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Item & Pokerus Trading Thread


Well-Known Member
i'm looking for a magmarizer can offer a sun stone


IcaV PokePimp
Looking for mega stone mewtwonite y have whats in my sig for trade.


Veteran Trainer
FT: All Evolutionary Stones (Sun, Moon, Dusk, etc.)
All EV reducing Berries (Kelpsy, Hondew, etc.)
Kalos Starter Pokemon with egg moves and HA. Bulletproof Chespin w/Synthesis, Protean Froakie w/Toxic Spikes, Magician Fennekin w/Magic Coat
Mega STones: Blastoisite, Abomasite (2), Mawilite, Absolite, Blazikinite (2), Aerodactylite, Gyradosite

Looking for any random viable items but BP items would be nice. PM with offers.
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Well-Known Member
have pokerus. pm me for offers.


looking for pinsir, manectric, aggron, and tyranitar mega evo hold items. able to offer eggs/hatchlings of any starter (with or without hidden abilities), any of the pokes that can mega evolve, or any of the fossil families. also have ditto with or without imposter, rotom, or x/y exclusives. can do any or even a few of those. let me know what you need and we can work something out. PM me.


ES member Eclair
I'm Eclair and I'm looking for the following items:
Master Ball
Shiny Stones
Moon Stones
Thunder Stones
Dusk Stones
Dawn Stones
Mewtwonite X
Charizardite X
Light Ball
Jaw Fossil
Sail Fossil
Lansat Berry
Starf Berry
A good many of the Battle Maison items

For trade:
Any Kanto and Kalos Starter (Breed) Though Quilladin I can catch you one at Lv. 30
Any fossil except for Sail, Jaw fossils
Any fossil Pokémon including the Pokémon that the Sail and Jaw fossils become when revived (Though some may have to be breed)
Any X & Y exclusive Pokémon except Mega stone Pokémon and Legendries
Many items
A Quilladin with its HA Bulletproof
All Friend Safari Pokémon and or their evolutions/Pre-evolutions (Some may have to be breed)
Many Pokémon including a Torchic with it's HA Speed Boost (Does not come with Blazikenite)

Not for trade:
Mega Stones

If you're interested and have what I'm looking for then PM me. Hope to receive a PM from you soon. :)
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New Member
For trade (item):
-Lucky Egg
-Light Ball
-Metal Coat
-King's Rock
-Never melt ice
-Mystic water
-Grip claw
-Quick Claw
-silver powder
-Light Clay
-Wide lens
-Thick club
-Shiny stone
-Dawn stone

Looking for:
-BP items
-Shinies (non-fishing)
-mega stone(exclusives only)
-Master Ball (also for trade)
-5iv pokemons

PM me to discuss thanks.


Ace Trainer
Check in my sig (not offering any mega stones atm)


New Member
I have seven 31/31/31/X/31/0 Ferroseeds, freshly hatched. If you want one, feel free to message me with an offer. I'm looking for Y-only Mega Stones, most notably Aggronite. Thank you!


New Member
Looking for Mewtwonite Y and charizardite Y

Offering Mewtwonite X + Ditto (Calm 3ivs imposter) + Pokerus for Mewtwonite Y
Charizardite X/Ability Capsule for Charizardite Y

FC: 0791 1955 0113
PM if interested


Offering: Masterball
Looking for: 5iv pokemon with egg moves

Message me
Looking to Trade Pinsirite or Medichamite for Houndoomite or Aggronite, and my Mewtwonite X for Mewtwonite Y. Can also offer Pokerus, Destiny Knot and Dusk Stone.
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Im looking for a , blaziken stone, tyrannitar stone, and manetric stone, right now.

(not looking to swap stones)

i have
quick feet shroomish (jolly) (tech loom) (can breed for other ability)
M. scale Dratini (jolly)
s. boost torchic (adamant)
swift swim horsea (modest)

5 iv
s. boost torchic with baton pass (adamant)
m. scale dratini (jolly) aqua jet
honedge (brave)

Hidden Ability ( misc IV) (willing to trade up to 3)
vulpix (modest)
poliwag (timid)
gible (adamant)
ditto (friend safari)
torchic (adamant)
Froakie (timid)
Frogaider (friend safari)


Seeking the following: Eviolites, Rocky Helmets, Charizardite X, Heracrossite, though I'm also interested in any mega stone I can get my hands on

I have the following to trade:

Pokémon: Sturdy Carbink, Magician Braixen, Bulletproof Chespin, Protean Froakie, Speed Boost Venipede, Huge Power Diggersby, Insomnia Pumpkaboo (average size), Symbiosis Floette (blue), Lightningrod Plusle, Volt Absorb Minun, Regenerator Slowpoke, Truant Durant, Gooey Sliggoo, Telepathy Noibat, Gale Wings Fletchinder, Magician Klefki, Flame Body Ponyta, Justified Growlithe, Solar Power Charmander, Rain Dish Squirtle, Infiltrator Lampent, Infiltrator Spiritomb, Harvest Phantump, Healer Chansey, Vital Spirit Magmar, Electabuzz (no hidden ability), Hydration Smoochum, Lightningrod Pichu (with Volt Tackle), Moxie Gyarados, Grass Pelt Gogoat, Regenerator Duosion, Shadow Tag Gothita, and Mold Breaker Hawlucha.

Items: Lucky Eggs, various BP items (just ask if I don't have it listed), complete set of Power items, toxic orb, flame orb, whipped dream, sachet, all evolution stones (fire/water/leaf/thunder/dusk/shiny/dawn/sun/moon), light balls, and metal coats.

PM me if you see anything you're interested in!