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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


Shiny Hunter
Looking for:
-Destiny Knot
-Lucky eggs

But I don't have anything yet to offer on SM. I can offer items/pokemon on ORAS if interested D:
PM me


New Member
FT: PokeRus infected 'mons

LF: Razor Claw, King's Rock, Metal Coat and a Tirtouga


Well-Known Member
I need a destiny knot asap.

When pokebank opens i can offer these legit shinies i caught myself, unless you want to trade on xyoras.

Shiny noivern nicknamed Fluffy
Shiny arcanine nicknamed Sunflower
Shiny dewgong nicknamed Igloo
Shiny exploud nicknamed Deadmau5
Shiny tauros nicknamed Pear
Shiny diggersby nicknamed Silver
Shiny luxray nicknamed Bolt
Shiny relicanth nicknamed Anchor
Shiny basculin nicknamed Hook

Shiny unown (not caught by me)


Pokemon Lover
I offer female popplio to trade and pokerus. Looking for apricorn balls or any other offer really


Mew Guardian
Hi there is just got my game and was hoping to get an have rockruff before I left the first island the catch is I want it in a heavy ball.

So is anyone willing to trade me a heavy ball? Or a HA rockruff in one that's Nickname able and male?

I have these pokemon from WT
HA nest ball slowbro level 1female with curse from japan with relaxed nature
Gastrodon ultra ball male no HA level 41 and is blue-east version
Type Null level 41 poke ball from Spain with Bashful nature
Grimes level 1 no HA in heal ball with adamant nature


Rocket Grunt
LF anything infected with Pokerus.

It's not much, but I have Adamant/Jolly/Timid/Brave/Impish/Bold Abras with Synchronize to offer in return.


Im iv breeding Relaxed (Regenerator or limber) Mareanies --> 31,31,31,x,31,31 ivs and 31,31,31,31,31,x
im looking for Type:Null and power items


New Member
LF: Ice stone and Razor Claw
Offer: exclusives form Moon and HA GEodude


New Member
LF: Destiny Knot

FT: Dusk Stones, Oval Stone, Prism Scales, Pichus with Electric Terrain or Alolan Vulpix with Freeze Dry and Moonblast.
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Just started playing and I'm looking to acquire anything with Pokerus since I can't transfer my old stuff yet.

I don't have much to offer but I have a few good ones I can offer.


Not-So Normal Type
If anyone has been able to get enough BP to get an Ability Capsule, I will trade one of my Pokemon with Pokerus holding a Master ball for it. PM me if u r interested


Well-Known Member
Lf for pokerus
Ft apricot balls( i dont usually breed for balls so i can give few for pokerus )