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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


New Member
Just looking for something with Pokerus... I don't have a whole lot to trade for it right now, just trying to get one with it so I can spread it.. PM if you want to help me out :)

Update: already got it
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Shyo Dead

Golden Star
anyone have any spare heart scales? I need them bad


New Member
Looking for a Razor Fang to Evolve Gligor to Gliscor
Tell me what you want for exchange.

My FC: 1693 1852 0965
IGN: Ash


Well-Known Member
Do you have a Heavy Ball, Level Ball or Love Ball?
Perhaps you could use one of the following in exchange for it:

- Bottle Cap
- Heart Scale
- PP Max
- Rare Candy
- Lucky Egg
- Everstone
- Destiny Knot
- Comet Shard
- Any Evolution Stone

Send a PM please, thank you.


FC: SW-7265-0099-3706
Looking for any pokemon who can spread pokerus.
I have a shiny timid joltik I will trade.

Edit: Completed
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Meowth City

Staff member
EDIT: trade complete
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dragon temer
Lf battle points items i need all maga stones apart from alakazite

Kings rock/Dragon scale/protector/Reaper cloth

Not sure what i can offer in return but i got some rare balls including beast balls and some bottle caps or let me know what you want for them and l will see if i got it
I will prefer to do 1:1 items but will consider more depending on offer


Edit: Trade done! thank you!

Hello, I'm looking for a Lucky Egg I can offer the following items:

I can also offer the following pokemon with a PP Max or Gold Bottle Cap added:

I can also breed the following pokemon with Hidden Abilities including the PP Max or Gold Bottle Cap:
-alolan sandshrew
-alolan vulpix

Please PM me those interested.
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Shyo Dead

Golden Star
I am looking for Fire Stone, Thunder Stone.

Willing to trade any pokemon, and/or shinies ;3

Edit: Trade Complete
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Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
LF: Dusk Stone

FT: other evo stones, HA dream ball Snorlax (not IV bred), a bottle cap, some breedjects. PM me if interested

Edit: Trade complete
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Trainer Frankie

LF: a power herb

Please send me a visitor message (or pm, but visitor message is better) if have one and we can discuss the trade. Thank you. ^^


New Member
LF: Sceptilite (I just MM'ed a shiny and then I find out there was a code right after it ends lol)
FT: Any Battle Tree/Royal Items (Mega Stones, competitive items, breeding items, etc), Pokerus, or Apricorn Balls Fast, Heavy, Friend, Love, Lure
Prefer to talk via PM to discuss, thanks!
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Sock Monkey Supreme
Missed out on 3 promos due to well... exams and hospital time and stuff so if anyone is generous enough to share some megastones from code POYONG and DRACHE or Mewnium Z I would greatly appreciate it! I have some things to offer for trade including a Marshadow and some shiny Sivally codes. I also have old Volcanion codes but not sure if they will work anymore... Please let me know, I hate missing out on promos because of being sick!


Hello all! Was unfortunate enough to miss out on the Mega stones for the POYONG and DRACHE event, so if any one is willing to trade them to me, I have:

All Battle Tree Items.
Jolly 4IV Slush Rush A-Sandshrew in a Beast Ball
Brave 3 IV + 0 IV speed Regenerator Mareanie in a Beast Ball
And can also breed these in a Beast ball as well:
Diglet with 4 Egg Moves (Endure, Memento, Pursuit, Reversal)
Oricorio (Elec/Flying)
Honedge (Shadow Sneak / Destiny Bond)
Gible (Sand Tomb / Outrage / Iron Head)
Rockruff (Crush Claw / Fire Fang / Sucker Punch / Thunder Fang
Timid A-Vulpix (Snow Warning) (Powder Snow / Encore / Freeze-Dry / Moon Blast)
Brave Grimer (Power of Alchemy) (Stockpile / Mean look / Curse / Shadow Sneak)
Jolly Mimikyu

PM and let me know if you are intersted, and we can set up a time to trade. :)


Active Member
Looking for a lucky egg in ultra moon I've barely started so don't have much to trade at the moment can trade ultra beasts except the new ones as I haven't gotten there and pheromosa as I only have one but the others I have even type null due to beating sun multiple times and now that pokebank is here I now have it in ultra moon
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New Member
i have bottle caps up for trade and in return i want a HA fletchling in a pokeball also a drilbur in a pokeball, please message me so we can work something out.


Johto champ
LF: Lucky Egg

FT: Gold Bottle Caps,bp items, mega stones

PM if interested
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New Member
just starting out in the competitive breeding scene, in need of a Destiny Knot for breeding. Dont have much in trade value as of right now. Can Trade HA Stufful and HA Roggenrola (Both Female), and Leftovers
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