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Item & Pokérus Trading Thread


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Looking for PKRS, I have a HA female Mareanie, a 5IV Adamant Huge Power Marill and a Beldum in a Beast Ball. The Mareanie is in a love ball.


Newb Shiny Hunter
Hello! I have 5iv panchams and wimpods (spanish for masuda method), and power items. Willing to do one of each of the three for an apricorn ball. Pm me if interested.

Dragonite Fan

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Will Trade Ha vulpix for pokerus or lucky egg.
Maybe for other stuff.
Friend code in sig.
PM me


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im looking for an ice stone. would u be willing to trade me an ice stone for a female slush rush sandshrew? also have a female snow warning vulpix. i also have all the ultra beasts for trade if u wanted it. lots of pokeballa to. would be willing to combine a rare pokemon such as ha female vulpix with a beast ball for an ice stone. please pm if u want to trade! thanks


Flawless Hunter
Power Bracer
Power Anklet
Power Belt
Power Band.

PP max
Metal Coat
Bottle Caps.
Shiny Gastly with pokerus (3+ items required)


#1 Lanturn Owner
I am currently looking for Bottle Caps.
I have many other items available for trade at the moment. I may be able to get even more.

I also have Pokerus for trade. I have many high IV Pokémon for trade as well.
I am willing to trade a 5/6 IV self-bred Pokémon for a Silver Bottle Cap. I am also willing to trade more than one, especially for a Gold Bottle Cap. I may even include an item or two with my side of the trade.
Some of my high IV Pokémon have their HAs, and some are (as I said) flawless 6IV Pokémon.
PM me for details, including the list of Pokémon and items I have for trade.
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Looking for Heavy Balls. At the moment I have a Level Ball, Fast Ball and Friend Ball that I'd be willing to trade for one each. I also have various Apricorn/Beast Ball HA Pokemon, message me for details if interested.

Poke Maniac Eddie

Embrace Eternity.
LF: A large amount of Qualot Berries.
FT: 5IV Timid Male Salandits holding Liechi Berries.

PM me if you wanna help. I REALLY need these berries.


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Offering bottle Caps, Pokerus, Evolution stones, and maybe a masterball

Pm me offers. Looking mostly for Beast ball mons or egg moves or 5ivs


FT: Ice Stones (may have other stones as well) and Pokerus

LF: HA Geodude and HA Vulpix
LF : Leftover
Female HA vulpix (nature doesn't matter)

5 IV HA Mareanie
5 IV Dewpider
Starters (Tepig , Snivy , Oshawatt, popplio , litten, rowlet, totodile , chikorita & Cyndaquil)
Rare mons: Mimikyu , Dhelmise , Beldum
Fossil Pokemon : cranidos , tirtuoga , shieldon, archen
CAN breed 5IV pokemon too t
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Trainer Frankie

Looking for a power weight. If you have one or have access to Royal Avenue please leave a visitor message on my profile so we can discuss trade.


Pokemon Breeder
Currently Looking For: Starf Berry, Lansat Berry, Apicot Berry, Grepa Berry, Maranga Berry, Figy Berry, Kelpsy Berry, Wiki Berry
Can offer: Any other berry, 5IV Goomies in Beast Balls, Any S/M Legendary, Pokerus, Bottle Caps, just about anything within reason.

My signature has up-to-date offerings and stuff.
Looking for:

- All fossils (except Armor)
- Razor Fang
- Sun Stone
- Lucky Eggs

I can offer:

- A handful of IV breed mons such as Timid Snow Warning Vulpix and Jolly Dazzling Bruxish
- Bottle Caps
- Berries

PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP.