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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


Looking for a Pinsirite, possibly held by a Pinsir. I have Y, message me if you're interested in trading.


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LF: X Exclusive Mega Stone (except for Charizardrite X and Pinsirite) and Charizardrite Y
Offer : any synchronizers with any nature
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looking for Venusaurite, trading mewtwonite X for it


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i have pokerus, and a lot of hidden ability pokemons, just ask
i want : leftovers, choice items, focus sash, life orbs..


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Looking for Charizardite X. Can offer Y-exclusive megastones besides Charizardite Y, and I can offer Pokerus also. Please PM if interested.


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Hi, looking for X-exclusive megastones! Willing to offer pokerus! =) PM if interested.
I'm looking for a Charzardite X (sorry slinkyzard, I'm looking to keep Y), I'll trade either Pokémon (I have like 5 extra Riolu, most in Luxury Balls) or this extra dusk stone I doubt I'll use.
Just PM if you're interested with friend codes and junk so we can make this happen.


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Could anyone send me a Pokerus pokemon? I'll trade back a frogideir. If someone could be so kind to trade me PM me so I can add you back FC:3394 4079 1955 Names Aaron. Thank you in advanced!


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Trading Pokerus for Volcarona with Flame Body. PM me.

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Stalling is Cowardly
Looking for a Simple trade: charizardite X for its Y counterpart pm me if interested
Can attach them to a hidden ability dratini/ditto/gyarados/bulbasaur/poliwag/spotitomb infected with pokerus
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I'm offering a Charizardite X in exchange for a Charizardite Y. PM me if interested =)

EDIT: Got it
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I need at least one Cheri Berry, a simple Cheri Berry, couldn't get one of those damn things from the battle trees. In exchange I can offer a random Pokemon infected with Pokerus. Please VM if interested, but if you must, PM is also fine.