non-legendary) pokemon, but I'm not sure about anything else. Since it's a shiny I'm not sure it's for trade but PM anyway :)

Edit: Got the salamencite!
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I have a shiny Alolan Rattata FT. Just after a Lucky Egg or Pokerus at the moment. PM me!

EDIT: Rattata has been traded.
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