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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


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Looking for Pokerus infected Pokemon. I haven't finished the game so I don't have much to offer yet :(

Mega Typhlosion

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Offering a Prism Scale and an Absorb Bulb for trade.

Looking for other rare items, power items, HA Pokémon and egg-move bred Pokémon.
Looking particularly for a Thick Club!

Send me a PM if you want to trade.


Looking for pokerus, can breed any alola Pokemon.
Also can breed honedge, litwick, bagon, dratini, gible, beldum
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Looking for anything with Pokerus, I have Power Items/A few harder to find Pokemon, PM if you'd like to trade!
Still offering? I am interested if so.
It's better to message me directly or anyone your trying to trade with in case they don't see it

I'm still offering pokerus along with HA alolan vulpix w/moon blast and freeze dry, also have all 3 starters, looking for other HA mons or anythings that's good really :)


MS Paint Sableye
I need both a Destiny Knot and a Pokerus pokemon, preferably all on the same pokemon. I could care less what you have infected, though something with the Pickup ability would be convenient.

Now only looking for Pokerus.

Willing to trade away spare Adamant Buzzwole (1), Timid HP Ice Xurkitree (1), or Jolly Kartana (3). IV's are kinda all over.
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I'm looking for Pokerus, the Power Items and Lucky Eggs. I can offer Beast Ball Morning Sun Flare Blitz Growlithe, Beast Ball Miltank, Beast Ball Gothita, BB HA Togedemaru, BB HA Pichi, Moon Ball Spikes Aqua Jet Wide Guard Metal Claw Wimpod and HA Luxury Ball Dratini, all would be breedjects.


Water Pokemon Master

Master Ball


Lover of underrated characters
Offering Pokerus, Apricorn balls, and Beast Balls
Just looking for King's Rock to complete my Dex


Shiny hunter
Looking for ha Pokemon johto ball Pokemon pm me if interested
can offer
Female salandit 4iv missing health an speed nature modest
Mimikyu 4iv missing health an speed nature docile
Turtonator 4iv missing attack an speed nature bold
Alolan vulpix 5iv missing health has hidden ability nature modest
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Normal: The abnormal
Looking for: Lunala
FT: Uhhhh... johto pokeballs???


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Need power items. I can infect with pokerus. Willing to trade bottle caps, amulet coin, light ball, metal coat, and other items attainable before island 3. PM if interested
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