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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


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I'm searching for Tamato Berry.
Can exchange pokérus pkm or 4 ivs hidden ability Froakie/Gligar


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I don't know what I am looking for.

I have a shiny Pansage with pokerus. I don't need him. Will trade for any pokemon or item if interested.


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Looking for charazarite X. pm me if you have one. I have no mega stones to trade it for though. I have plenty of other things though.

Also have pokerus! pm me an offer for pokerus!
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Anyone have a spare gardevoirite?ill make a resonable trade for it


Really? Come on now.
i have a charizardite X and looking for mewtwonite Y, Also willing to trade a shiny froakie for any gen6 pkmn (no matter if chained fished) with an acceptable nature as well as the mewtwonite Y, but open to other offers. pm me


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looking for gengarite my ex-friend stole mine and my gengar lv89 while i was doing something, I will trade a medichamite and a sun stone for a gengarite
lvl49 Tyrantrum female brave will be holding sunstone with pokerus and lvl30 Fraxure male calm unnerve(hidden ability) holding medichamite with pokerus for (i dont care what lvl or kind of pokemon it is make it a magicarp for sheits n giggle) holding gengarite
FC in sig. please pm me FC and if you will accept my trade
please and thankyou


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leftovers someone? I could offer a 5IV Timid Gastly.
Hey guys, I'm in need of an extra Metal Coat or two. I have a spare Everstone, and if I can try to breed you something decent if you want.


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Anyone willing to trade a Pinsirite or Scizorite or Heracronite? I have other mega stones and pokemons to trade. PM me and let's make a deal!


looking for leftovers and BP Items 48+

i have to offer:

Male dratini adamant HA, 31/31/31/x/31/31
male and female dratini adamant HA, 31/31/x/31/31/31
japanese rotom
japanese dittos (one with pokerus)
german ditto
moon stone
lucky egg
light ball

PM Me your offers


Winter is coming
Looking for:
-Charizardite Y
-Mewtwonite Y

-Rare candies (I wonder trade a ton so I get lots of miles)
-Can grind BP and buy battle items
-Shinies: Panpour, Floatzel, Relicanth
-Able to catch Dittos from Friend Safari and try to look for specific IVs


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For trade I have:
-2x Metal Coat
-2x Lucky Egg
-1x thunderstone
-1x shell bell
-1x reaper cloth
-1x Kings Rock
-most all the plates
-1x heat rock
-1x health wing
-Lum,Kasabi,Yache berries
-Can infect any poke with Pokerus
-Outrage,D-dance,Flare Blitz female charmander
-31/xx/31/31/31/31 slowpoke HA Bold
-31/xx/31/31/xx/31 Noibat
-31/31/31/xx/31/31 Machop
-prankster Riolu
-Shiny Jolly Fraxure31/30-31/4-6/17-19/0-3/23-25
-31/xx/31/31/31/31 Goomy(Gooey ability)
-Shiny Basculin(blue) and Remoraid.
-31/31/31/xx/31/31 adamant torchic w/baton pass
-31/31/31/xx/31/31 adamant gale wing talonflame,ev trained.
-Iv bred pokes(scraggy and deino are priorities atm)
-Egg move pokes
-Only shiny I really want is Umbreon or evvee.
-Ev trained pokes
-HA pokes
-mega stones(mainly x exclusive ones,especially pinsir)
-Battle items(life orb and scarf)
-6iv or 5iv dittos


Bug Catcher
I'm looking for Pinsirite! I can offer these two for that Mega Stone:

  • [color="#4999FFF"]♂[/color] Adamant Speed Boost Torchic (31/31/31/x/31/31) w/Baton Pass and Night Slash
  • Jolly Truant Durant (31/31/31/x/31/31)

I can also throw in a Master Ball.
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I'm looking for a Tyranitarite. I'm offering a shiny Poliwag, shiny Skrelp and shiny Clawitzer all with Pokérus and any evolutive stone you want (no Mega Stones).
Please PM me if you're interested.
Can Sombody give me pokerus out of the goodness of their heart ;)