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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. BubbleSteel

    BubbleSteel Keyboard Blazer

    I've got plenty of Pokerus! Just need a 2IV Ditto with IVs in SpD and Speed!
  2. sobbos

    sobbos Member

    Offering a shiny Greninja for multiple leftovers.
  3. howlinggod

    howlinggod New Member

    Looking for:

    Mewtwonite X
    Rare Candy
    Protean Froakie
    Gale Wings Flecthling

    PM for which offer you want?
  4. pwny1320

    pwny1320 New Member

    offering a level 1 froakie (other starters too if you can wait for me to breed/hatch one for you) with pokerus and holding a master ball for a xerneas please pm me and I'll swap fc's with you, I am NOT looking for trade backs this is for keeps preferably a level 50 xerneas but will accept up to level 65. and if possible no nicknames, will trade mewtwonite y and charizardite y also if you offer a shiny.
  5. tbcsundin

    tbcsundin New Member

    Looking for any poke with pokerus please! I can offer a level 50 Yveltal or a modest level 1 trace ralts... pm if you are interested.
  6. pwny1320

    pwny1320 New Member

    just traded the masterball for a moltress still offering pokerus with a starter for articuno though
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2013
  7. orbiter54321

    orbiter54321 New Member

    Hey everyone; I'm looking for a MewTwonite Y

    I can offer up a mewtwonite X; Charzidite X; Venesaurite
  8. topcat554

    topcat554 New Member

    Does anyone have starf berries yet? I'm terrible at Battle Maison, and I was wondering if some kind person would trade me one.

    I'm offering:

    6IV modest Monsoon scatterbug with compound eyes in a premier Ball (English/ male/ Lv.1/ UT)
    5IV modest Marine scatterbug with either compound eyes or shield dust in a dive ball (Korean/ female/ Lv.1/ UT/ missing Attack)
    5IV modest Marine scatterbug with either compound eyes or shield dust in a dive ball (Korean/ male/ Lv.1/ UT/ missing Defense)

    Please PM me if anyone is interested
  9. golfwang

    golfwang New Member

    life orb
    lots of ha and some 4iv pokes
  10. hollowdazz

    hollowdazz normal type: Aipom,

    Charizardite Y
    Both Mewtwo Stones Give me a good offer also two mewtwo fully ev trained mewtwo both caught in dusk balls
    Master Ball
    Japanese Ditto with perfect atk and def ivs
    Evolution Stones
    Bp items give me time no ability capsules
    Lots of Ha pokes
    Egg move pokes
    1 Japanese Brave Honegde 31/31/31/X/31/31

    Version exclusive mega stones you don`t want
    Non American Dittos with any good ivs
    Non fishing chain shines

    Pm me offers
  11. unresponsive

    unresponsive still in a dream, skin eater

    LOOKING FOR: Starf, Kee, Lum and Occa Berries
    OFFERING: Got a little list in my signature! Some may not be in stock though. (Adamant Scyther however is in abundance, ahhhh.)
  12. luxrayshock

    luxrayshock Ursus arctos

    For Trade:
    Lucky Egg x2
    Light Clay
    Light Ball
    King's Rock
    Thunder Stone
    Dusk Stone

    Looking For:
    IV Bred Pokemon
    X Exclusive Mega Stones
    Egg Move Pokemon
  13. KenoShay

    KenoShay Sinnoh Champ

    Trading any bp items for shinies pm me
  14. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Offering any Battle Chateaux BP Items besides the ability one, also offering
    31/xx/31/31/31/31 Male Modest Solar Power Crunch, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Ancientpower Charmander, looking for other 5IV pokemon and desperately looking for a Tyranitarite, I need one A.S.A.P. if you are interested VM or PM me
  15. pooskinana

    pooskinana New Member

    Trading ability caps!! SEEKING SHINIES. OFFER BEFORE I LOG OFF~
  16. BeneathTheWaves

    BeneathTheWaves Team FroakieMander!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for Mewtwonite X, Charizardite X, and an Ability Capsule.

    I have a Shiny Ditto, Shiny Minccino, 6IV Charmander, 6IV Togetic, 5IV Mareep, 5IV Kanghaskahn and 5IV Gible for trade. :)
  17. Icefyre89

    Icefyre89 New Member

    Looking for Tyranitarite

    For trade:

    5iv adamant technician scythers, with metal coat if requested.

    Lucky eggs
    Metal Coat
    Kings rock
    Thick Club
    Light Ball
    Sun stone
    Moon stone
    Dawn Stone
    Shiny stone
  18. pauldouken

    pauldouken New Member

    FT: Aggronite
    LF: Tyranitite
  19. ChocolateDrop

    ChocolateDrop New Member

    Hello everybody, I have some happy hour smeargles for trade if anybody is interested. For those who dont know what happy hour is:

    It's an event move which doubles your money after a battle, it can stack with an amulet coin and your o power as well which is pretty nice. It's originally an event move only for inkay and a japan exclusive.

    The smeargles I have are not IV bred they're just regular smeargle with happy hour

    I'm mainly looking for IV bred pokemon (preferably 5 IV) or BP items (Leftovers would be appreciated too) for these money making smeargles.
  20. PokeZapper

    PokeZapper New Member

    Looking for pokerus! Offering protean froakie! Msg me

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