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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

I have a Mewtwonite X to trade, and I am looking for a Mewtwonite Y.
My Friend Code is 0361-7433-1629, send me a PM if you are interested. ^^


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I need Pokerus. I have some decent lvl 1 Charmanders, Bulbasaurs, phantumps, and gible's for trade. Aaron 5258-0248-2254
I also have a ditto safari


Pokemon Breeder
For Trade:
Shinies Available:
HA Braixen
Hidden Abilities Available: (VERY big list)
All trades will be in base form unless the certain safari is available
Squirtle - Rain Dish w/ Dragon Pulse/Aura Sphere
Charmander - Solar Power w/ Dragon Dance/Outrage
Pichu - Lightning Rod w/ Volt Tackle
Gligar - Immunity w/ Agility/Baton Pass/Poison Tail/Rock Climb
Smeargle - Moody w/ Happy Hour
Aipom - Skill Link
Dunsparce - Rattled
Teddiursa - Honey Gather
Lillipup - Run Away
Loudred - Scrappy
Kecleon - Protean
Audino - Klutz
Minccino - Skill Link
Chansey - Healer
Eevee - Anticipation
Butterfree - Tinted Lens
Paras - Damp
Leddyba - Rattled
Beautifly - Rivalry
Volbeat - Prankster
Illumise - Prankster
Pinsir - Moxie
Heracross - Moxie
Mightyena - Moxie
Nuzleaf - Pickpocket
Pawniard - Pressure
Vullaby - Weak Armor
Sneasel - Pickpocket
Cacturne - Water Absorb
Crawdaunt - Adaptability
Sandile - Anger Point
Sableye - Prankster
Absol - Justified
Liepard - Prankster
Inkay - Infiltrator
Gabite - Rough Skin
Axew - Unnerve
Dratini - Marvel Scale
Shelgon - Overcoat
Noibat - Telepathy
Druddigon - Mold Breaker
Goomey - Gooey
Electrode - Aftermath
Pachirisu - Volt Absorb
Emolga - Motor Drive
Dedenne - Plus
Stunfisk - Sand Veil
Helioptile - Solar Power
Manectric - Minus
Luxio - Guts
Galvantula - Swarm
Snubbull - Rattled
Kirlia - Telepathy
Jigglypuff - Friend Guard
Mawile - Sheer Force
Floettte - Symbiosis
Mankey - Defiant
Machoke - Steadfast
Mienfoo - Rackless
Sawk - Mold Breaker
Pancham - Scrappy
Tyrogue - Vital Spirit
Breloom - Tachnician
Hariyama - Sheer Force
Growlithe - Justified
Ponyta - Flame Body
Magmar - Vital Spirit
Pansear - Blaze
Slugma - Weak Armor
Larvesta - Swarm
Pyroar - Moxie
Ninetales - Drought
Braixen - Magician
Fletchinder - Gale Wings
Doduo - Tangled Feet
Tranquill - Rivalry
Hawlucha - Mold Breaker
Shuppet - Cursed Body
Phantump - Insomnia
Dusclops - Frisk
spiritomb - Infiltrator
Tangela - Regenerator
Sunkern - Early Bird
Pansage - Overgrow
Ivysaur - Chlorophyll
Swadloon - Overcoat
Petilil - Leaf Guard
Sawsbuck - Serene Grace
Maractus - Storm Drain
Quilladin - Bulletproof
Gogoat - Grass Pelt
Sandshrew - Sand Rush
Wooper - Unaware
Phanpy - Sand Veil
Trapinch - Sheer Force
Dugtrio - Sand Force
Marowak - Battle Armor
Nincada - Run Away
Camerupt - Anger Point
Gastrodon - Sand Force
Palpitoad - Water Absorb
Diggersby - Huge Power
Snorunt - Moody
Spheal - Oblivious
Snover - Soundproof
Beartic - Swift Swim
Bergmite - Sturdy
Dewgong - Ice Body
Cloyster - Overcoat
Lapras - Hydration
Piloswine - Thick Fat
Seviper - Infiltrator
Ariados - Sniper
Garbodor - Aftermath
Drapion - Keen Eye
Abra - Magic Guard
Grumpig - Gluttony
Munna - Telepathy
Wobbuffet - Telepathy
Sigilyph - Tinted Lens
Espurr - Own Tempo
Girafaig - Sap Sipper
Gothorita - Shadow Tag
Duosion - Regenerator
Nosepass - Sand Force
Boldore - Sand Force
Dwebble - Weak Armor
Onix - Weak Armor
Corsola - Regenerator
Rhydon - Reckless
Shuckle - Contrary
Barbaracle - Pickpocket
Metang - Light Metal
Klefki - Magician
Octillery - Moody
Floatzel - Water Veil
Azumarill - Sap Sipper
Frogadier - Protean
Plusle - Lightningrod
Houndour - Unnerve
Minun - Volt Absorb
Nidoran M/F - Hustle
Foongus - Regenerator
Durant - Truant
Carbink - Sturdy
Slowpoke - Regenerator
Items Available:
King's Rock
Mutated Berries not listed below

