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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

Mega Gobli

The Best
I'm still looking for a Charizardite X. I am willing to trade other stones, shinies, or items for it. Pm me if interested.


New Member
Can Anyone Help?

Hey Guys!

Im looking for Assault Vest, Weakness Policy, Air Balloon and Scope Lens.

I have Flawless Bred, (3)x Torrent and (1)x Protean Froakies, (6)x HA Dratinis, (3)x Tailwind Flecthlings, (1)x Rapid Spin Drilbur, (3)x HA Chimchars with ThunderPunch and Slack Off, (1)x Intimidate Mawile, (1)x Sand Veil Gible with Outrage and Iron Head, and a D.D. Larvitar.

Pm me if you are willing to help, please and thanks :)


ES member Eclair
I am looking for the below items as well as certain 5-6 IV Pokémon, (If it has egg moves then all the better). For a list of what all I have to trade for them, please visit my trade shop (Link in sig) and reply there if you're interested in trading with me. Thank you. (I can trade cloned Mews, cloned Deoxys', many HA/egg move mons, rare items including rare berries, Pokerus and so SOO much more!)

Ability Capsules
Jaw Fossil
Lucky Eggs
Master Balls
Any X/Y/event exclusive Mega Stone item
And All of the below Battle Maison items:
1 Muscle Band
1 Binding Band
1 Safety Goggles


New Member
LF: Aggronite Charizardite Y Heracronite Houndoominite Mewtwonite Y

Offering: Shiny: Dweeble(x2), Gurdurr(x2), Rapidash, Graveler, Gulpin, Lickitung, Onix. Items: Choice Scarf, Thunerstone, Sun-, Water-, Fire-, Dusk- , Leaf-, Dawn-


New Member
LF: Hidden Power Fire Froakie with Protean. Needs to be timid.
FT: Every megastone, BP items, Power items etc.


New Member
LF: Heracrosite, Mewtwonite Y, Charizardite Y, Houndoomite
FT: Tyranitarite, Pinsirite, Manectite
Pm me if Interested


Shiny Hunter
Got a Destiny Knot for trade.
Would like a master ball

Hexin' Wishes

Diva Extraordinaire
LF: Ability Capsule
Offering: Alakazite, Kangaskhanite, Medichamite, Ampharosite, Gengarite, Aerodactylite or Lucarioite.

Crimson Impact

Active Member
FT: Abomasite, Houndoomite, Amphrosite, Medichamite, Mawilite, Kangaskhanite, Gyradosite, Mewtwoite Y, Mewtwo, Yveltal, and Shiny Liwik.
LF: Certain HA IV Pokemon, Choice Specs, Life Orb, Choice Scarf.


Reputable Trader
Looking for 15+ pp max's and a lucky egg

Focus Sash (for 1-2)
Ability Capsule (for 2-3)
Red Card
Luminous Moss
Focus Sash
Eject Button
Choice Band
And Ev reducing berries, I need them asap so any offers tomorrow would be awesome, can't trade now as its 2:23 am here though
Last edited:


New Member
Looking for both Charizardites
FT: Any breedable pokemon you want with 5ivs and beneficial nature


Dragon Trainer
BP Items
Custom Breed Pokemon

This are my Custom Breed perfect 5IV's Pokemon list and they are NN'able
-Adamant HA Dratini with EM Aqua Jet, DD, Iron Tail, and Extremespeed
-Adamant Mold Breaker Axew
-Timid Deino
-Jolly HA Gible with EM Outrage
-Adamant Beldum
-Adamant HA Torchic with EM Baton Pass
-Jolly HA/Non HA Chimchar with EM Fire Punch and Thunder Punch
-Modest/Timid HA Froakie
-Timid Ralts
-Jolly/Adamant HA/Non HA Riolu with EM Crunch, Bullet Punch, and Blaze Kick
-Timid Larvesta
-Jolly Larvitar with EM DD and Outrage
-Adamant Scyther with EM Defog
-Modest Squirtle with EM Dragon Pulse, and Aura Sphere
-Timid Frisk/Infiltrator Noibat
-Jolly Kangashkan with Double Edge
-Timid Gastly
-Timid/Jolly HA/Non HA Charmander with EM DD and Dragon Pulse or Outrage and DD
-Adamant HA Fletching
-Modest HA Goomy
-Modest/Bold Rotom
-Adamant/Jolly Machop with EM Bullet Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, and Fire Punch
-Jolly HA Swinub with EM Stealth Rock, Freeze-Dry, Icicle Crash
-Adamant Darumaka
-Relaxed Ferroseed with EM Stealth Rock, and Leech Seed
-Relaxed Pineco with EM Stealth Rock
-Jolly Meditite with EM Bullet Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch
-Impish HA Gligar
-Adamant Marill with EM Superpower, Aqua Jet, and Belly Drum
-Timid Joltik
-Timid HA Abra
-Adamant Phanpy with EM Ice Shard and Play Rough
-Jolly/Adamant HA/non HA Magikarp
-Jolly HA Drilbur
-Jolly HA Pinsir with EM Quick Attack and Close Combat
-Calm Tentacool with EM Rapid Spin and Knock Off
-Adamant Shellder with EM Icicle Spear and Rock Blast

-Male/Female Adamant/Jolly Starly HA with EM Double Edge (if female then it must inside a REGULAR POKEBALL)
-Male/Female Adamant Heracross HA with EM Rockblast (if female then it must inside a REGULAR POKEBALL)
-Non American Timid/Modest/Jolly Nature Flawless 6IV Ditto inside a REGULAR POKEBALL (worth 5 Custom Breed Pokemon)

PM me if you're interested


New Member
If anybody needs Pokerus let me know. I have multiple pokemon that are infected with it. I'm really not looking for much in return. I just need help completing my dex, specifically with legendaries. I don't need to keep them. I'll trade them right back. Of course anything else you want to throw in would be appreciated but I just need a little help. Just pm me if you're interested


Reputable Trader
Looking for 15+ pp max's and a lucky egg

Focus Sash (for 1-2)
Ability Capsule (for 2-3)
Red Card
Luminous Moss
Focus Sash
Eject Button
Choice Band
Master Ball
Air Balloon
And Ev reducing berries, I need them asap so any offers would be greatly appreciated


New Member
Hi guys. I'm currently looking for a Stone Plate (as I've just accidentally traded mine away OTL). I've got Leftovers and Pokerus.


Hey there! I'm out here looking for...
-Shiny Stones
-Sun Stones
-Dawn Stones
-Soothe Bell
I can give Pokemon infected with Pokérus, a Masterball, a Blazikenite w/ Torchic. PM me if you're interested. I hope we can do business!