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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


Hi :)

I will restart my Pokemon X game in a few days (after PokeBank is released) and I'm offering everything in my game that I can't transport through PokeBank to my new future save file. I'm trying to make some profit. :D
-> I only want Pokemon, no items or other things

Just write me a private message with your offer and FC, I will answer you and give you my FC through private message.

Mega Stones
- Lucario
- Blastoise
- Charizard X to be traded
- Ampharos
- Mawile
- Mewtwo X traded away
- Scizor
- Kangaskhan
- Gyarados
- Gengar
- Venusaur
- Tyranitar traded away
- Pinsir to be traded
- Blaziken (+Event Torchic, untouched)
- Banette
- Manectic to be traded
- Abomasnow
- Gardevoir
- Medicham
- Absol
- Garchomp
- Aerodactyl
- Alakazam
For my Version-Exclusive Mega Stones, I just take Xerneas', Yveltal's, Zapdos', Moltres', Articuno's and Legendaries from older games except Celebi. (With little exceptions maybe)

Evolutionary items

Sun Stone x5
Prism Scale x2
Deep Sea Tooth (only 1 per save file makes this item very valuable, imo)
Deep Sea Scale (only 1 per save file makes this item very valuable, imo)
Oval Stone
King's Rock
Metal Coat traded away
Dawn Stone
Moon Stone x2 traded away
Dusk Stone
Reaper Cloth
Whipped Dream traded away
Dragon Scale

Giratina Origin Form:
Griseous Orb
For these items just freely make me an offer.

On a side note: I can help you evolve Pokemon like (for example) Dusclops to Dusknoir.

Different items of value
Destiny Knot x2
Black Sludge x2
Cleanse Tag
Spell Tag
Macho Brace
Smoke ball
Big Root
Never-Melt Ice
Amulet Coin
Dragon Fang
Poison Barb
Normal Gem
Twisted Spoon
Lucky Egg
Black Belt
Life Orb
Expert Belt
Miracle Seed

Earth Plate, Fist Plate, Draco Plate, Spooky Plate, Pixie Plate, Meadow Plate, Iron Plate, Zap Plate, Mind Plate, Splash Plate, Flame Plate, Sky Plate

If there are items, you want, that are not on the lists and I didn't find (Plates, etc.), tell me and I will pick them up.

~ Happy Trading :) ~

Del Mundo

Ghost Fan
LF Charizardite Y

Willing to be a Battle Maison slave and win however much items that you desire. Have all berries and mutations except for Starf and Enigma. Also have spare Light Balls and Lucky Eggs.

I also have access to the following HA Pokemon -would prefer not to IV breed at the moment


I am wanting a mega charzard Y megastone and will give you a shiny relicanth and a seperate pokemon with pokerus for it.

If you are interested then private message me your friend code. Mine is 3523-3464-0926.
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Looking for a Soothe Bell, just lost mine... I have a Lucky Egg to trade for it!:(


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Trading Manectric mega-stone for Houndoomite!


primus inter pares
I'm looking for Y exclusive mega stones (Houndoom, Aggron, and Mewtwo Y)

I can offer:
Fenekin w/ Wish, Heat Wave, Magic Coat
Mawile w/ Seismic Toss
Chansey w/ Seismic Toss, Aromatherapy, Helping Hand, Counter
Bulbasaur w/ Giga Drain, Ingrain, Leaf Storm
Burgmite w/ Mirror Coat
Marill w/ Superpower, Play Rough, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
Squirtle w/ Fake Out, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Muddy Water

Natures and abilities vary and I don't want to flood the thread with a wall of text so if you have something to offer and are interested in something particular just shoot me a message and I can give you specifics. They are all 3-5IV pokemon, the only ones with 3 IVs would be something like a female Chespin with Bulletproof. It's such a pain to get females with the right ability on pokemon with a 12.5% female gender ratio that I kept a few less-than-outstanding females around. For the most part they all have beneficial natures but I have a few 5 IV pokemon with all the right IVs but the wrong nature. Also, most have their HA or beneficial ability but there a quite a few males with 4-5 IVs and the wrong ability. Most notably, however, is that when I bred Goomy I did not have access to that HA, so no HA Goomy at this time. Again, just message me and I can give you specifics on IVs, natures, abilities, ball choice, etc.

I also have a shiny Foongus I caught if that peaks anyone's interest instead.

I also have 48 spare BP if someone needs battle mansion items. I'm willing to trade all 48 BP worth of items, so if you want a few power items, or just one Scope Lens (it can be any item, this is just an example), that's fine by me.

I also have pokerus.

tl;dr Basically I'm looking to trade the leftovers of my breeds, a shiny Foongus, or battle items for select Y exclusive Mega Stones


It has...hair?
LF Tyranitarite, Pinsirite, Mewtwonite X, Manectite, and most importantly Charzardite X (like everyone else.)

