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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


New Member
Hi everyone,
I would really appreciate any pokerus-infected pokemon. Unfortunately I just got my game so I don't have much to offer but if anybody is feeling generous and can give me one I would be so grateful.


Have pokerus, and some extra evolution stones- dusk shiny etc.

Looking for ice stones/best offer
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#1 Lanturn Owner
Willing to give Pokerus for Pokedex entries of Lunala and Cosmoem. I can trade those two back, but the other person can keep the Pokémon with Pokerus.
LF pokerus. Offering: HA mareanie, HA morelull, HA geodude, HA mudbray. PM me

EDIT: Got pokerus
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Well-Known Member
Looking for a Dark Stone, since I read you'll get it rather late. I don't really know what to offer for the stone, so feel free to PM me.

ryan hunter

Pokemon trainer
Looking for any pokemon with pokerus. Have some 4 relevent iv breeding left overs of jolly litten, quiet wishiwashi, jolly mimikyu, adamant mudbray and modest grubbin. Also have sync abras with jolly, timid, adamant and quiet.


Not-So Normal Type
would anyone be willing to trade me an ability capsule for my master ball? pm me if yes


loves a puzzle
Looking for:

Lucky Egg (Due to me not knowing you can get it early in the game and the fact at the time of this post Kukui is currently not in his lab)

one Pokerus Pokemon

For Trade:

Starters (Alolan), Jangmo-o, and Roselia or any pokemon that are breedable (Via Ditto)

PM If interested.
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mew 2000

Shiny Celebi
Looking for pokerus

Can trade any of the alola starters, johto starters and unova starters


Shiny Hunter
Looking for:
-Destiny Knot
-Lucky eggs

But I don't have anything yet to offer on SM. I can offer items/pokemon on ORAS if interested D:
PM me
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New Member
Seeking a pokerus, but I really don't have much yet D:
I can offer any of the Alolan starters, but other than that I got nothin' :/


Pkmn League RunnerUp
Seeking Pokerus. I have abra of every nature, can use them to catch ditto of any nature. I don't have anything fantastic yet but pokerus would help me tremendously. :)


Pokémon Breeder
Offering Pokerus infected Pokemon
I'll accept mostly anything, Nature Ditto's, Power Items and such are always welcome!

Can trade in about 30 min, just leave a PM.