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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

Poke Maniac Eddie

Embrace Eternity.
LF: Ability Capsule

FT: Enigma Berries, A Japanese Vivillon with Pokerus, Lv.1 Korean Krabby with Pokerus, A japanese 6IV Golett I got from a wonder trade, Lv.1 HA Aerodactyls ready to be EV Trained.

Please help me, I really need one to swap my Gardevoir's ability to Trace.


Terminally Chill
LF: Shiny Stone
FT: Lucky Egg, BP Items, x2 4IV Competitive Spitbacks, certain Mega Stones


Well-Known Member
Looking for custab berry. Offering enigma berry or any battle maison item apart from ability capsule

Meowth City

Staff member
Edit: Trade complete
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Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
I have

Ability Capsules

Shiny Stones

looking for...

-maison items

-5iv pokemon


Big Bad Wolf
Looking For:
Ability Capsule x2
NFE Shiny Pokemon
HA Female Johto Starters

For Trade:
Lucky Egg
Lucky Punch
Prism Scale
Reaper Cloth
Deep Sea Tooth
Sun Stone
Moon Stone
Fire Stone
Leaf Stone
Reaper Cloth
Power Belt
Power Band
Absorb Bulb
Focus Band
Lansat Berry
Starf Berry
Enigma Berry
Maranga Berry
Liechi Berry
Ganlon Berry
Salac Berry
Petaya Berry
Apicot Berry
Micle Berry
Custap Berry
Jaboca Berry
Rowap Berry

PM me for offers
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Does anyone have Battle Gems such as Fire Gem ...etc. If anyone have them please let me know. We can figure out the trade later in the PM.


Well-Known Member
Looking for these berry

Apicot Berry
Cornn Berry
Durin Berry
Ganlon Berry
Magost Berry
Maranga Berry
Nomel Berry
Pamtre Berry
Persim Berry
Petaya Berry
Rabuta Berry
Salac Berry
Watmel Berry

For Trade

All Ha Pokemon that been Release/Battles Items(Leftover Etc i have almost all)/Power Items/EVO Stones/Rare Candys/Master Balls

PM With any Questions
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Hi everyone! I'm looking for this items to complete my collection (no Powersave or things like that, please; underlined are the most important):

Leftovers x 1
Jaw Fossil x 2

Soul Dew x 1
Blue Scarf x 1
Red Scarf x 1
Yellow Scarf x 1
Green Scarf x 1
Pink Scarf x 1
Red Flute x 1
Yellow Flute x 1
White Flute x 1
Black Flute x 1
Strange Souvenir x 1
Sail Fossil x 1

I can offer almost every item not listed above, or breed the flawless Pokémon you want (RNG abusing Pokémon Black, or breeding 5 IVs Pokémon if you want Kalos-bred)... or if you have other requests, simply PM me ;)



Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
I have tons of ability capsules and shiny stones

the items im seeking are

-life orbs
-choice items
-focus sash
-assault vest

pm me to trade


New Member
Hello everyone! I have items that I am trading. The items I have include:

Master Balls
Ability Capsules
Most Berries
All Mega Stones
All Evolution Stones
All Maison Items

The things I am looking to trade for include:

2 Defog Zapdos
2 Soft-Boiled Clefairy
Soft-Boiled Mew
Defog Mew

I am also open to other offers that you guys may have so don't worry if you guys don't have the things I'm specifically looking for above.


Casual Trainer
Am looking for Garchompite, ain't no one got time for no 1,000 flag time-waster.
If interested, let me know what you want in return, I'll see if I can swing it.

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Looking for...


PP Max
Ability capsules


Holon Cartographer
Looking for Micle, Rowap, Jaboca, and Custap berries. Can offer all other berries, Dark, Dusk, Dawn, Shiny, and other evolution stones. PM me if interested, thanks!
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New Member
Looking for: Thick Club!
Can trade Ditto or Timid Cyndaquil w/ Pokerus and Lucky Egg, PP Up, or maybe something else...
PM Me!
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Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Offering: Ability capsules

Looking for: Maison items, Megastones, Leftovers


Dream World breeder
I'm looking for the following berries~
Chilan, Liechi, Ganlon, Salac, Petaya, Apicot, Lansat, and Starf.

Not sure what other items I could offer in return or if they have much value. Any of the berries I haven't listed, I suppose (though I currently have the event berries growing, they will be ready on Friday). I can farm for wild held items on Sapphire, get some Global Link items with X, help evolve some of your Pokémon or breed some Pokémon for you, if you wish! I have most of the available hidden abilities, all of the female Dream Ball Mons, and I can breed 5IV Pokémon and train them up for you. I'm willing to give however much you feel the berries would be worth.
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