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It's a poll!


insert joke so dated I don't even remember it
Which pokemon do you think would be the most fun to fly on? I say Rayquaza or Smeargle. Copter tail FTW!


i'd personaly want to fly on a skarmory

but flying on a tailow would be fun too
just like in that serebii comic :D


I Crush Everything
Doduo. You get to soar without even getting it off the ground.


That guy.
Arceus. Command it to fly and simotaneously take over the world for me.
It would be nice to Fly on an Altaria because the ride would be soft and comfortable the whole way, like drifting on a cloud.


Well-Known Member
Flying on a Pidgeot looks cool, but Skarmory, Dragonite, Altaria and Swellow are cool too.



~Deity of Valleity~
Drifblim! Think about how dangerously fun it would be!!!