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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


Phantom Angel
Looking for a Lucky Egg, Leftovers, Life Orbs, and other BP items... PM me for offers.


New Member
offering venasaurite or lucarionite or masterball for shinies


Have: Venasaurite, Heracrossite, pokerus, foreign honedge, 31 atk IV intimidate adamnt mawile, adamant outrage/dragon dance foreign charmander
LF: Charizardite X, Pinsirite, aquajet/superpower huge power azurill/marill, other stuffs

message me


Know my power!!!!
Looking for a foriegn Ditto (One that's not from the US) with at least 5 perfect ivs. Nature does not matter. Will give perfect/ near perfect iv bred heracross or pinsir for one. I'll even throw in a masterball. PM me if interested.


Well-Known Member
looking for charazarite x. pm me if you have one.

Trainer Frankie

Can someone please help me get just 9 vitamins. I'm only in Courmarine and I want to finish training one of my pokémon and I need 1 iron, 4 hp up, and 4 zinc. If someone could please help me, pm me.
Can someone help me?


Khan Breeder
Seeking - Aggronite

Offer - Master Ball PM me if interested ^_^
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Blue Goo.
Offering Masterball for a Heracross MEVo stone. PM me :]


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I am currently looking for the following Berries.


I am offering berries in exchange. I will trade multiple berries for Lansat and Starf, since these can only be obtained from consecutive wins in the battle mansion. I will also trade a shiny Durant for both Lansat and Starf. If you are interested PM me and we can work out a trade.
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Looking for a razor fang, can offer pokerus and a ditto friend safari
I will trade you a razor fang for the friend code trade. I was going to say I could trade you Pokerus as well, but y'know. :p

Also your PM Inbox has been full for a while so nobody can send you PMs for trades in the Friend Code Exchange thread where I first saw you looking for a Razor Fang.


New Member
Need an everstone. Can offer a shiny teddiursa, iv/bred pokes, or pokerus.
Pm if you can help.
Edit* I have got my everstone, sorry everybody
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Ace Trainer
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King of TM87
Looking for Amulet coin or Ability capsule, can offer pokerus n.n


venomous wisdom.
Seeking Charizardite X.
Can offer good 4-5 IV pokemon or maybe other goodies.

PM me.


New Member
For trade (item):
-Lucky Egg
-Light Ball
-Metal Coat
-King's Rock
-Never melt ice
-Mystic water
-Grip claw
-Quick Claw
-silver powder
-Light Clay
-Wide lens
-Thick club

Looking for:
-BP items
-Shinies (non-fishing)
-mega stone(exclusives only)
-Master Ball (also for trade)

PM me to discuss thanks.

Chrome Noir

New Member
For trade:
Lucky Egg
Wide lense
Grip claw
Deep sea scale x6
Deep sea tooth
Kings rock x5
Never melt ice
Mystic water x2
Sun stone x4
Moon stone x10

also for trade
Protean modest froakie (female)
Infiltrator lampent (female)
Riolu adamant w/ Bullet punch/ blaze kick/ crunch
Quickfeet shroomish (female)

Mainly looking for Hidden ability woobat or swoobat but PM me your offer regardless.
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