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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


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alright, here is what I've got:
-dusk stone
-damp stone
-plates(almost all of them)
-Armor, root, skull and claw fossil
-Moon stone
-Heat rock
-dawn stone
-Prism Scale
-Icy Rock
-Big Root
-Shiny Stone
-Whipped Dream

Looking for:
-Y exclusive mega stones

PM me


Looking for pinsir and manatric mega stones.


Looking to trade for (or even borrow) the mega stone used to mega-evolve Manectric. Caught a shiny one the other day, would like to see what its mega evolved form looks like. Can swap over any of the starters, some Y exclusives, either 6th generation Fossil Pokemon, Zoroark, Mawile, you name it.

Send me a message
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Looking for Mewtwonite X and Charzardite X

Offering Venasuarite, everstone and rare candy

PM me with any offers
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offering light ball for trade pm offer


Hi! So i am looking to trade for charizards Y mega stone, im collecting all the stones and its the last one i need, im willing to trade multiple pokemon as well as possibly a master ball. I curremtly have all 3 kanto starters and all 3 new gen starters. As well as both games exclusive version pokemon if you are interested in a trade comment with offer. I will be available to trade after work today.
I also have timid charmander's with dragon pulse and dragon rush to off too
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Looking for any of the megastones

can trade any of the starters also got pokerush
needing tms psyshock and focus blast. will trade berries/other tms/rare candies/ random assortment of items for it. pm me


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EDIT: Got one

Looking for an Everstone so I can breed before I continue on towards the 2nd gym. I can breed Larvitar or Torchic in exchange. I've also got a Dawn Stone if anyone wants that.
Working on getting other starters so I will edit this post when I have more to add.
PM me if you can help!
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I am looking for a light ball. It doesn't matter which pokemon it comes on because I just want to put it on my Pikachu. Please PM me your offers. I have plenty of items and different stones, but I only have 5 badges. Thanks!


What the what?!
Trade completed. Thanks!
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Looking for jaw or sail fossils. I would accept a couple fossils for the event torchic with blazikenite or an ivysaur with vensuarite.


I do liek mudkipz.
I need Charizardite Y and Mewtonite Y. I have the 6 starters, both fossil Pokemon, most version exclusives from both X and Y and a Masterball.


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Looking for Houndoominite. I can breed any of the 6 starter pokemon from the game, either 2 fossil pokemon, vulpix, and dratini. Can also provide pokemon with Pokerus. Message me if interested.


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Hey, looking for a larvitar/pupitar/tryanitar holding Aggronite. Willing to give a Lairon holding Tyranitarite.

Also, I have Pokerus and will trade for a Bulbasaur, Charmander, Froakie, or Tyrunt. Or any other starter from Gen's 2-5. Thanks ^.^

PM me ^.^


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Edit: Gardevoirite received.
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