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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Rhianne

    Rhianne IV Breeder

    Offering Starf or Lansat berries for HA pokebank-only pokemon.
  2. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Offering Mudkip, Treecko, Glameow, and Koffing for exclusive Mega Stones. Egg moves are available on them.

    VM me for inquiries or offers.
  3. Staticthought

    Staticthought Member

    Trading Masterball for a Leftovers, PM me
  4. LinkZ

    LinkZ New Member

    Trading any BP Item except Ability Capsule for a shiny. PM me!
  5. whitey

    whitey New Member

    Hi everyone

    I'm looking for this

    Charizardite X

    And i have to offer

    Baton pass
    Speed boost
    6 IVs

    Stealth rock, spikes and leech seed


    Solar power
    Crunch, dragon dance and dragon pulse

    Any BP item
  6. DannyDirnt

    DannyDirnt Member

    Looking for Manectricite. I offer Houndoomite. PM me, please.
  7. Zoltan3

    Zoltan3 New Member

    Does anyone have a Tyranitar mega stone they're willing to give up? I don't have much to offer (I'm only at the 3rd gym), but I do have some stuff in Black 2. Post what you want for it?
  8. Emperorj

    Emperorj Member

    disregard this post
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2013
  9. Danito

    Danito Member

    -Magic Water
    -Light Clay
    -ANY BP item

    Looking for:
    -Evolution Stone
    -Shiny Eevee

    If you want something just pm me and we can work it out!
  10. 2fast2good

    2fast2good Well-Known Member

    Looking for Charizardite Y
    Can Offer almost any pokemon in kalos dex.
    5 IV feebas, 4 IV Chimchar Iron Fist and Eggmove ThunderPunch, Fake Out and Fire Punch.
    Almost any Item on the game except Y/X exclusive mega stones.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2013
  11. Hasty

    Hasty Moonside

    Hi :)

    I will restart my Pokemon X game in a few days (after PokeBank is released) and I'm offering everything in my game that I can't transport through PokeBank to my new future save file. I'm trying to make some profit. :D
    -> I only want Pokemon, no items or other things

    Just write me a private message with your offer and FC, I will answer you and give you my FC through private message.

    Mega Stones
    - Lucario
    - Blastoise
    - Charizard X to be traded
    - Ampharos
    - Mawile
    - Mewtwo X traded away
    - Scizor
    - Kangaskhan
    - Gyarados
    - Gengar
    - Venusaur
    - Tyranitar traded away
    - Pinsir traded away
    - Blaziken (+Event Torchic, untouched)
    - Banette
    - Manectic to be traded
    - Abomasnow
    - Gardevoir
    - Medicham
    - Absol
    - Garchomp
    - Aerodactyl
    - Alakazam

    Evolutionary items

    Sun Stone x5
    Prism Scale
    Deep Sea Tooth (only 1 per save file makes this item very valuable, imo)
    Deep Sea Scale (only 1 per save file makes this item very valuable, imo)
    Oval Stone
    King's Rock
    Metal Coat traded away
    Dawn Stone
    Moon Stone x2 traded away
    Dusk Stone
    Reaper Cloth
    Whipped Dream traded away
    Dragon Scale

    Giratina Origin Form:
    Griseous Orb

    On a side note: I can help you evolve Pokemon like (for example) Dusclops to Dusknoir.

    Different items of value
    Destiny Knot x2
    Black Sludge x2
    Cleanse Tag
    Spell Tag
    Macho Brace
    Smoke Ball
    Big Root
    Never-Melt Ice
    Amulet Coin
    Dragon Fang
    Poison Barb
    Normal Gem
    Twisted Spoon
    Lucky Egg
    Black Belt
    Life Orb
    Expert Belt
    Miracle Seed
    Eviolite traded away

    Earth Plate, Fist Plate, Draco Plate, Spooky Plate, Pixie Plate, Meadow Plate, Iron Plate, Zap Plate, Mind Plate, Splash Plate, Flame Plate, Sky Plate

    If there are items, you want, that are not on the lists and I didn't find (Plates, etc.), tell me and I will pick them up.