Offering Charzardite Y (only for Charzardite X), 48 BP items of your choice, EV and pinch berries, and 4IV HA Dratini, 4IV Rotom, 4-5IV Charmander, 4-5IV Kangaskhan. 5IV available on request, please allow time for breeding. Any and all Pokemon traded can be infected with Pokerus on request. Please PM me if interested, thank you


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Looking for: Tyranitarite

Offering: Charizardite Y

PM me with your FC and offer. Cheers!
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Looking for Master Balls i can offer:
Dusk Stone
Shiny Stone
King Rock
Dragon Scale
Dawn Stone
Fossil Pokemon


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I am currently looking for the following Items.

Battle Mansion Herbs
Ability Capsule
Everstones[I will give a Starf Berry for 3 of them.]

Pokemon I am looking for.
Non-English Ditto:perfect IVs[Will offer Lansat, Starf, and Ability Capsule for 1]

I am offering the following in exchange.
Lansat Berries
Starf Berry
Lucky Egg[1]
Hidden Ability Pokemon from Friend Safaris
Vivillon[Japanese] with Pokerus


Pokemon Breeder
For Trade:
Shinies Available:
HA Braixen
Hidden Abilities Available: (VERY big list)
All trades will be in base form unless the certain safari is available
Squirtle - Rain Dish w/ Dragon Pulse/Aura Sphere
Charmander - Solar Power w/ Dragon Dance/Outrage
Pichu - Lightning Rod w/ Volt Tackle
Gligar - Immunity w/ Agility/Baton Pass/Poison Tail/Rock Climb
Smeargle - Moody w/ Happy Hour
Aipom - Skill Link
Dunsparce - Rattled
Teddiursa - Honey Gather
Lillipup - Run Away
Loudred - Scrappy
Kecleon - Protean
Audino - Klutz
Minccino - Skill Link
Chansey - Healer
Eevee - Anticipation
Butterfree - Tinted Lens
Paras - Damp
Leddyba - Rattled
Beautifly - Rivalry
Volbeat - Prankster
Illumise - Prankster
Pinsir - Moxie
Heracross - Moxie
Mightyena - Moxie
Nuzleaf - Pickpocket
Pawniard - Pressure
Vullaby - Weak Armor
Sneasel - Pickpocket
Cacturne - Water Absorb
Crawdaunt - Adaptability
Sandile - Anger Point
Sableye - Prankster
Absol - Justified
Liepard - Prankster
Inkay - Infiltrator
Gabite - Rough Skin
Axew - Unnerve
Dratini - Marvel Scale
Shelgon - Overcoat
Noibat - Telepathy
Druddigon - Mold Breaker
Goomey - Gooey
Electrode - Aftermath
Pachirisu - Volt Absorb
Emolga - Motor Drive
Electabuzz - vital Spirit
Dedenne - Plus
Stunfisk - Sand Veil
Helioptile - Solar Power
Manectric - Minus
Luxio - Guts
Zebstrika - Sap sipper
Galvantula - Swarm
Snubbull - Rattled
Kirlia - Telepathy
Jigglypuff - Friend Guard
Mawile - Sheer Force
Floettte - Symbiosis
Mankey - Defiant
Machoke - Steadfast
Meditite - Telepathy
Mienfoo - Rackless
Sawk - Mold Breaker
Pancham - Scrappy
Tyrogue - Vital Spirit
Breloom - Tachnician
Hariyama - Sheer Force
Growlithe - Justified
Ponyta - Flame Body
Magmar - Vital Spirit
Pansear - Blaze
Slugma - Weak Armor
Larvesta - Swarm
Pyroar - Moxie
Ninetales - Drought
Braixen - Magician
Fletchinder - Gale Wings
Doduo - Tangled Feet
Tranquill - Rivalry
Hawlucha - Mold Breaker
Shuppet - Cursed Body
Phantump - Insomnia
Dusclops - Frisk
spiritomb - Infiltrator
Tangela - Regenerator
Sunkern - Early Bird
Pansage - Overgrow
Ivysaur - Chlorophyll
Swadloon - Overcoat
Petilil - Leaf Guard
Sawsbuck - Serene Grace
Maractus - Storm Drain
Quilladin - Bulletproof
Gogoat - Grass Pelt
Sandshrew - Sand Rush
Wooper - Unaware
Phanpy - Sand Veil
Trapinch - Sheer Force
Dugtrio - Sand Force
Marowak - Battle Armor
Nincada - Run Away
Camerupt - Anger Point
Gastrodon - Sand Force
Palpitoad - Water Absorb
Diggersby - Huge Power
Snorunt - Moody
Spheal - Oblivious
Snover - Soundproof
Beartic - Swift Swim
Bergmite - Sturdy
Dewgong - Ice Body
Cloyster - Overcoat
Lapras - Hydration
Piloswine - Thick Fat
Gloom - Stench
Seviper - Infiltrator
Ariados - Sniper
Swalot - Gluttony
Garbodor - Aftermath
Drapion - Keen Eye
Toxicroak - Poison Touch
Abra - Magic Guard
Grumpig - Gluttony
Munna - Telepathy
Wobbuffet - Telepathy
Sigilyph - Tinted Lens
Espurr - Own Tempo
Girafaig - Sap Sipper
Gothorita - Shadow Tag
Duosion - Regenerator
Nosepass - Sand Force
Boldore - Sand Force
Dwebble - Weak Armor
Onix - Weak Armor
Corsola - Regenerator
Rhydon - Reckless
Shuckle - Contrary
Barbaracle - Pickpocket
Metang - Light Metal
Klefki - Magician
Krabby - Sheer Force
Octillery - Moody
Floatzel - Water Veil
Azumarill - Sap Sipper
Frogadier - Protean
Plusle - Lightningrod
Minun - Volt Absorb
Houndour - Unnerve
Nidoran M/F - Hustle
Foongus - Regenerator
Durant - Truant
Carbink - Sturdy
Slowpoke - Regenerator
Mareep - Plus
Roselia - Leaf Guard
Spinda - Contrary
Swablu - Cloud Nine
Zangoose - Toxic Boost
Stunky - Keen Eye
Bellsprout - Gluttony
Geodude - Sand Veil
Exeggcute - Harvest
Mr. Mime - Technician
Hoppip - Infiltrator
Yanma - Frisk
Psyduck - Swift Swim
Miltank - Sap Sipper
Larvitar - Sand Veil
Items Available:
King's Rock

