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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

I'm looking for a Razor Fang so that I can evolve my Gligar into Gliscor before I fight the Elite Four and Battle Maison.

I will offer in exchange any of the starters from the first five regions, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres.

I don't care what Pokemon is holding the Razor Fang.


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I am currently looking for the following Items.
Ability Capsules

I am offering the following in exchange.
Lansat Berries
Starf Berry
Mewtwonite X
Mewtwonite Y
Charizardite x[2]
Charizardite Y
Shiny Axew[From Bank]
FEB2012 Mewtwo
Crown Suicune[3]
Crown Raikou[2]
Crown Entei[5]
Dream Radar Dialga
Dream Radar Tornadus
Dream Radar Thundurus
Legendaries[Caught in games. From Bank]


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I can offer:

All X-version mega stones
BP items

If interested, feel free to message me. Cheers.


im looking for blazikonite. mega evo tone from the event.

if anyone has this ill be willing to trade some pretty good things for it.

if you offer the speed boost pokemon and the item ill throw in a few things.

this is what i have
I have these pokemon for trade

All on pokemon X


Palkia / jolly - gts
Dialga / sassy – gts JPN
Gyarados / relaxed impish modest
Geodude / hasty
Golem / relaxed
Pidgeot / serious
Kricketune / jolly
Seaking / docile
Crobat / timid
Raichu / lonely non-event
Pikachu / jolly event
Staraptor / brave
Tentacruel / lax
Pelipper / calm
Gastrodon pink/ timid
Gengar / quiet
Dratini / mild
deoxys / modest - gts

easily trade ^
something good for >

luvdisc / lonely SPA
ponyta / serious JPN
noivern / lonely
eevee / impish
dunsparce / brave JPN
chrizard / timid
torterra / hasty
litwick / modest
politoed / impish hasty
forretress / quiet
exploud / relaxed
espeon / jolly
pinsir / brave


I have all except for landerous trio. I never got around to getting those. I have all other legends non-event. Natures vary.


darkrai / naughty
jirachi / careful relaxed
shiny deoxys / modest
manaphy / brave careful – can breed phione

gts pokemon - not sure if theyre legit or not. I obtained on the gts and transferred them to x. they went through poke bank So don’t ask.


I have all starters in basic form. I have some trained ones for trade as well.

Other Pokemon

You name it and I most likely have it. Natures and ability will vary obviously.

HAVE POKERUS – contracted it myself. Can infect pokemon for you

Looking for:

Any legit event pokemon people are willing to trade
Any shiny pokemon


Looking for Charizardite Y. Willing to trade shiny Timid Latios or 5IV Conkeldurr with Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Knock Off, and Mach Punch. PM me if interested.
Edit: Traded :)
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FT: 8 Ability Capsules, 1 Weakness Policy
LF: Choice Scarf + Air Balloon for Ability Capsule
Or Weakness Policy for either item
Feel free to send me other offers. :)


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Abillity Capsule
some other items
All Evolution Items (protector, electrizer etc.) and stones (shiny, dusk etc)
some none exclusive megastones

Charizardite x
Competitive kalos shinies
LF: houndoomite
FT: mewtwonite y, shiny deino poor ivs, and shiny greninja 5 iv protean. whoever i get pm'ed by in 10 or less minutes first will get all 3. Thank you.
LF: houndoomite
FT: mewtwonite y, shiny deino poor ivs, and shiny greninja 5 iv protean. whoever i get pm'ed by in 10 or less minutes first will get all 3. Thank you.

Roi C.

Space Monkey
Multiple Charizardite X stones

Looking for:
Charizardite Y
Any legendary Pokémon


Looking for Leftovers and Heracronite!
Everything in my sig I can breed. I also have Pokebank running with MANY RNGed pokes. Just send me a message and we will find a deal!


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Looking for all Y exclusives megastones.
I can offer a large variety of event pokes, pokebank legendaries and flawless pokes from previous gens.
Drop me a PM and tell me what kind of pokes you want and I'll check if I have them!


Looking for Latios have alot of BP saved up for items to trade along with a small list of pokemon