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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


Battle Me!!!
Hello, I'm looking for:
- All Y exclusive Mega Stones (Charizardite Y, Mewtwonite Y, Heracronite, Houndoomite, Aggronite)
- Leftovers
- Lucky Eggs

I can offer any Battle Maison item(s), a variety of 5iv Pokemon (a few 6iv), Hidden Ability Pokemon and egg move bred Pokemon.

Please PM/VM me if you are interested in a trade. Thanks :)
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I have 4 leftovers to deal. Looking for other items or shiny Pokemon. Nature and ivs aren't important


master breeder
Ft: Sun and moon stones
Prism scales
Deep sea scale
Deep sea tooth
Light clay
Shed shell
Mutation berries & starf berry
Reaper cloth
Power herb
Metal coat
Kings rock

Lf: dusk/dawn/shiny stone
Evolutionary items
iv bred competitive pokemon
Shiny pokemon
Mega stones
Rare candy


shiny hunter :D
got a charizardite Y, houndoomite, heracrosite, aggronite, mewtwonite Y for trade

(1:1)LF:shiny shinx or shiny litwik or shiny joltik

(2:1)highly wanted:shiny male nidaran♂ or shiny nidorino

pm me if you want to trade or if you have something else to offer feel free to pm and i will see if i am intrested

have a nice day,


FT: Dubious Disc
LF: Up-Grade

PM me.
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Newb Shiny Hunter
Trading extra whipped dreams. Im looking for any other evolution items (like protector, magmarizer, etc)


Looking for: Aggronite, heracronite.

for trade: Pinsirite, Blazekenite, Ditto, eviolite, terrakion,

message me for trade.


r u not entertained
I have basically every item from the in-game process, plus a few extras like the Atk/SpAtk/HP Power Items, Master Ball etc. You can basically as many as you'd like.

In exchange, I need help transferring eggs. I'm in the process of breeding four eggs to add to Bulbasaur for my team, so I need someone to trade them to along with the items, and hold for a little while while I beat the first gym. Apply only if; you are on GMT; you are going to be available at multiple times tomorrow, once in the morning for initial transfer, then in the afternoon once I've beat the gym to trade back. Alongside these five eggs, I'm going to add a few Pokemon with items attached which I want to retain. These will be a Chespin, Squirtle, Ditto and Fennekin, with a Sail Fossil, Abomasite, Water Stone and Lucky Egg.

So, in summary: Four eggs, three pokemon for you to trade back to me: as many pokemon holding items as you want to take off me.

Items of potential interest:
- Master Ball
- Power Lens
- Power Bracer
- Power Weight
- Various evo stones
- Various evo hold items

Let me know if you can help. I'm hoping to do it tomorrow if possible.
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New Member
Looking for
Charizardite X
X exclusive stones.
Battle Maison Items

Got some shiny legendaries to trade for them.
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Leftovers available for trade. i currently have 3 left and am looking to full my shiny dex....pm me with any offers


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for Pinsirite and Aggronite (Since I traded mine to a friend).

I have the following for trade:
Various Evolution Stones (Ask for specifics)
Lucky Egg
Master Ball

PM me if you're interested!
Amulet Coin
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New Member
lf pinserite, can offer most evolution items, and most BP items pm me your offers.