Looking for:
HA pokemon from hordes
Select items of interest
Shinies of interest
Mutated Berries (Ganlon, Salac, Apicot, Kee)

PM me if interested and for more details

★Shiny Sylveon★

Well-Known Member
HA Houndour [ Unnerve ]
HA Plusle [ Lightning Rod ]
HA Minun [ Volt Absorb ]
Minun and Plusle's ability might need to be switched.

Check out my trade shop for lots of HA Pokemon!


IV Breeder
Starf and Lansat berries for trade, available now. Looking for perfect 5IV pokemon, ability capsules and version exclusive megastones. Also interested in female Prankster Riolu in a Luxury ball (IVs irrelevant) - a Friend Safari with Riolus is fine too.


i am looking for the following items:
Charizardite y
Scope Lens/Razor Claw
Assault Vest
mawile mega stone
and basically any other competive hold item

i have 15 different shinys to trade and several different 4-5 iv bred pokemon and 2-3 iv bred pokemon with egg moves


Off and On Trainer
Looking for tyranitrite. Have metal coats, shiny stones, dusk stones, and lucky eggs for trade
Have heracross and gengar mega stone. Looking for charizard x. Ill give both mega stones plus pokerus for charizard x

Edit: i got my charizard x. I still have an extra heracross megastone. Im looking for leftovers and bm items
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New Member
Looking for:

rain dish female squirtle
Protean Female Froakie


Heart scales
22 BP and getting more throughout the week

If there's anything else you need give me a pm and I'll see what I can do


Trading: Char. X Megastone -GONE-
Trading: Lansat Berry
Looking to trade for one of the following:

Sassy (somewhat preferred) OR Calm Xerneas -DONE-

5iv Female Scyther w/ Technician with 31 (outstanding) in HP, Attk, SpD, Def, Speed

Female 5iv Geodude w/31 (outstanding) in HP, Attk, SpD, Def, SpAttk

5iv Male Charmander with 31 (outstanding) in HP, SpAttk, SpD, Def, Speed
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Active Member
Planning on Restarting this version when bank comes out so i'm seeking Shiny Pokemon or High IV(4-6 IV pokemon)

Have the following Items for trade
Blastoisinite, Gengarite, Garchompite, Banettite, Medichamite, Mawilite, Alakazite, Gyaradosite, Gardevoirite, Absolite, Ampharosite, Abomasite, Houndominite(only for Non-Fishing shiny)

Amulet Coin, Sachet, Black Belt, Soothe Bell, Silk Scarf, Magnet, King's Rock, Spell Tag, Black Glasses, Charcoal, Dragon Fang, Deep Sea Tooth and Scale, Macho Brace, Protector, Dragon Scale, Twisted Spoon, Oval Stone, Expert Belt, Whipped Dream, and Everstone(currently being used :p)

Moon Stone(2), Sun Stone(2), Dusk Stone(2), Shiny Stone

Also have all those arceus plates thou i don't know why anyone would need more lol

PM me if interested in making a trade

Hatched A shiny Male Gothita(bold/frisk) will trade 1 item(possibly 2, other than houndoomite) along with gothita for a Shiny Female Gothita Must be nicknameable please


Legendary Collector
Trading Manectric mega-stone for Houndoomite!

Trainer Frankie

Looking for ability capsule

Have pokérus, destiny knot, medichamite, aerodactylite, some berries (including every ev reducing berry and lansat berry), and other items as well.

Pm me to discuss trade.
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Master Pokéwitch
Looking for The following:

-Sun Stone
-Shiny Stone
-Dusk Stone
-Dawn Stone
-Any Y version Mega Stones
-Kee and Maranga Berries

Can currently offer any and all Safari Pokemon (With POKERUS upon request), Abomasite and Blazikenite (prefer other mega stones for these).

Any help (especially with the Evolution stones) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Looking For:
Ability Capsule (Will Trade Multiple Items/Pokemon In Exchange)
Master Ball
Starf Berry
Lansat Berry
Power Items

Y Exclusive Mega Stones
5 IV Bred Pokemon (Huge List)
PP Up's