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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


Squirtle Squirtle
Looking for sail and jaw fossils. Willing to trade the actual pokemon for them with pokerus. I just need the fossils. I plan on soft resetting for a shiny version. I need a least 5 of each. PM me if your interested. Also I'm looking for any y exclusive mega stones and I"m willing to trade shiny red stripe Basculin, shiny poliwhirl with a water stone or king's rock, or shiny staryu with water stone.
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Pokemon Master Girl
If anyone is willing to trade with me then check out my thread. Click on my name and then there should my thread come up. Trading lots of things including a couple mega stones


Khan Breeder
Seeking Aggronite

Offer - Master Ball

PM me if interested ^_^


LF Aggronite

Offering - Alakazite/Kangaskhanite

PM me ill get back to you as soon as i can :D


New Member
Hi! I'm looking for a jolly/adamant nature shiny gyrados or magikarp(lower the level the better), and a masterball.

What I have:
Shiny stone
King's rock
any bracer
Rare candy
Pp Up
Chople Berrys
Tanga Berrys
And a level 81 shiny gyrados with "calm" nature
PM me if interested please~
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Got a spare Leftovers I can trade. PM for offers.

I can trade for a 5 IV Ditto or something similar.


New Member
i need pkm with pokerus!!i willing to trade some of the pokemon with hindden ability, or some mega stone.
my FC:3153-3729-4842


New Member
Hey I have Tyranitarite and am looking to trade it for an Aggronite! Let me know if you're down and I'll add your friend code.


Pokemon Breeder
I'm looking for Y-exclusif stones :
Charizardite Y

I've got to trade : pokerus, pinsirite, manetite
and 5IV Timid Ralts (m/f), 6IV Ralts, wish Eevees, and some other breedable pokemon (ask for more info)
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