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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

my brother wants a shiny chimchar, preferably lvl 1 kalos bred. Ivs do not matter much, ability, moves do not matter much either. some shiny pokes I want include all unowns minus D and most vivillons minus icy snow or modern( I wanna try and get modern myself) my trade shop is in sig, it has other pokemon i'm looking for.

for trade includes, shiny regirock, shiny mew, shiny latios, masterball, ability capsule, again full list is in my shop in sig.


Sol Badguy
Will trade a Shiny Aegislash for Mewtwonite X


Active Member
I am currently looking for the following Items.
Ability Capsules
Y Exclusive Mega Stones[Will offer Multiple Normal Legendaries for a Single Mega Stone]
X Exclusive Mega Stones[Will offer Multiple Normal Legendaries for a Single Mega Stone]

I am offering the following in exchange.
Mewtwonite X[Will only trade for an Ability Capsule]
Mewtwonite Y[Will only trade for an Ability Capsule]
Heracronite[Will only trade for an Ability Capsule]

Normal Legendaries[Caught in games. From Bank. Willing to trade multiples for an Exclusive Mega Stone.]


ES member Eclair
Looking for:
Ability Capsules
Jaw Fossil
PP Max
Any X/Y/event exclusive Mega Stone item

I bolded the Jaw Fossil because I want it (The item, NOT the mon) and have been after it for a good long while so if you have it, please I'd love to trade you for it. The rest of the items I still want too of course, just haven't been after them as long. lol

For trade:
Many different HA, egg move, special ball mons
any in game berry including Kee, maranga, Starf & Lansat berry
Many legendary/mythical mons including Mew & Deoxys (clones)
Items and MUCH MORE!

For a complete list of what all I have to trade, visit my trade shop and take a looksy. :) Link is in sig.


New Member
LF : Y exclusive mega stones (Aggronite, Charizardite Y,Heracronite, Houndoominite, Mewtwonite Y)
FT : Tons of legendaries , Manaphy shiney, perfect IV/adamant/shiny entei (non event), shiny floatzel, 5IV Adamant Torchic Speed boost EM Baton pass, 5IV Adamant Gale wings Fletching
Evolutionary stones
Lansat / Starf Berries
BP items

PM if interested !
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Master Exploder
Want charizardite Y, can trade charizardite X, pokerus, legendaries and starters


Ninja Cat
Have: Weavile, Porygon-Z, Gliscor
Want: Lucky Egg (one each)

Have: Latios, Latias, Regis, Lake trio, Swords trio, a couple others
Want Lucky Egg (2 per)

Have: Mewtwo X Megastone (includes a Mewtwo)
Want: 4 Lucky Eggs


New Member
I have a Charizardite Y and a Prism Scale for trade. I'm not looking for an item in return, I want a Kalos born Shiny Pokemon.


Competitive Breeder
FT: Ability Capsules

LF: 5IV Pokemon, 5IV Shinies, VGC Competitive Pokemon :)

PM if interested :)


Well-Known Member
Looking for hidden power fire treecko timid nature. Offering ability capsule +any other BP item


New Member
Offering Mewtwonite X

Looking for Blastoisinite

PM me for trade details (and feel feel to add me for friend safari)
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Roi C.

Space Monkey
Looking for a DUSK STONE.

Make an offer, I can get some interesting stuff.


New Member
Hey, I'm looking for:

Charizardite y

Here is what I have to offer:
Mewtwoite X

And I have like 500 bp, so I can get just about any item from the battle maison
I hav other stuff as well jus ask

Thanks, please pm to see if we can make a deal.
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New Member
Offering Mewtwonite X (with or without lv. 70 Mewtwo)

Looking for Kanto starter shinies / high IVs & their evolutions & legendaries.

PM me for trade details (and feel feel to add me for friend safari)


master breeder
Sun and moon stones
Prism scales
Deep sea scale
Deep sea tooth
Light clay
Shed shell
Mutation berries & starf berry
Reaper cloth
Power herb
Metal coat
Kings rock
Black sludge
Iron ball

kangaskhan (jolly)
noibat (timid) frisk/infiltrator
Poliwag (bold/modest) - swift swim
w/encore, ice ball and water pulse
Fletchling (adamant) - Gale wings
Gible (jolly) - sand veil/rough skin
w/outrage & iron head
Litleo (timid) - unnerve
Totodile (adamant/jolly)
w/Dragon dance/ice punch/aqua jet/crunch
Magikarp (jolly)
Porygon (modest) analytic 31/x/31/31/31/0 and 31/x/31/31/31/31.
Porygon (modest) download 31/x/31/31/31/31
Scatterbug [modern] (timid)
w/stun spore
Gastly (timid/modest)
Chansey (bold) heal ball
w/seismic toss
Yanma (modest) compound eyes/speed boost. net ball
Scyther (adamant) - technician
Rotom (modest/calm)
Litwick (modest) luxury ball
marrill (adamant) huge power
w/aqua jet & super power
mudkip (careful)
w/curse, yawn & avalanche
Espurr (bold/modest) HA
Weedle (adamant) HA
Swinub (adamant) all abilities dive ball
W/stealth rock & icicle crash
Meinfoo (jolly) reckless
W/Baton pass/feint/knock off
Slowpoke (modest/relaxed/bold) dream ball, HA regenerator, w/belly drum & Zen headbutt
Foongus (calm)
Gligar (impish/adamant)

Magikarp (jolly) male

Evolutionary items (not stones purchased in game)
iv bred pokemon
Shiny pokemon
Mega stones
Rare candy (expect to offer multiple for most things)
5iv wants
Pawniard (adamant)
W/egg moves
Snover w/leech seed


Well-Known Member
I have every Mega Stone, fossils, Ability Capsule, Power Items, evolutionary items/stones and Master Balls for trade.

Looking for shiny Vivillons I don't have. Also looking for foreign Dittos and these berries in 5th Gen games:

Figy (1), Wiki (2), Mago (2), Aguav (3), Iapapa (2), Razz (4), Nanab (4), Wepear (4), Pinap (4), Cornn (4), Magost (4), Rabuta (1), Nomel (4), Spelon (4), Pamtre (4), Watmel (4), Yache (1), Chople (3), Tanga (3), Kasib (3), Haban (2), Babiri (2), Liechi (4), Ganlon (4), Salac (4), Petaya (4), Lansat (4), Starf (4), Custap (4), Jaboca (4), Rowap (4)