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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


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LF: Fast Balls and Love Balls.

FT: All four Tapus, Necrozma, Ice Stone, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Shiny Stone, Sun Stone, Moon Stone, Light Clay, Big Root, Float Stone, Everstone, Never-Melt Ice, Poison Barb, Hard Stone, Spell Tag, Sharp Beak, Rare Bone, Oval Stone.

Thank you!


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looking for power weight and band the defense one, I have pokes with egg moves to offer please I need it urgent.


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still looking for power weight(hp) and power band(def), I can trade my masterball for the two.


Magus lover
I would love some ppups and ppmaxes since it seems they are hard to come by c.c and still need a masterball. And can always use apricorn balls~ I can offer -
Prism scale
Shiny stone
Dusk stone
HA rockruff in heavyball (I can also breed rockruff in a monsterball if requested but no HA)
HA alola vulpix loveball
Eevee in moonball with curse, stored power, wish and yawn but no HA sorry
Shiny oranguru I traded for, no flawless stats was a random encounter sorry I cannot nickname it. Offer should be good for this as I believe it is legit. Caught in a pokeball.
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Looking For:
PP Max
PP Up's
Apricorn Balls
Adamant Tapu Bulu 4+IV
Modest Tapu Fini 4+IV

Leftovers ×4
Master Ball
Assault Vest
5IV Adamant Timer Ball Beldum ( if a shiny hatches it matches that ball)
5IV Jolly Dive Ball Rock Blast, Icicle Spear Skill Link Shellder
5IV Adamant Swarm Heavy Ball ( Can be changed with Ability Capsule) Batton Pass Scyther
4IV 31/31/31/x/31/x (speed is low) Beast Ball Brave Wake-Up Slap, Feint, Bullet Punch, Wide Guard Makuhita
5IV Intimidate Impish Luxury Ball Close Combat, Burn Up, Morning Sun, Crunch Growlithe
5IV Bold Porygon (Trace)


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LF: Starf & Lansat Berry
FT: nugget for 1, pearl string for both. o.b.o

Also have pokerus and trade evo held items.
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Hey guys!

LF: Fast Balls, Moon Balls, Starf Berry, Lansat Berry.

FT: All four Tapus, Necrozma, Ice Stone, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Shiny Stone, Sun Stone, Moon Stone, Light Clay, Big Root, Float Stone, Everstone, Never-Melt Ice, Poison Barb, Hard Stone, Spell Tag, Sharp Beak, Rare Bone, Oval Stone.

Thank you!


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HA Timid Abra
HA Jolly/Adamant Dratini
HA Bold Mareanie
HA Wingull
HA Jolly Gible

3x Bottle Caps
Every evolution stone.


Inbox me with offers.. HA Timid Vulpix would be sweet.

Trainer Frankie

LF: garbage items such as health/muscle/resist/genius/clever/swift wings and rare candies

Please if you have any of these to spare, any, leave a visitor mesage on my profile or send me a private message (though visitor message is best)


I'll do my Lilliest
I need lucky egg. I realized you need to be the champ to get it. (Not planning to finish the game coz Lillie)
Also the poke doll she gives you in the end

FT: shiny ditto with 6 ivs for both. Message me


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I am offering a fast ball, a heavy ball, a love ball, and a moon ball. I would like I'm return something good, such as a Lucky egg, master ball, a 5 or 6perfect iv competitive level 1 with good nature. Please pm me with offers.
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LF: Lansat Berry
FT: level 63 Relatively superior potential Quiet Goodra with pokerus and your choice of any other berry including starf, soft sand, nevermeltice, a lucky punch, a ppmax, sharp beak, bottle cap, pearl string, or big nugget
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I would love a 5-6 IV Ditto possibly holding a destiny knot if you have a spare. I dont got much yet, but I would also love a gligar or gliscor as well decent IV's would be great but not neccessary, its up to you. Please send me a message with your FC and ill add you and we can do this, MY FC is in my signature but incase you cant see it, it's 2853 - 1767 - 0034, send me a PM with what you got and ill try to find something for you.....just please help me I want to start breeding for a 3 pokemon team for E4 to help grind xp for other pokemon. Thanks in advance, I WOULD LOVE gligar or gliscor, 5-6IV ditto and destiny knot. Please I know I am asking for a lot but if anyone can help me I would be so greatful! Thanks, make sure you PM me!

IGN: Mystic
MY FC: 2853 - 1767 - 0034



Shiny Hunter 4 life
FT: pokerus and destiny knot

LF: diancie (its the only myhtical Pokemon i dont have) and power items


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One my my Pokémon just got Pokerus. Willing to do infect any Pokémon I have and trade it for Mew.


LF Metagrossite, and 1x Assualt Vest. Also 1 Choice Band and 1 Choice Specs. Also 2x Life Orb and 5xLucky Egg.

I have the Pkmn in my Sig with IV's, Most Berries (Not the Battle Tree ones), and leftovers for trade, Also Stones, and Pokerus . Let me Know, always open for a P.M.


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Looking for a master ball. I understand that is a pretty significant request but I'm willing to discuss what you would want in return. For example I have a shiny level 100 Bewear I got from wonder trade. I have no idea if it is legit or not, already posted on the sub thread that helps decipher whether or not it is, but that isn't all I have. I have been breeding near perfect IV Eevees, Gibbles, and Torchics. I have a Buzzwole I am willing to part with also. I have other pokemon I'm willing to trade to but some will be off the table. Then we can also discuss what item you want with the Pokémon I'll trade. I'll trade thing from max revives to a bottle cap. It is the only bottle cap I have and it is normal.