    ~ Happy Trading :) ~


    I offer Starf Berry attached to a Zygarde, Xerneas, Mewtwo.

    I'm in search for one pre-Gen6 Legendary (prefer English, Event, Untouched and non-Shiny) for my Pokemon-Collection. :)
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
  12. dewey911p

    dewey911p primus inter pares

    I'm looking for Houndoominite

    I can offer:
    Fenekin w/ Wish, Heat Wave, Magic Coat
    Mawile w/ Seismic Toss
    Chansey w/ Seismic Toss, Aromatherapy, Helping Hand, Counter
    Bulbasaur w/ Giga Drain, Ingrain, Leaf Storm
    Burgmite w/ Mirror Coat
    Marill w/ Superpower, Play Rough, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
    Squirtle w/ Fake Out, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Muddy Water

    Natures and abilities vary and I don't want to flood the thread with a wall of text so if you have something to offer and are interested in something particular just shoot me a message and I can give you specifics. They are all 3-5IV pokemon, the only ones with 3 IVs would be something like a female Chespin with Bulletproof. It's such a pain to get females with the right ability on pokemon with a 12.5% female gender ratio that I kept a few less-than-outstanding females around. For the most part they all have beneficial natures but I have a few 5 IV pokemon with all the right IVs but the wrong nature. Also, most have their HA or beneficial ability but there a quite a few males with 4-5 IVs and the wrong ability. Most notably, however, is that when I bred Goomy I did not have access to that HA, so no HA Goomy at this time. Again, just message me and I can give you specifics on IVs, natures, abilities, ball choice, etc.

    I also have a shiny Foongus I caught if that peaks anyone's interest instead.

    I also have 48 spare BP if someone needs battle mansion items. I'm willing to trade all 48 BP worth of items, so if you want a few power items, or just one Scope Lens (it can be any item, this is just an example), that's fine by me.

    I also have pokerus.

    tl;dr Basically I'm looking to trade the leftovers of my breeds, a shiny Foongus, or battle items for Houndoominite
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
  13. Trainer Frankie

    Trainer Frankie Nostalgia.

    Looking for ability capsule

    Have pokérus, destiny knot, medichamite, aerodactylite, some berries (including every ev reducing berry and lansat berry), and other items as well.

    Pm me to discuss trade.
  14. JoaoBM

    JoaoBM Member

    Looking for: heracronite, aggronite, houndoomite and mewtonite Y

    Have: shiny blue striped basculin, marine vivillon, white/orange flabébé, 2 IV perfect ditto (speed and defense), jolly protean froakie, HA fletchinder, modest braixen, all kanto/kalos starters, other HA pokemon (but have to breed them) and pokerus

    Thank you
  15. javian

    javian Veteran Trainer

    Looking for rare items, BP items, exclusive stones, rare berries, ect. Trading all breedable pokemon that are available from pokebank.
  16. LinkZ

    LinkZ New Member

    Trading any BP Item except Ability Capsule for a shiny!
  17. quiz_master

    quiz_master Active Member

    Planning on Restarting this version when bank comes out so i'm seeking Shiny Pokemon or High IV(4-6 IV pokemon)

    Have the following Items for trade
    Blastoisinite, Gengarite, Garchompite, Banettite, Medichamite, Mawilite, Alakazite, Gyaradosite, Gardevoirite, Absolite, Ampharosite, Abomasite

    Amulet Coin, Black Belt, Silk Scarf, Magnet, King's Rock, Spell Tag, Black Glasses, Charcoal, Dragon Fang, Deep Sea Tooth and Scale, Macho Brace, Twisted Spoon, Oval Stone, Expert Belt, Whipped Dream

    Also have all those arceus plates thou i don't know why anyone would need more lol

    PM me if interested in making a trade
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
  18. jspiralls

    jspiralls Member

    LK: Feebas

    FT: Totodile,Mudkip,Cyndaquil. and Chimchar PM me
  19. alexdelta

    alexdelta Member

    I have all gen starters for trade. looking for evolutionary items, moon stones, thunder stones, kings rock specifically.

    PM if interested
  20. VoodooJazz

    VoodooJazz New Member

    I have Manectite and I'm looking for Houndoomite. PM me if interested.

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