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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread

I have 4 leftovers. Looking for egg move breegjects and or pokerus.
Hey everyone! I'm looking for Pokerus. I have Leftovers, PP Up, Bottlecaps, and 5 IV Modest Popplio, Jolly Growlithe, and Adamant Gible. Send me a PM if you're interested to trade!


New Member
Looking for pokerus! pretty new have the following for trade:
Jolly Mimikyu 5IV (no sp.atk)

Not much to show but if anyone is interested please pm me! thanks!


TM Collector
I'll trade a Destiny Knot or Leftovers for a Razor Claw (or a Weavile).

Mikazuki Marazhu

of the Furry Fandom
I have the following:

Dusk Stone
Shiny Stone
Ice Stone
Sun Stone
Lucky Egg
Love Ball
Level Ball
Moon Ball
Friend Ball
Heavy Ball
Beast Ball
Master Ball
Lansat Berries
Starf Berries
Golden Bottle Cap
Rare Candies
Max PP
5IV Foreign Ditto (-speed)
6IV Foreign Ditto

PM me for negotiations
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Shiny Hunter 4 life
have the following items to trade
life orb x1
red card x1
bottle cap x2
fire stone x3
water stone x2
thunder stone x1
ice stone x6
sun stone x2
moon stone x1

what i am looking for is
5 iv ditto
version exclusive ultra beast (moon version)
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Reputable Trader
6 leftovers
1 assault vest
Bold 5iv porygon (right ivs have trace)
Adamant heavy ball 5iv swarm scyther
5iv Adamant timer ball beldum
5iv Adamant dewpider
Brave 31/31/31/×/31/× bullet punch, wake-up slap feint wide guard beast ball
5IV Calm beast ball ancient power freeze dry lapras
5iv impish luxury ball close combat, burn out, morning sun crunch growlithe

Looking for
Ability Capsules
Certain ev wipe berries
Choice band
Choice specs
Timid kommo-o
Quiet apricorn ball drampa
Sassy oranguru w hp ground or 0 speed


I hate breeding
Looking for a Hondew berry. Offering Pokerus, IV bred: Feebas, Popplio, HA Egg move Vulpix, Alolan Grimer, Outrage Gible, and a couple more. Also have Swinub with freeze dry. Pls message me


Forever now
LF: Lucky eggs

FT: Dusk stone, Shiny stone, Ice stone, leftover, bottle cap, BP items (48 pts), certain berries, 5ivs Apricorn ball Alolan pokemon w/ EM (ask).


Legendary Hunter
A lure ball

any item you need :)


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Looking for rare candies
Have bottle caps and golden bottle caps. Would be looking for 2 rare candies for one bottle cap and 3 for golden one.
Also have lots of breedjects with egg moves and or hidden ability and matching balls pm so we can sort something out


New Member
I have multiple Pokerus infected Turtonators to trade.
The Turtonators are NOT IV bred, they are bog standard.
The ONLY feature being offered here is active spreadable Pokerus.

I am looking for any or all of the following with perfect IV....

Ability: Intimidate
Adamant Nature

Ability: Stance Change
Modest Nature

Ability: Natural Cure
Timid Nature

Ability: Intimidate
Adamant Nature

Perfect IV Ditto with these natures:
Adamant, Jolly, Modest, or Timid

Will also trade for outstanding rated Pokemon with optimised battle-ready natures and good IV and EV spreads...
Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Fini, Tapu Bulu, Alolan Raichu, Alolan Marowak, Pelipper, Kartana, Silvally, Pheromosa, Celesteela, Oranguru, Buzzwole, Torkoal.

Finally, will also trade for any random Pokemon holding valuable items such as Destiny Knot, Everstone, Mega Stones, valuable battle Hold items etc,.

My friend code is: 4012-3491-3957

Breloom 117

New Member
Hi guys, I just need an icy stone, have plenty of other items to trade for it including bottle cap.

I also have some 5 IV salandits & mimikyus


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HA Alolan Vulpix

HA Jolly Gible
HA Wingull
HA Timid Abra
HA Bold Mareanie

Drop me an inbox if any of these tickle your fancy. :)


New Member
Lf: Moon Stone

Ft: HA Pokemon, other evolutionary stones, other items


Fluffy Flareon
[LF] Any Pokemon with Pokerus, I can infect one of my own and send yours back if needed! ^^
[OF] I have a few Evo stones, can try and get any items that you are after though if you let me know what you're looking for!