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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


master breeder
Ft: Sun and moon stones + prism scales.

Looking for: evolutionary items other than fire/water/thunder stones.
5iv competitive pokemon


Well-Known Member
have pokerus! pm me for offers!


Shiny Hunter
I need assault vest, life orb and choice specs asap.

-Piplup with Agility, Feather Dance, Icy Wind and Yawn
-HA Mudkip
-HA Turtwig
-Chimchar with Thunder Punch and Fire Punch
-HA Piplup
-Oshawott with Assurance and Night Slash
-Eevee with Covet, Wish, Yawn and Charm
-Tepig with Superpower
-Gible with Iron Tail, Iron Head and Sand Tomb
-Feebas with Hypnosis, Mist, Dragon Pulse, Confuse Ray
-Mawile with Ice Fand
-Charmander with dragon dance/dragon pulse/outrage/flare blitz
-Dratini with extreme speed
-Larvitar with stealth rock
-Pinsir with Close Combat
-Riolu with Crunch
-Totodile with Crunch, Dragon Dance and Ice Punch
-Deino with Earth Power, Fire fang, ice fang, Dark pulse
-Absol with feint, play rough, sucker punch and perish song
-Larvitar with Dragon Dance. Pursuit, Stealth rock
-Meditite with bullet punch thunder punch drain punch and psycho cut
-Shuppet with Destiny Bond, phantom force
-Bagon with Hydro pump, fire fang and dragon dance
-Mudkip w/ Ice Ball, Avalanche, Double-Edge, Curse
-Aron w/ Head Smash, Curse, Iron Head, Superpower
-Skarmory w/ Brave Bird


Clefairy Lover ^_^
LF all the X exclusive Mega Stones.

PM with what you need ^_^.


New Member
I want a charizardite Y, I'll trade a shiny exploud or smeargle for it, I also have 5IVs of frillish, totodile, litleo females, bagon HA and not, and a few others. Feel free to give any offer though.


Shiny Hunter
I'm looking for:
Charizardite Y

I can offer a 5IV pokemon from Gen 1-5, just ask me & I'll check if I have it


IV Breeder
Have enough now, so 'trade completed'.
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Breeding Enthustiast
I have an extra Mewtwonite X. Want to trade it for Mewtwonite Y, the only mega stone I'm missing. Also have these items, taking any offers:

Damp Rock x6
Deep Sea Scale x4
Deep Sea Tooth x1
Dragon Scale x3
Heart Scales
King's Rock x1
Lucky Eggs
Prism Scale x3
Protector x4
Whipped Dream x2

Blue Cobra

Bug Trainer
I'm desperately looking for a Helix Fossil!

Since it's exclusive to Y, I can't find one in my X. I can offer Root Fossils and Claw Fossils in return, which is exclusive to X. I can also offer various Battle Maison items, so please PM me if interested :)


Fairy Tail Mage
I need an other everstone

PM me if you got one for trade


Well-Known Member
Looking for Jaw & Sail Fossils, have a lot so PM/VM me if you're interested


Active Member
I am currently looking for the following Items.
Power Herbs
Ability Capsules

Pokemon I am looking for.

I am offering the following in exchange.
Lansat Berries
Starf Berry
Mewtwonite X
Mewtwonite Y
Charizardite x[2]
Charizardite Y
Shiny Axew[From Bank]
FEB2012 Mewtwo
Crown Suicune[3]
Crown Raikou[2]
Crown Entei[5]
Dream Radar Dialga
Dream Radar Tornadus
Dream Radar Thundurus
Legendaries[Caught in games. From Bank]


walking oxymoron
found :) thank you for your help!
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New Member
For Trade:
Power Bracer
Power Belt
Power Lens
Power Band
Power Anklet
Power Weight
Toxic Orb
Life Orb
Looking for Kyogre and Rayquaza


Future Gym Leader
Tyranitarite (2 Pokemon from my list)
Ability Capsule (4 Pokemon from my list)

[spoil]4x Modest Eevee Adaptability
EM Covet, Charm, Yawn

3x Modest Eevee Anticipation
EM Covet, Charm, Yawn

3x Modest Eevee Runaway
EM Covet, Charm, Yawn

5x Adamant Pawniard Defiant
EM Pursuit, Revenge, Quick Guard and Sucker Punch

2x Adamant Magikarp Swift Swim

1x Modest Goomy Gooey
EM Counter

2x Modest Charmander Blaze
EM Dragon Pulse

1x Adamant Ralts Trace
EM Shadow Sneak

1x Timid Ralts Synchronise
EM Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Destiny Bond

1x Modest Ralts Synchronise
EM Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Destiny Bond

1x Modest Ralts Trace
EM Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Destiny Bond

1x Jolly Bagon Rock Head
EM Dragon Dance, Fire Fang

1x Modest Mareep Static

1x Timid Froakie Protean

[spoil]4x Timid Gastly Levitate

1x Adamant Magikarp Swift Swim