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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


shiny hunter :D
got a charizardite Y, houndoomite, heracrosite, aggronite, mewtwonite Y for trade

(just 1for1)LF:shiny shinx or shiny litwik or shiny joltik

(i offer 2for1)highly wanted:shiny male nidaran♂ or shiny nidorino

i am mainly looking for shiny's
pm me if you want to trade or if you have something else to offer feel free to pm and i will see if i am intrested

have a nice day,
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om nom nom
Looking for Pinsirite, interested in Charzardite X.

Offering :
All Y mega stones bar Charizardite Y
5IV Gale Wings Fletching (Jolly)
HA Chimchar
6IV Adamant Landorus-T (you'd have to add stuff)
Maison Items (Power Items, Choice items, Life Orb, etc.)
Various evolution items
Message me, I'm willing to haggle.
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anyone have a spare razor fang? FT dubious disc,shiny stone,whipped dream,dusk stone,moon stone,reaper cloth,razor claw
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ability capsule
Moon stones
Sun stones
Basicly any battle maison item

Looking for version exlusives mega stones, 6ivs ditto, event only legends.


Dad Dragon™
I'm looking for a few select items.
Choice Band/Scarf/Specs
Mystic Water
Shiny Stone
Custap Berry if possible
Kings Rock
Life Orb
Black Sludge.

I can trade almost any pokemon with pokerus for these items. Please PM me if you are interested.
I'm interested in trading my Tyranitarite, Manectite, and Mewtwonite X for Aggronite, Houndoominite, Charizardite Y and/or Haracronite.

- Heracrossite (Main Want)
- Aggronite
- Tyranitarite


- Ger. Shiny WIN2011 Entei Adamant (Extreme Speed, Howl, Crush Claw and Flare Blitz)
- Naïve jap. Theron Landorus lv.70 UT
- Battle Items
- Various 5iv Pokes (pm for details)
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Looking for Shaymin to trade via Pokemon XY

Looking for:
Shaymin (from 2009 Toys R Us event; untouched preferred)

Offering up:
Jirachi - Level 58 - has a Pokerus - Quiet Nature - Ability: Serene Grace - Moves: Psychic, Doom Desire, Refresh, Wish


Ninja Cat
(Game exclusive, but will take others. To me, 1 Game exclusive/Blaziken = 2 Non-exclusive) "Megastone" below indicates Game exclusive. Looking for one megastone each for the shinies, except where noted)

Poliwhirl (Kalos) x3 (Two for one Megastone)
Chinchou (Kalos)
Druddigon (Korean)
Salamance (Want 2)
Charmander (Facade, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse) (Want 2)
6IV lv 100 Serperior (want 3)
Cresseila (See below) (Want 3)
Entei (One game-exclusive, one regular)

Non Shinies:
6IV Shaymin (Picky)
6IV English Palkia (3 Megastones)

Other Legends (Can trade multiple)

PM me which megastones You have and what pokmon you'd like. Also looking for other pokemon including legendary shinies (Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, Lake trio)


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FT: Abomasite, Alakazite, Banettite, Gengarite, Gyaradosite, Lucarionite, Medichamite, Venusaurite / Black Sludge, Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, Up-Grade / Lansat Berry, Starf Berry.

LF: MAJOR WANT: Untouched Level 1 Lightning Rod Electrike with 31/X/31/31/31/31 IVs and B/W2 tutor move Signal Beam (Must Be Nicknameable)

Battle Maison items (Bright Powder, Ring Target, Zoom Lens)

Version Exclusive Mega Stones

Other 5-6IV Pokemon (Preferably in Apricorn Balls yet I'll consider all offers)



Clone my Balls!
Has anyone got a Lucky Egg they don't need??


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Looking for Y exclusive mega stones.

Offering: I can breed any pokemon with 5IVS, have several event pokemon and bp items


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LF: Tyranitarite and Pinsirite

Offering flawless dittos
and some random legendaries
Looking for a Charmander or Charmeleon or a Zard holding the Charizardite Y.

Trading a Shiny Haxrous with adamant nature or a Female Manectric holding the Manectite.

My FC is: 3652-1583-8114

PM me for trade.


Exclusive Y Megastones
I have 48 BP, so choose one or more item from battle maison. And I can breed 5 Iv's/Egg moves Requests. Thanks!
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Looking for:
X Exclusive Stones
Battle Maison Items

Got some shiny legendaries for them, pm me for negotiations.
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I am looking for Houndoomite, which I will be willing to trade for Manectricite.
I also have Lucarionite and Blazikenite, which I will be willing to trade for Tyranitarite, Houndoomite, Heracrossite, or Mewtwonite Y. Since Lucario and Blaziken aren't exclusive I'll do a two for one deal or we could work out some other deal.


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I am currently looking for the following Items.
Ability Capsules
Y Exclusive Mega Stones[Will offer Multiple Normal Legendaries for a Single Mega Stone]
X Exclusive Mega Stones[Will offer Multiple Normal Legendaries for a Single Mega Stone]

I am offering the following in exchange.
Mewtwonite Y[Will only trade for an Ability Capsule]
Mewtwonite X[Will only trade for an Ability Capsule]
Charizardite X[Will only trade for an Ability Capsule]
Aggronite[Will only trade for an Ability Capsule]
Houndoominite[Will only trade for an Ability Capsule]
Heracronite[Will only trade for an Ability Capsule]

Event Legendaries
-Crown Entei

Normal Legendaries[Caught in games. From Bank. Willing to trade multiples for Ability Capsule or an Exclusive Mega Stone.]
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