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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

Looking for Tyranitite
Please pm me what your looking for. I have dream radar tornadus, landorus, thundurus, various 5/6 iv pokemon. LMK


New Member
Stuff I am looking for:



-any battle maison item (ask for which ones you want.)

-charizardite x

legendary pokemon
any pokemon requested to fill pokedex


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LF Soothe Bell
FT: shiny (Female) Wobbuffet, Shiny Shinx, Shiny Manectric, Shiny Chandelure, Shiny Marshtomp, or Shiny Gardevoir
*Note that they aren't perfect
PM me please!


Crit Happens.
Looking for Charizardite Y. I can offer a few random encounter shinies, or I'd be open to RNGing requests in Black.


Shiny Raichu
Seaking (nicknameable)
Bellsprout (nicknameable)
Beautifly (Japanese name)

LOOKING FOR THESE SHINIES (I want to nickname them)

ALSO I have the ability capsule
Will trade it for a mew and one of the shinies I want above

Evil Elf

Sand Burial Trainer
I'm looking to trade the following:

Heracross + Heracrossite for Pinsir with Pinsirite
Larvitar + Aggronite for Aron with Tyranitarite
Elektrike + Houndoomite for Houndour with Manecite

I've got pokemon Y, so essentially, I'm trading Y Mega Stones + Respective pokemon for X Mega Stones and respective pokemon

Friend Code is as follows:
1719 - 3309 - 4041

Also looking for various legend pokemon (pokedex purposes only)


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Looking for Charizardite X.

Can offer Shiny Kingler, Shiny Golem, various HA pokemon including porygon, some evolution items. Please PM with any offers.

Ska Draco

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Just need a Pokemon with Pokerus in order to spread it to my modest Ralts whom I want to EV train. Can give the Pokerus infected Pokemon straight back if you want.
I have a spare Manectite if anybody has a spare Houndoominite. Shoot me a PM if interested.


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Hey all, I'm just starting out my first new pokemon since soul silver (unfortunately lost all my old pokemon games :'( ) and have always wanted an Electivire ever since I saw Paul use his against Ash in the Sinnoh League (also happens to be my favorite battle :D ). I would really appreciate it if some could help me out with an Electrilizer so I can evolve my Electibuzz?
Also looking for a lucky egg because someone stole mine :(
I realise I'll need to trade something for it, I don't have much, but I'll trade what I can.


LF: Aggronite, Charizardite Y, Mewtwonite X, Houndoomite, and leftovers

FT: Various Items, 5IV or 6IV legends, other mega stones, shiny pokemon

PM me if you're interested :)


Shiny Raichu
I have an ability capsule

Looking for a thunder stone and one of these shiny pokemon I can nickname:


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i have 2 sets of shiny dialga palkia and giratina willing to trade one set of them for other shiny legendaries if anybody is willing to take them my friend code is 1461-6287-8105 please post your friend code on this and ill add you and tell me what you want for either shiny dialga shiny plakia or shiny giratina


Competitive Battler
Looking For:
Someone who can clone/gen some Pokemon for me.
Starf & Lansat Berries
EV Reducing Berries
31/31/31/31/31/00 Foreign Ditto (For Trick Room breeding purposes)
Any event Legendary
I take breeding requests for any 5 IV Pokemon (egg moves are not included)
BP items (not Ability Capsules though)
Shiny x/x/31/31/31/x Modest Rain Dish Squirtle with Egg Moves of Aqua Jet, Muddy Water, Water Spout & Aura Sphere
Shiny near-perfect 31/31/31/??/31/31 Modest Magic Guard Abra
Please PM me and we can work out a trade. I should respond in around 5-20 minutes to PMs.


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I actually have three leftovers that im willing to trade. Open to any offers


Have these stones for trade:
Shiny Stone

Also have Pokerus, if anyone is looking for that.

Mainly looking for the shinies listed in my signature. Will trade multiple items for them.
Please PM if interested.
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have pokerus! pm me for offers!