Looking for:
HA pokemon from hordes
Select items of interest
Shinies of interest

PM me if interested and for more details


FT: BP items, ability capsule, evolutionary stones (dusk, shiny, dawn etc), y exclusive mega stones, shiny adamant contrary inkay with 31 iv in attack, japanese scrappy kangaskhan, timid/french helioptiles, timid japanese noivern, japanese torchic, japanese quiet/adamant honedge, spanish adamant ditto (31iv in attack).

LF: Other shinies (non-fishing), 5iv+ pokemon, good dittos

Message Me


Active Member
Planning on Restarting this version when bank comes out so i'm seeking Shiny Pokemon or High IV(4-6 IV pokemon)

Have the following Items for trade
Blastoisinite, Gengarite, Garchompite, Banettite, Medichamite, Mawilite, Alakazite, Gyaradosite, Gardevoirite, Absolite, Ampharosite, Abomasite, Houndominite(only for Non-Fishing shiny)

Amulet Coin, Sachet, Black Belt, Soothe Bell, Silk Scarf, Magnet, King's Rock, Spell Tag, Black Glasses, Charcoal, Dragon Fang, Deep Sea Tooth and Scale, Macho Brace, Twisted Spoon, Oval Stone, Expert Belt, Whipped Dream, and Everstone(currently being used :p),

Also have all those arceus plates thou i don't know why anyone would need more lol

PM me if interested in making a trade

Hatched A shiny Male Gothita(bold/frisk) will trade 1 item(possibly 2, other than houndoomite) along with gothita for a Shiny Female Gothita Must be nicknameable please


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Trading these NON-SHINY pokemon and items for shinies: (2-3 of these for 1 shiny)
Light Ball
Mewtwonite X
Charizardite X
4 IV Careful Ekans
4 IV Adamant Tyrunt w/ fang moves
4 IV HA Ninetales
3 IV Japanese Gabite
Magician Fennekin with egg move Wish
HA Pichu with egg move Volt Tackle
Bold Charmander with egg move Flare Blitz

Looking for any shinies specifically shiny vivillon and bunnelby.


Master Pokéwitch
Looking for Y Megastones! Can offer 3 (ninknamed) Monsoon Vivillons with 4 or 5 IVs:

male, Modest 31/x/31/31/31/31, male, Bashful 31/x/31/x/31/31/31, and female, Naughty 31/x/x/31/31/31


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I am currently looking for the following Items.

Battle Mansion Items
Ability Capsule
Everstones[Will trade a Starf Berry for 3]
Thick Club

Pokemon I am looking for.
Non-English Ditto:perfect IVs[Will offer Lansat, Starf, and Ability Capsule for 1]

I am offering the following in exchange.
Lansat Berries
Starf Berry

Lucky Egg[1]
Hidden Ability Pokemon from Friend Safaris
Vivillon[Japanese] with Pokerus