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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


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Looking for BP items, masterballs, exclusive megastones. Trading all starters (including post pokebank).


primus inter pares
I'm looking for Y exclusive mega stones (Houndoom, and Aggron)

I can offer:
Fenekin w/ Wish, Heat Wave, Magic Coat
Mawile w/ Seismic Toss
Chansey w/ Seismic Toss, Aromatherapy, Helping Hand, Counter
Bulbasaur w/ Giga Drain, Ingrain, Leaf Storm
Burgmite w/ Mirror Coat
Marill w/ Superpower, Play Rough, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
Squirtle w/ Fake Out, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Muddy Water

Natures and abilities vary and I don't want to flood the thread with a wall of text so if you have something to offer and are interested in something particular just shoot me a message and I can give you specifics. They are all 3-5IV pokemon, the only ones with 3 IVs would be something like a female Chespin with Bulletproof. It's such a pain to get females with the right ability on pokemon with a 12.5% female gender ratio that I kept a few less-than-outstanding females around. For the most part they all have beneficial natures but I have a few 5 IV pokemon with all the right IVs but the wrong nature. Also, most have their HA or beneficial ability but there a quite a few males with 4-5 IVs and the wrong ability. Most notably, however, is that when I bred Goomy I did not have access to that HA, so no HA Goomy at this time. Again, just message me and I can give you specifics on IVs, natures, abilities, ball choice, etc.

I also have a shiny Foongus I caught if that peaks anyone's interest instead.

I also have 48 spare BP if someone needs battle mansion items. I'm willing to trade all 48 BP worth of items, so if you want a few power items, or just one Scope Lens (it can be any item, this is just an example), that's fine by me.

I also have pokerus.

tl;dr Basically I'm looking to trade the leftovers of my breeds, a shiny Foongus, or battle items for select Y exclusive Mega Stones
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Hood Nerd

New Member
Looking for metal coats yall! I have all starters up for trade including post-bank starters, and also many 5 IV pokes for trade. PM if youre interested!!


FT: BP items, ability capsule, evolutionary stones (dusk, shiny, dawn etc), y exclusive mega stones, shiny adamant contrary inkay with 31 iv in attack, japanese scrappy kangaskhan, timid/french helioptiles, timid japanese noivern, japanese torchic, japanese quiet/adamant honedge, spanish adamant ditto (31iv in attack).

LF: Other shinies (non-fishing), 5iv+ pokemon, good dittos

Message Me


Looking for Masterballs, Metal Coat, and Ability Capsules

Offering a List of 5 IV Pokemon, Leftovers, Soothe Bell, Lucky Eggs, and More PM me


Well-Known Member
Looking for: Tyranitarite

Offering: Charizardite Y

PM me with your FC and offer. Cheers!


New Member
LF Pinsirite, Tyranitarite

Cyndaquil, Snivy


Looking for destiny knots need two

Pm what you want we may be able to work something out


New Member
I am looking for pokemon from pokebank, like rattata, cyndaquil, chikorita, totodile and so on. Can offer items and pokerus! And of course non shinies pokemon, not legends.


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Looking for mewtwonite y. Will give mewtwonite x.


Active Member
Planning on Restarting this version when bank comes out so i'm seeking Shiny Pokemon or High IV(4-6 IV pokemon)

Have the following Items for trade
Blastoisinite, Gengarite, Garchompite, Banettite, Medichamite, Mawilite, Alakazite, Gyaradosite, Gardevoirite, Absolite, Ampharosite, Abomasite, Houndominite(only for Non-Fishing shiny)

Amulet Coin, Sachet, Black Belt, Soothe Bell, Silk Scarf, Magnet, King's Rock, Spell Tag, Black Glasses, Charcoal, Dragon Fang, Deep Sea Tooth and Scale, Macho Brace, Twisted Spoon, Oval Stone, Expert Belt, Whipped Dream, and Everstone(currently being used :p),

Also have all those arceus plates thou i don't know why anyone would need more lol

PM me if interested in making a trade

Hatched A shiny Male Gothita(bold/frisk) will trade 1 item(possibly 2, other than houndoomite) along with gothita for a Shiny Female Gothita Must be nicknameable please


Charizardite Y for trade. PM me with offers!

★Shiny Sylveon★

Well-Known Member
Hey vivillion pattern collectors!
I am new here so please, if you have these patterns, please PM me!

Monsoon Pattern Vivillion
Tundra Pattern Vivillion
Sun Pattern Vivillion
Polar Pattern Vivillion
Meadow Pattern Vivillion
Savannah Pattern Vivillion
Polar Pattern Vivillion
Garden Pattern Vivillion
Continental Pattern Vivillion

If they are in bold, then that means i really like the pattern, they are most wanted, and I will take extras and also trade multiple pokemon for them if I have to.

Restarting Y soon in celebration of new year.
Trading nice pokemon and nice items to nice homes:
Kienniekins [ Fennekin, received from shauna ]
Houndoom female
Snorlax male
Pidgeot male
Lapras female
Shuckle male
Zoroark male
Talon flame female
Lucario male

Poison Barb
Leaf stone
X defense 2x
Kings rock
X attack
Soft sand
Pretty wing

PM me for better details on the pokemon. All items are for free except for Khangaskhanite, Amphorasite, Scizorite and Garchompite.
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Strategist Of Pink
looking for a razor claw, i will give a female solarpowered charmander with pokerus and char stone x.


Legendary Collector
Trading my Manectite for Houndoomite.


It has...hair?
LF Tyranitarite, Pinsirite, Mewtwonite X, Manectite, and most importantly Charzardite X (like everyone else.)

Offering Charzardite Y (only for Charzardite X), 48 BP items of your choice, EV and pinch berries, and 4IV HA Dratini, 4IV Rotom, 4-5IV Charmander, 4-5IV Kangaskhan. 5IV available on request, please allow time for breeding. Any and all Pokemon traded can be infected with Pokerus on request. Please PM me if interested, thank you