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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


This War Is Ours!
I am looking for Lvl 1 Kalos Born Bred pokemon with egg moves and in non standard pokeballs, I have all these items up for trade

Absorb Bulb
Air Balloon
Assault Vest
Binding Band
Bright Powder
Choice Band
Choice Scarf
Choice Specs
Eject Button
Flame Orb
Focus Band
Focus Sash
Life Orb
Lucky Egg
Muscle Band
Power Herb
Razor Claw
Razor Fang
Red Card
Ring Target
Safety Goggles
Scope Lens
Toxic Orb
Weakness Policy
White Herb
Wide Lens
Wise Glasses
Zoom Lens
Ability Capsules
PP Max
Rocky Helmet
Expert Belt
Black Sludge


Active Member
Im looking for help trading a Destiny know to my Omega ruby so I can breed my team.


Дми́трий Дми́триевич
Im looking for help trading a Destiny know to my Omega ruby so I can breed my team.
if you still need help and I'm able to on my x/y cartridge I will help. VM me if you still need help

also: I am in need of rare candies for future spinda research

I will trade BP items, light balls, lucky eggs, metal coats, thunder stones, or thick clubs for:

evolution items: dusk, shiny, dawn (48 BP per)
smoke balls (48 BP per)
silk scarf (48 BP per)
rare candies (16 BP per)

light ball, lucky egg, metal coat, thunder stone thick club = 24 BP per
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Hi I have a mewtonite Y, looking for tyranitarite or Charizardite X. PM me offers :)

The Last Jedi

Stalling is Cowardly
looking for steelixite

for trade latiosite on a 6iv latios.


New Member
For trade:

Diancie Event EU Code

Looking for:


I also need all the Y exclusive mega stones. I can trade the X ones.
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Some Random Guy...
Prism Scale
Sun/Moon Stones
Shiny Stone
Deep Sea Scale/Tooth
Master Ball
Possibly Leftovers
Bold Chansey w/ Heal Bell & Seismic Toss
Impish Skarmory w/ Whirlwind, Stealth Rock, & Brave Bird
Bold Overcoat Vullaby w/ Foul Play & Knock Off
Other cool pokemon I don't have!
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Trade with me

★ Notices ★
☆ i accept powersaved pokemon, but not hacked.
☆ ill take evolved forms of pokemon i want.
☆ i might take other shiny offers, but they have to be named or nicknameable, otherwise i dont want them.

★ For Trade ★
☆ shiny gourgiest
☆ shiny masquerain
☆ shiny metang
☆ shiny carracosta
☆ shiny delphox
☆ shiny glalie
☆ shiny aggron
☆ shiny purugly
☆ shiny amaura
☆ shiny stoutland
☆ shiny male pyroar
☆ shiny hawlucha
☆ shiny sliggoo
☆ shiny vespiquen
☆ everstone
☆ pinsirite

★ Looking for ★
☆ shiny nicknameable lotad
☆ shiny nicknameable spoink
☆ shiny nicknameable slowpoke
☆ shiny nicknameable turtwig
☆ shiny nicknameable solrock
☆ shiny nicknameable blitzle
☆ shiny nicknameable sandshrew
☆ shiny nicknameable torkoal
☆ shiny nicknameable frillish
☆ shiny landorus english name
☆ 6iv carbink with sturdy ability and bold nature
☆ masterball
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New Member
Looking for a leaf stone and a dawn stone for my omega ruby
Cannot offer much until i pay for pokemon bank, though i do have gen 1,2,3 and 4 shinies i will be transferring up soon
I may not have the shiny you are looking for, but if you're after something specific just ask (I used to breed shinies)
Or, if the shinies don't interest you, we can make an arrangement for something else off my OR
PM me if you can help out :)


Tournament Champion
I could really use the 5 power items, if anyone wouldnt mind parting with them i would really appreciate it.

Violent Red

Well-Known Member
Looking for Lopunnite. Offering Hasty Diancie with mega stone. Untouched. Pm me :)


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for:

Can Offer:


Purduuuu Says Amphy
If anyone is looking to trade their Galladite from completing the Delta Episode, please contact me in a pm. I have a lot to offer (from my X Version):

-Rare Candies
-Battle Maison Items
-Egg Move and IV Bred Pokemon (Pm me to find out the list)
-Bank Ball Pokemon (Apricorn Ones)
-Touched Gamestop Shiny Legendary Dogs (Entei, Raikou, and Suicune)
-Touched Hailey's Phione
-Touched DW Jolly Nature Arceus (Nicknamed Neo)
-Touched Jungle Tour Celebi
-Touched WIN2011 Gamestop Celebi


New Member
Im looking for the following items

Soul dew
Destiny knot

Ft Trophy shiny pokemon, I have alot of them to get rid of

Pm me for more info


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LF: Galladite
FT: Any megastone from X and Y, any BP or competitive item, any evolutionary stone or item, dozens of level 1 KB competitive shinies, a shiny competitive version of almost every legal legend, lots of gen 6 events.
PM me if you have one to offer and I'll send you a list of what I have to trade :)
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