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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


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FT: Abomasite, Alakazite, Banettite, Gengarite, Lucarionite, Venusaurite / Black Sludge, Deep Sea Scale, Flame Orb, Magmarizer, Metal Coat, Prism Scale, Toxic Orb, Up-Grade / Lansat Berry, Starf Berry.

LF: MAJOR WANT: Untouched Level 1 Lightning Rod Electrike with 31/X/31/31/31/31 IVs and B/W2 tutor move Signal Beam (Must Be Nicknameable)

Battle Maison items (Bright Powder)

Version Exclusive Mega Stones

Other 5-6IV Pokemon (Preferably in Apricorn Balls yet I'll consider all offers)

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Looking for Manectric Mega Stone, im offering any other mega stone exlusive to Y except for Houmdoum's one.
Can also breed some pokemon with poke bank exlusive abilities like Carvhana w/ Speed Boost, Carrablast w/No guard, Cranidos with Sheer Force etc

PM if you are interested
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I have multiple of all Battle Maison items for trade.
I am looking for good shinies(flawless IV on important stats and good nature),
mega stones(version exclusive,not a high priority) and event pokemon.I don't have the bank
so I might be interested in older gen HA female pokemon.No hacks.PM me :)


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no longer needed
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Need a Master Ball ASAP, message me what you want

Boston's Best

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Looking for X only Mega stones. Can offer any of the following KALOS bred pokemon;

Brave Phantumps- Harvest(HA) and natural cure- male and female- 31/31/31/x/31/0- venom drench egg move- Premier ball
Bold Togepis- Serene Grace- 5 IV males and 4 IV females- Nasty plot egg move- Premier ball
Sassy Larvitars- Sand Veil(HA) and Guts- male and female- 31/31/31/x/31/0- iron head, stealth rock, curse and pursuit egg moves- Premier ball
Brave Snubbulls- Intimidate- male and female- 31/31/31/x/31/0- heal bell, fake tears, close combat, and focus punch egg moves- Premier ball
Sassy Yamask- Mummy- male and female- 31/x/31/31/31/0- ally switch, nasty plot, toxic spikes, and imprison egg moves- premier ball
Quiet Clauncher- Mega launcher- male and female- 31/x/31/31/31/0- endure, entrainment, and helping hand egg moves- premier ball

Can also offer any battle Maison items, any Kalos legendary pokemon, or shiny Chansey.
If you have another need in mind, PM me and if i can obtain it i will.
LF: Liechi Berry
Need as soon as possible.
I can offer a 5IV GIble with Egg Move Outrage.
(Mostly to be used for breeding stock.)
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Seeking a Thick Club.
Just PM me what you want to do, and we can try and work something out. c:

On hand, I have all berries (mutated included) + a Master Ball if that piques anyone's interest.


ES member Eclair
Looking for:
Ability Capsules
Jaw Fossil
PP Max
Any X/Y/event exclusive Mega Stone item

I bolded the Jaw Fossil because I want it (The item, NOT the mon) and have been after it for a good long while so if you have it, please I'd love to trade you for it. The rest of the items I still want too of course, just haven't been after them as long. lol

For trade:
Many different HA, egg move, special ball mons
any in game berry including Kee, maranga, Starf & Lansat berry
Many legendary/mythical mons including Mew & Deoxys (clones)
Items and MUCH MORE!

For a complete list of what all I have to trade, visit my trade shop and take a looksy. :) Link is in sig.


Dark Knight
looking for tyranitar mega stone, offering a shiny giratina for it PM me if your interested


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I am looking for a ha karrablast. I have shiny event legends and am willing to throw in a masterball(don't use'em, don't like'em)


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I'm looking for an ability capsule.
Willing to trade a Timid 5IV Shiny Charmander with pokerus


A Fairy Specialized Trainer
LF: eviolite.
OF: master ball, any pokemon y mega stones, etc.. pm me with what you want


A Fairy Specialized Trainer
LF: eviolite.
OF: master ball, any pokemon y mega stones, etc.. pm me with what you want


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Offering ability capsule or any BP item(I have over 400 BP to spend)
Looking for megastones and timid treecko overgrown ability with HP fire/ice (as close to perfect spread as possible)


Im after X exclusive megastones, PM me if you can help.


ES member Eclair
I am in need of a

Froakie line (Froakie, Frogadier or Greninja) female in a Dive Ball with HA Protean and Modest nature with 5-6 IVs (If 6IVs I will trade you BIG TIME!) If she has egg moves great but it doesn't matter to me whether she does or doesn't have egg moves

If you have such a Froakie line please I need her asap! I can offer anything in my shop (link in sig) for her including many 5IV mons, including some Apricorn ball ones (Yes, female) such as a Moon ball female 5IV Gastly with disable and Perish Song (Timid nature) as well as a love ball Chansey: Aromatherapy, Seismic Toss & Metronome 5IVs and even a female 5IV Love ball Zubat: Whirlwind, Hypnosis, Zen Headbutt & Brave Bird or same Zubat but minus the whirlwind and plus a Giga Drain or even a 5IV Timid Luxery Ball Zorua (male or female) with Dark Pulse & Extrasensory egg moves! I have more but these are the ones I can quickly trade you. If you're looking for anything specific, just ask and I'll see if I have it or not. Please PM me asap so we can trade if you have her. :)

items wise that I can trade are
Black Sludge x6
Deep Sea Scale x1
Deep Sea Tooth x1
Fire Stone x10
Grip Claw x2
Hard Stone x1
Kee Berries
Lansat Berries
Leaf Stone x10
Maranga Berries
Mental Herb x2
Miracle Seed x1
Mystic Water x3
Quick Powder x12
Starf Berries
All Fossil items except for the ones mentioned in one of the above spoilers x however many I can part with as it varies from Fossil to Fossil
All Mutation berries and ALL in game berries

I also have 1 ability capsule I can trade for this specific mon.


Offering a shiny Vanillite I caught while horde training and a shiny Thundurus I got off the gts.

Looking for:
Leftovers x2
Assualt Vest x1
Air Balloon x1

PM/VM me and we can work something out

EDIT: Trade complete for now
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