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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


I am looking for 2 leftovers.

I am offering a pick of two SHINY Pokemon from the following:

Shiny Trapinch (taken)
Shiny Banette
Shiny Geodude
Shiny Wingull

All of these pokemon were cuaght by me (OT Being either Sciz or Scizor64). Let me know if your interested
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Dragon Tamer
Looking For:
Master Balls
Soul Dew

ANY breedable hidden ability Pokemon available


Breeding Addict
LF: Assault Vest ASAP (Need one for Battle of Hoenn)

FT: Several 5IV pokemons with 4 EM (Skarmory (sturdy), Swinub (thick fat), Mankey (Defiant), Lileep (Suctio Cups), Mienfoo (Regenerator), Shroomish (Quick Feet))

Trade done.
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FT: I have nearly all items in the game. Including several masterballs, souldew, battle items, All mega stones, etc.

LF: Rare candy

1 masterball = 2 rare candy
1 mega stone = 2 rare candy
The amount of rare candies wanted depends on the item.


I have the ammount of rare candies i wanted
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Hi everyone! I'm looking for this items to complete my collection (no Powersave or things like that, please; underlined are the most important):

Jaw Fossil x 2
Soul Dew x 1

Blue Scarf x 1
Red Scarf x 1
Yellow Scarf x 1
Green Scarf x 1
Pink Scarf x 1
Blue Flute x 1
Red Flute x 2
Yellow Flute x 2
White Flute x 2
Black Flute x 2
Strange Souvenir x 1
Sail Fossil x 1

I can offer almost every item not listed above, or breed the flawless Pokémon you want (RNG abusing Pokémon Black, or breeding 5 IVs Pokémon if you want Kalos-bred)... or if you have other requests, simply PM me ;)
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teh pwnage
I have:

2x black sludge
2x dusk stone
2x dawn stone
69x heart scale
3x master ball
141x moon stone
5x leftovers
28x pp up
18x pp max
13x prism scale
87x rare candies
2x shiny stone
138x sun stone
8x lucky egg
3000+ BP so I can afford a lot of items from the battle maison or move tutors

In return I'm mainly interested in the following 5IV pokemon
Shellos, bold, storm drain with egg moves clear smog, amnesia and acid armour
klefki, impish/careful, prankster with egg move switcheroo
ralts, jolly
pawniard, adamant, defiant with egg moves sucker punch and pursuit
tentacool, bold, liquid ooze with egg move rapid spin (haze would also be very nice but not required)
skorupi, careful, battle armour with egg move whirlwind
snivy, timid, contrary with egg move glare
yamask, quiet, mummy with egg moves nasty plot (toxic spikes would also be nice but not required)
thundurus, timid/naive, prankster/defiant with HP ice
thundurus, timid/naive/jolly, defiant
zapdos, bold, pressure with Gen IV move defog (HP ice would be very desirable)

I could be willing to trade multiple items for the above depending on the items requested and pokemon offered.
Ideal IV spreads preferred (not necessary but I'd trade more if they do have an ideal spread).

I'd also be interested in any shinies (IVs/ability/nature don't matter at all).
Preferrably t a rate of 1 battle maison item for a junk shiny but this is negotiable.

I'm also interested in event pokemon and would be willing to trade multiple items for event pokemon.
Especially looking for MYSTRY Mew and Tanabata Jirachi.

I will consider other offers.


Not-So Normal Type
does anyone have a destiny knot for trade? i can give a lopponite, a manecite, a french pokeball vivillon, an english pokeball vivillon, or a 5IV modest bulbasaur with giga drain. if u want something else let me know and i'll see if i have it. thanks

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New Member
Hi. I have a master ball up for grabs and a few other items like mega stones. (not sure of list as I'm not at home right now)
Looking for a mewtwo (legal that is) any nature/ or pokerus infected pokemon.


I need healing
LF: X and OR exclusive mega stones

FT: Shiny Gigalith, shiny Venomoth, Shiny Cofagrigus, shiny Slowbro (THESE ARE NOT GEN 6 NATIVE), and some couple HA Pokemon not 5/6 IVs though. Can get battle maison items
PM or VM me and we can work something out if interested.
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New Member
I am looking for

For trade
Soul Dew(traded)
any mega stones
any evolution stones/items
any dream ball pokemon from my signature
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Well-Known Member

Moon Stones 2
Shiny Stones 1
Sun Stones 2
Thunder Stones 1
Water Stones 6
Leaf Stones 1
Dusk Stones 2
Shiny Stone 2
Prism Scale 1
1 Magmarizer
Power Band
Power Anklet
Power Belt
Power Bracer
Power Lens
Power Weight
Rare Candys

