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It's a dog's life


Misty's Horsea was just totally redundant for most of its run, with only a couple of moments showing off its initiative (one example being the Stone Town episode when it used its Sludge to leave a trail for the gang) but for the most part it was passed over for Staryu, Starmie and Psyduck... Goldeen is an even worse example of this.

At least Goldeen defeated James' Victreebell. Horsea on the other hand never participated in a proper battle. One has but to feel sorry for it.


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Dawn's Pachirisu. It just gets so less screentime save for a few contest appeal rounds. And besides it's so cute :)


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I feel sorry for every single trainer that lost to Ash. Ash promised every single one of them a rematch. I doubt that they will go through the trouble of showing everyone a second time and they are hoping that people forget about them. Only a lucky few trainers get shown again.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Soulsilver- And note in the Crystal Onix Tracy yells at the poor thing and blames it and then we don't see Venonat for quite some time after it, I think Tracy stopped trusting it and used Marill more because of it.

Nemmeh- That chef in Go West Young Meowth makes me furious, if I saw someone chasing a cat down the street or any animal threatening to slam it with a pan just because it was starving I would grab that pan and slam his head with it, see how he likes it (I hope Persian and the other Meowths kept making life difficult for him).

Misty's Goldeen, Brock's Zubat and Vulpix are just a few. Psyduck got quite annoying after everytime Misty would send a Pokemon out it would appear instead, it's barely Misty's fault half of the time.

WT- About that, people have got to realize AJ, Samurai etc are all in a different region, or probably went somewhere else. So it's not like it would be easy for him to find them, is he going to leave in the middle of Johto/Hoenn etc to find them? No because he does have a journey of his own, they have to actually go back to the place they found them. Sure they probably didn't go where AJ or Primeape in Kanto (Haunter in Saffron though.. The Battle Frontier whoever it was again Lucy I think was right in Saffron so he could have seen Haunter again). And Pidgeot, Viridian Forest don't get me started
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Brock and Misty's 'other pokemon' get left out alot. And poor old Brock. He nevers gets a girl.
Soulsilver- And note in the Crystal Onix Tracy yells at the poor thing and blames it and then we don't see Venonat for quite some time after it, I think Tracy stopped trusting it and used Marill more because of it.

Never noticed that before. Tracy is such a douchebag! :p


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James, hands down.

Now it's no mystery that I have rage issues when it comes to JJM and their perpetual pointlessness in the average episode of Pokemon. But there is one reason that I do still pity James.

If not for Jessie and Meowth (though more Jessie than anyone else), then James would've probably stopped trying to steal Pokemon long ago. I really think that without that influence, he has the potential to become an honest person.


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what ever happened to that Dewgong at Cerulean Gym? Last I saw of it, it evolved from Seel. That would have made a useful asset to Misty's team. Does she use it/him?

Anyway, I feel sorry for all Pokemon that get used my Team Rocket, in General, not just the bumbling trio. Something about that blasted organization lowers the strengths of each Pokemon.

Also, it seems that once Brock actually does win the heart(s) of a girl(s), the gag will die, even though it already has. But I feel sorry or all the times he has been rejected... countless!
Another character I'd like to add is Paul's Aggron. Pwned by Brandon's Regice without even getting a hit in. Then ties with Ash's pikachu before being knocked out pretty quickly by Inferanpe. If that's How Aggron faired I'd hate to see how Harriyama and Nidoking would have faired.


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TR-They fail all the time
Brock-Nothing more than a BG character
Porygon family-banned from the show for eternity
Pikachu in DP-It didn't win a gym or even a single leauge battle 4 Ash
Tracey-he's just pitiful


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Sense when was Profeso Brock? Just kidding, you know you're sexy.

I have to say I feel bad for Marley. She only got one episode and I honestly think she deserved a second.

I agree and Buck and Mira too

pokemon wise Kadabra like um the last one was in BF and I seem more of it other family line then it.

and the Proygon line. i feel sorry for it

character wise I have to save Crasher wake, Stat trainer not name Cheryl or Riley.

that all i can think of so far


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Lots of Pokemon and Humans, where to start? Hpmm, okay
Brock's Pokemon, every single one of them.
Brock himself, he never really did anything.
Misty's Horsea, it didn't do anything except for that episode where Misty caught it.
Tracey and his team were treated much better than Brock in his time in the gang, but it wasn't enough time, he was shafted off into Oak's lab as though he was a pokemon.
Dawn, now I know she's been treated pretty well but compared to the other companions (except Tracey) she missed out on many things.


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Pidgeot for the love of god!!! And Primeape!!

All that, "you'll be a P1 GP champion, Ill come back for you," and whooping Fearow....all that for nothing?


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Hmm...Venonat was a Pokemon radar while it lasted....at least it was useful, right?


That episode you were talking about, where Tracey used Venonat as a radar made Venonat become one of my favorite pokemon still to this day.

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team rocket, they never win but keep their head for money, "and a nice comfy spot on the bossys lap" ;)


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Tracey-He's forgotten except for the ending and his Pokemon are even worse ><
Brock-He may be still around but he does pretty much nothing.
Max-Cuz he didn't want to leave Ash but had to cuz May wanted to go solo.

I don't feel bad for Team Rocket, they like hanging with each other and cause there own troubles. I like them though, don't think I hate them.


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Porygon, because of the previously stated reasons, and because it wasn't even it's fault.
Misty, because of all the "goodbyes" she's had to endure.
Also, Max, because it seems like the one character on the show who can't have Pokemon seems to make friends with the most.
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I would say Sakura & Casey. I always thought that the Johto characters they met (for more than one eps) had so much potential that we never saw. Sakura and her story was perfect to set up a plot- line for another character. I loved when she returned for the Chronicles and proved that she did began traveling the world on her own. I also liked that Lyra (another favorite of mine) indirectlly showed evidence that she still lives on somewhere in the Pokémon world (by showing a pic of her sisters).

When it comes to Casey I really liked that they put in a new rookie in the series that could mirror Ash in his early Kanto - days. She had her very own personallity and way of being, very fresh from the other generic characters we met.

Jimmy & Marina would be nice to see again (more than in cameos) but that is probably unlikely. At least she made it, having succeeded as of DP when she appeared on some posters and t- shirts.

Ritchie will probably never set his foot in the series again but I think he as well was one of the series most under- rated or forgotten characters. I often think, when I see Hoen and Sinnoh, that the creators finnally succeeded in creating great recuring characters, a thing that many Jotho characters deserved.