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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


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Looking for lunala or ice stone
For trade masterball pp up rare candy alakazite dawn stone dubious disc everstone moon stone prism scale scope lens sticky barb wider lens
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I apologize in advance as Im kind of a noob and havent played these games since gen3 so its been a while. I wasnt sure where to post this either. Here goes

Im really hoping to get a water stone really soon. I just finished the first island trials (Melemele island) and currently exploring hidden areas with tauros charge. Im really excited to have a vaporeon on my team as its my favorite one (I dont play competitive battle yet i just use the ones I like). As I understand I can get eevee on route 4 which is coming up soon but according to a google search I cant get a water stone until later on the next island in Konikoni city (pretty sure thats not till later anyways towards end of second island). I just dont want to wait too long to evolve eevee or else it will miss out on learning water moves. Is it possible for someone to trade with me any ol pokemon holding a waterstone? I actaully dont even know how trading works either haha..i can trade back something that is accesible to me in the first island or on route 4 in pokemon sun if thats useful to anyone. Again Im sorry if this is a dumb request/question. Please dont yell at me haha.


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trading a pokemon with pokerus for a destiny knot (i cant remember what its called exactly, just got back into the game - its the one that lets me pass down the ivs of a pokemon)


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LF: Ice Stone

FT: 5IV Adamant Growlithes with Close Combat, Flare Blitz & Crunch, 5IV Modest Popplios, 5IV Adamant Rowlets, 5IV Rash & Modest Vulpixs with Freeze-Dry, Moonblast & Extrasensory, 5IV Pichus with Electric Terrain.
I also have several Sun Stones, Moon Stones & 1 Dusk Stone. If you need anything else, pm me and I will see if I have it.

Edit: I'm no longer looking for Ice Stones!
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I'm looking for a level ball to catch my tapu koko. I can offer any other item in return or a pokemon. Pm please


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Im not having any luck picking up a Destiny Knot. But I have a few Leftovers. If anyone would be willing to trade it would really help me out so I can start breeding. Also have a 5iv Adamant Wimpod in a Premier ball and a HA Mareanie in a Dive ball if that would help. Send me a PM I'll be on most of the day. Thanks


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Could anyone by chance help me out with a power anklet? Also, I have active Pokerus if anyone needs it. Always willing to help where I can.


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I have Poekrus. Ask and you shall receive
I am also looking for Pomeg and Grepa
I have Qualot, Hondew, Kelpsy, and Tomato
Just a reminder to NOT CONDUCT TRADES IN THIS THREAD. If you're interested, PM the trader. Also, only post once per page; if you need to update your post, edit it or delete it and make a new one if there are significant changes.


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LF: Chaizardite Y, prepping for when Pokemon Bank is available!

Can offer stones, version exclusives (moon), life orb, magarizer, electrizer, prism scale, eviolite, open to requests.

Chloe Cassandra

Long time no see.
Hi everyone!

LF: Power Items (one of each is fine) and Bottle Caps.


Evolution items:
Prism Scale
Water Stone
Thunder Stone
Ice Stone
Sun Stone
Moon Stone
Shiny Stone
Dusk Stone
Oval Stone

BP items:
Red Card
Bright Powder
Wide Lens
Hey Guys, Anyone after pokerus.

Looking for; a dawn stone mainly but happy to take shiny pokemon etc :p Also rare / exclusive pokemon to moon


pokemon legend
need metal coat don't know if its in these games yet so need it for my scyther

can trade items such as lucky eggs, soothe bells , leftovers , electirizer, protector, magmarizer
reaper cloth, all memory's for type null , big nuggets, fire, water, thunder, ice ,sun, moon , shiny
please trade me a pokemon I don't have as well so that would help fill my dex faster trying to get all 300 only need 89 then im done
pokes im looking to fill dex with is

let me know if you want to trade


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I've got
-A shiny bold 3 IV ditto HP/Sp.Def/Sp.Atk
-Pokerus (which I caught myself for the first time since gen 2, Pheremosa claims to hate unclean things and she goes and gives me a disease)
-And plenty of Jolly Gibles with outrage and 3-4 IVs

I need a Destiny Knot. I'll give the Ditto or a Gible for it, either one can have pkrs if you need.

I'm also open to offers for any of those things, if you don't happen to have a Destiny Knot.