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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


Reputable Trader
Need to clear out some space in my game so here's what I have for trade ATM (List has been updated and I have removed everything set aside for pending trades)

(All mons from the gen1 games have their HA when transferred if able)
31/×/×/31/31/× Timid Bulbasaur from Yellow Chlorophyll NN: Dino
×/31/×/31/31/× Mild Charizard from Yellow Solar Power (Mega Kick) NN: Inferno
×/31/×/31/×/31 Careful Pikachu from Yellow Lightning Rod (Mega Punch) NN: Voltage
31/31/31/×/30/× Timid Oddish from Yellow Run Away
×/×/31/31/×/31/× Hasty Bellsprout from Yellow Gluttony
×/×/×/31/31/31 Hardy Voltorb from Yellow Aftermath
×/×/×/31/31/31 Careful Tangela from Yellow Regenerator
31/×/31/31/×/× Docile Magikarp from Yellow Rattled NN: Fish
31/31/×/×/×/31 Hardy Omanyte from Yellow Weak Armor
31/×/31/×/31/× Rash Dragonite from Yellow Multiscale (Skull Bash)

Shiny Cyndaquil Modest 6IV Cyndaquil (gen5) UT lv1

Shiny Ampharos no iv Timid Static (gen6) self caught

Heracorss SUM2014 event non-shiny Adamant Guts ×/×/×/×/30/31 UT lv50

Torchic XY Bold Speed Boost non-shiny UT lv10

Shiny Registeel lv100 Careful EV Trained 252 HP, 4Def, 252 Sp.def (gen3) Earthquake, Seismic Toss, Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave Premier Ball 5IV 30 Speed

2× Shiny Kyogre Bold 5IV missing attack (gen5 japanese PC Fuluoka event ID. No 03172)lv80 Ice Beam, Ancient Power, Water Spout, Thunder (gen5)

Rayquaza non-shiny Timid 31Atk Lure Ball (gen4)UT lv50
Shiny Rayquaza Japanese Nobunaga Rayquaza event (03172) lv70 Naive 6IV (gen5)

Shiny Gastrodon Rash Sticky Hold earth power, muddy water, pain split, ice beam (gen4)

Shiny Darkrai (gen4) Timid 31/×/31/×/×/31 UT lv50 Ultra Ball

Looking For: (Not everything listed is a must for a deal I'm willing to negotiate, especially for gold bottle caps, gen7 born competitive shinies and gen1 event Japanese Mew)

Gen7 Alolan Born Competitive Shinies ESPECIALLY Timid Snow Warning Freeze Dry Ninetales (1 alolan born shiny for any 1 mon on my list
PP Max (1 per event) (2per shiny event
Gold Bottle Caps (1 per 5-6IV mon shiny or event)
Bottle Caps 2-3 per 6iv mon or shiny event or 1 for 3iv or less mons including events
Japanese gen1 event Mew (HIGHEST PRIORITY)
Hasty / Naive Gen1 Submission, Self Destruct Mewtwo 4-5IV

PM me if interested everything must go
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Well-Known Member
Power Items

Lucky egg
Ice stone
Shiny stone
Dusk Stone
Dawn stone
Pokemon sun exclusive pokemon
PP Max
Event pokemon from previous gens.

*Will trade multiple items for a masterball


New Member
I'm offering Apricorn Balls and BP items for 5iv competitive pokes :D preferably these ones:

These Competitive 5iv pokes:
Porygon Bold
Sneasel Jolly any ball with Throat Chop/Icicle Clash/Fake out and Ice shard if possible
Minior orange core
Mareanie Bold Regenerator
Abra Timid
Shellder Jolly Skill link Rock Blast
Wimpod Adamant Aqua Jet
Any other good poke :D
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New Member
LF: scizorite kangaskhanite and rocky helmet.

Please pm, I'm willing to trade my master ball for all three. I also have other things like events etc. I can breed extreme speed dratini.


New Member
LF: scizorite kangaskhanite and rocky helmet.

Please pm, I'm willing to trade my master ball for all three. I also have other things like events etc. I can breed extreme speed dratini.

private message sent :)


Crimson Dragon
im looking for a Korean origin Trapinch. im not too interested in any sort of IVs nature or moves it might have, it just needs to be a legit KOR Trapinch. i will offer a silver bottle cap for a KOR Trapinch. i'll check my stock of bottle caps but if i got some more then im interested in getting a 2nd KOR trapinch (for the collection) in return for a silver bottle cap.


Shiny Hunter
I have hundreds of 5 to 6iv HA/normal Charmanders with dragon pulse up for trade! I'm looking for mawilite, beedrillite, Rocky Helmet, PP Max, PP Up and bottle caps! VM/PM me for offers!
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Gabriel Rocha Nascimento

Garoto de Macaé
I am looking for a Lucky Egg.

I can offer any Battle Tree / Royal item or any breedable Pokémon with 5 perfect IVs of choice.

Thanks in advance.

Trainer Frankie

LF: garbage items such as health/muscle/resist/genius/clever/swift wings, pp up, pp max, and rare candies

Please if you have any of these to spare, any, leave a visitor mesage on my profile or send me a private message (though visitor message is best)


Unknown Trainer
Looking For: Apricorn Balls, Lucky Egg, Rare Candies, (Gold) Bottle Caps, Master Ball
Offering: 5IV competitive mons (check sig), any BP item, Pokerus

VM/PM me


I didn't know where to post this but I am looking for pokemon with the moves Soak, Return and Recycle. If you could help me out that would be great!

My 3DS FC is: 2853 - 1767 - 0034

Pokerus would be cool but not necessary.
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LF Thick Club. Can trade a Leftovers for it. PM me, thanks.


New Member
LF: Destiny Knot
FT: Rare candy, HA pichu, any starter pokemon,
If an item or pokemon you want isn't on my list, please message me with what you want and I will see if I have it.
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Magus lover
I officially have an extra destiny knot again, I forgot who offered me a masterball for one but I can do the trade now bro. I also still need ppmaxes and ppups, and apricorn balls. For the other stuff I have -

Prism scale
Shiny stone
Dusk stone
HA rockruff in heavyball
HA alola vulpix loveball
Passimian loveball but no HA sorry
Eevee in moonball with curse, stored power, wish and yawn but no HA sorry
Shiny oddish relaxed chlorophyll Attack and Def flawless Kalos.
Shiny audino lax healer Spdef and Speed flawless Kalos.
Shiny bergmite impish own tempo Hp and speed flawless Kalos.
Shiny gloom gentle chlorophyll flawless Attack and SPATK Kalos.
Shiny durant horde brave swarm no flawless stats best stat Speed Kalos.
Shiny gligar horde adamant sand veil no flawless stats best stat Spatk Kalos.
Shiny weepinbell horde naughty chlorophyll no flawless stats best stat Spdef Kalos.
Shiny magnemite horde sturdy brave no flawless stats best stat HP ORAS.
Shiny meditite horde Pure power gentle no flawless stats best stat Spdef zero atk stat ORAS.
Shiny poliwhirl timid swift swim HP, Attack and Defense flawless Kalos.
Shiny quagsire mild damp Attack and Special attack flawless Kalos.
Shiny sliggoo jolly hydration HP and Defense flawless Kalos.
Shiny loudred hardy scrappy Attack and spdef flawless Kalos.
Shiny manectric hasty lightning rod HP and speed flawless Kalos.
Docile shiny voltorb, Platinum. Quickball.


New Member
LF magnet and black sludge. Offering HA extreme speed dratini with at least 3IVs. Have other things to please pm.