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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


The Rex is King
If anyone is so kind to offer me pokerus, I'd appreciate it. I won't trade anything fancy from my pokemon X, that's for sure. However, feel free to pick something from my shop (Generation V) for your troubles. PM me :)

EDIT: Taken care of ^^, Ty!
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New Member
Can anyone trade me a Nidorina with Hustle and a Bagon with Sheer Force? The former is preferred. I have Pokerus to offer. Just PM with details.



does anyone have a articuno for trade or a charizardite x?

i have mewtwo with mewtwoinite x for trade and i also have houndoomite, heracronite, alakazite, medichanite, mawlite, kangaskhanite, gyaradosite, ampharosite, absolite, abomasite

need articuno and charizardite x

pm me please

EDIT: willing to give mewtwo with mewtwonite x and a pokemon y exclusive mega stone such as houndoomite or heracronite for articuno or even the two pokemon y exclusive mega stones for articuno that i have
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Howl Pendragon

Ghost Trainer
I have pokerus! PM me offers! I want to fill up my pokedex, so I'll have to let you know if I already have what you're offering - even just a quick trade of a legendary (need Articuno and Moltres) and trade back could suffice as payment. PM me =)


trading mewtwonite x for yveltal, also trading houndoomite or heracranite, for xerneas please pm me


New Member
Still Looking for Pokerus I can trade and adamant ditto, starters or a rare candy or a shiny loudred if interested pm me
Edit* I found Pokerus but still willing to trade for battle items specifically life orb and choice items or a dratini with outrage and dragon dance
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New Member
Hi there! Those are my offers:

Shiny Venusaur:

* LvL 80
* Neutral nature
* Eggs moves: Giga Drain, Magic Leaf, Grass Whistle
* Destacable IVs: HP, Atk, Speed
* Fully EV trained (SpA, HP, SpD)
* Max Poké-Amie affection
* Current moveset: Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Sludge Bomb, Substitute

Perfect IVs Houndours:

* 5 perfect IVs (HP, Def, SpD, Spe and either Atk or SpA)

Mega stones:

* Charizardite X

What I'm looking for (in priority order):

* Houndoomite
* Mewtwonite Y
* Aggronite
* Yveltal

Added bonus: my friend safari contains Larvesta, Growlithe and Fletchinder.
FC: 0001 - 3446 - 6945


Blue Goo.
I have Pokerus. Looking for BP items. Offer me via PM.


Well-Known Member
Looking to trade my charizardite y for charizardite x .


I need one of all of the Power items. Please PM me.


Still looking for Tyranitarite

Can trade Aggron with Aggronite

I have a Tyranitarite. I'd trade you it for all of the Power items from the Battle Maison.


hi guys looking for power items, have mega stone, fittos, shiny loudred, chanceys, y-legend


New Member
Looking for mawilite

can offer power items, or dw ability pokemon
pm me


Female Trainer
Just a simple repost:
I have pokerus.

I'm looking for:
Jaw/sail Fossils (not the pokemon, the item)
Other fossils (not the pokemon, the item)

and will gladly trade a hatched fossil plus ditto or a pokemon with it's HA Plus the pokerus virus.

Erron Black

The Outlaw
Looking for Charizardite Y, Mewtwonite Y and Heracronite. Willing to trade Hidden Ability Pokémon like Frogadier, Quilladin, Fletchinder and more.