HA Drilbur
HA Tyrogue
HA Elekid
HA Krabby
HA Scyther
HA Magby
HA Togepi
HA Gligar
HA Poliwag
HA Gible Egg Moves Twister,Outrage
HA Vivillon
HA Grimer
HA Goomy
HA Bagon Egg Moves Hydro Pump-Dragon Dance
HA Lileep
HA Minccino
HA Nidoran
HA Snorunt
HA Aipom Egg Moves Agility,Fake Out
HA Zebstrika
HA Bunnelby
HA Buneary Egg Move Fire Punch-Ice Punch-Fake out
HA Dratini Egg Move Iron Tail-Extreme Speed
HA Snivy Egg Move Mirror Coat-Mean Look
HA Turtwig
HA Chespin
HA Treecko
HA Bulbasaur
HA Torchic
HA Tepig Egg Moves Magnitude,Sucker Punch,Super Punch
HA Chimchar Egg Moves Fake Out-Blaze Kick-Thunder Punch-Fire Punch
HA Charmander Egg Moves Dragon Dance,Outrage
HA Froakie
HA Oshawott Egg Moves Detect,Brine,Night Slash,Air Slash
HA Piplup Egg Moves w/Yawn-Agility-Icy Wind-Feather Dance
HA Squirtle Egg moves Dragon Pulse-Aura Sphere
HA Octillery
HA Sunkern
HA Sawsbuck
HA Cloyster
HA Bergmite
HA Snover
HA Galvantula
HA Pidey
HA Hoothoot
HA Helioptiles
HA Emolga
HA Roselia
HA Loudred
HA Noibat
HA Timburr
HA Skrelp Egg Moves Acid Armor,Haze,Toxic Spikes,Venom Drench
HA Smeargle
HA Tropius Egg Move Leaf Blade,Leaf Storm,Leech Seed,Synthesis
HA Pumpkaboo (Super Size)
HA Pumpkaboo (Average Size)
HA Heracross Egg Move Megahorn,Rock Blast
HA Litleo
HA Sritzee
HA Larvitar
HA Swirlix
HA Carbink
HA Pinsir
HA Pichu

FT Items

Destiny Knot
Whipped Dream
King's Rock
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Nincada Trainer
Mega stones for trade , absolite, mawilite, medichamite, blazikenite, aggronite, manecite. Also have pokerus infected pokemon's.

LF Items/Pokemon's
Sun Stone x1
Rare Candy x2
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Well-Known Member

Macho Brace x1
Power Weight x2
Thunderstone x1
Enigma Berry x3
Salac Berry x3

HA female Purrloin
HA female Litleo
HA female Clamperl
HA female Natu
HA female Helioptile
HA female Drifloon

My FC is: 2852-9641-5180
PM me if your interested
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Well-Known Member
I am looking for the following items:


I am looking for the following pokemon:
Hidden Ability Tyrunt[I understand it hasn't released yet, but if you are expecting to get one from the tournament and you want something I have, I am willing to hold the item or pokemen. In addition, I am willing to trade multiple items and pokemon for it]

I am offering:
Giratina[Omega Ruby]
Reshiram[Omega Ruby]
Kyogre[Alpha Sapphire]
Latias[Alpha Sapphire]
Destiny Knots
Ability Capsules
PP Maxs
PP Ups
Choice Scarf
Flame Orb
Toxic Orb
Life Orb
Focus Sash
Focus Band
Iron Ball
Wide Lens
Power Herbs
Zoom Lens
Kings Rock
Dragon Scale
Reaper Cloth
Plates[for Arceus]
Other megastones
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Pokemon breeder
Items for trade

I am currently growing custap, jaboca, enigma, kee, maranga, micle berries so they will be available soon.

Apicot/Petaya/Salac/Ganlon/Liechi/Lansat berries
2xpp max
Metal coats
Razor fangs
Destiny knots
Life orbs
Power band
Dawn stones
Shiny stones
Moon stones
Sun stones
Rare candy
PP ups

I also have a list of 5iv competitive pokemon I can breed.

I should be getting a HA tyrunt from the battle of hoenn. I will start breeding them as soon as I recieve mine with egg moves. If you're interested in one let me know.
Due to the tyrunt not being released until next month I won't have them soon, but if you still want one then I will still get you one when they become available.

Looking for

Shiny Pokemon
Bank ball pokemon
Iv bred pokemon
Pokemon with egg moves
Ha 5th gen starters with egg moves
Starf /enigma berries
6iv dittos
HP dittos
HA shelmet

If you're interested send me a pm with your offer. If you have something I haven't listed in my looking for list then I may still consider it.
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