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Items for all

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Calm And Hyper
what items do you use the most when battling? berries, power raising items e.g. soft sand, healers e.g. leftovers or even stat raisers.
i usually use power raisers in battle and with at least one pokemon leftovers/shell bell.


In BF, Leftovers, Choice Band, Lum Berry, Brightpowder, White Herb (for Overheat's users), and maybe Scope Lens and Focus Band.

In the game, what I have =P

Pokemon Master Elite

I like having a Lum berry cuz it can help get rid of those annoying status problems. Besides that, I also like to use Brightpowder, Leftovers, and Shell Bell.


Well-Known Member
I use things like Leftovers, Choice Band, Shell Bell, Lum Berry, pinch berries (Salac, Liechi, etc) and occasionally I'll use a hax item (Brightpowder, Scope Lens, etc) or a type power-up item (Mystic Water, Miracle Seed, etc).


Fog Trainer
i use berries and leftovers shell bell etc etc all the ones you can use lol


Pinin' for the fjord
Lefties, Shell Bell, Scope Lens.


Well-Known Member
Hyper Potion, Revive and Full Restore.


I like the Leftovers (for those that mainly do 1 hit KOs), Shell Bell (for those that attack each turn) and white herb (for those that often get their stats lowered by opponents)
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