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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


Does anyone have a Magmarizer they can trade me? I need it to evolve my Magmar. I can trade a just hatched Lavesta and Protean Froakie. PM me if you're interested.


Magus lover
I'd love a firestone, leafstone and thunderstone. At the moment don't have a whole bunch for trade but I have -

Simisear if you haven't got a firestone lol
Simipour if you have no waterstone
Throh, Y exclusive
Smooth rock
Hard stone
ask for other stuff; I do have loads of ingame pokes, including butterfree. Dunno what people want lol
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Hello there! x3
Looking for Charizardnite X. I can trade a Charizardnite Y, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin, Larvitar, and Heracross eggs. Will trade more than one for it!


New Member
Looking for mega stones (Y exclusive mostly) Can trade; Kanto and Kalos starters, any of the 3 fossil pokemon, and X exclusive pokemon.
Pm me if interested.


New Member
In need of Mewtonite Y, will trade Mewtonite X plus a starter of your choice if your missing any, or if theres a pokemon you are looking for i may be able to get it.


Looking for Tyranitarite

Willing to give Aggronite

FC: 1478- 4269- 1949


Man of Mysteries
Looking to trade a Spoink with PokeRus, PM me offers!


shiny hoarder
looking to trade my manectite or pinsirite(x exclusives!) for a charizardite y or mewtwonite y
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Blue Goo.
Looking for Pokerus, i can offer Abomanite :)


Blue Goo.
offering pokerus :]

looking for abomasite or any evolution stones.

pm me, i'm a newbie so 2 y-exclusives work too :]
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Fire Dragon Slayer
I have Abomanite

Looking for Pinsirite

PM me ur offer
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So I just happened to get Pokerus today on my way to fight the third gym leader.

I'll give anyone who needs it to them for junk, just hit me up. A fennekin, clauncher or a chespin would be appreciated though.

Celtic Warrior

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I'm looking for a Blastoisinite stone, and a Venusaurite stone. PM me for what Pokémon your looking for in exchange. To name some Pokémon I have up for trade; I have all 1st gen starters, all 6th gen starters, Eevees, Dittos (2 of which are German Dittos), and Magby's. PM me for a trade. Thanks.
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Experienced Trainer
Looking for Houndoominite. I'm willing to trade my Pinsirite (X exclusive) for it. I can also offer pokemon with pokerus, starter pokemon (1st and 6th gen, also with hidden ability), vulpix, dratini, fossil pokemon (6th gen). Please message me if interested.
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