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It's Mr. Mime Time! (064)


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i want Delia 2 catch mor epokemon


Master Coordinator
i want Delia 2 catch mor epokemon


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Any time Delia is in an episode, I am guaranteed to like it more.
I thought it was really good. I liked the Mr.Mime and I think Delia should catch more Pokemon. And we even got a cameo of Mewtwo, so I like this episode


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A very funny episode, Delia makes a excellent Pokemon Trainer Ash probably got some of his skill from her. Poor Ash having to dress up as a Mr. Mime and get tortured by Stella, who by the way looks totally cute in her clown costume. TR had one of their best entrances in this episode I enjoyed it and then getting owned by Ash "I'm not a real Mr. Mime, I just play one on TV.", line that was hilarious. One thing I caught was that 4kids spelled "Mime" "Mimie" someone forgot to use spell check. Also what happened to the TR ballon the Ash "borrowed" did Delia kepp it or did the circus?


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I don't like this episode. I found it boring and uninteresting.


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Charizard was still reluctant to obey Ash, even with all eight badges. Where the **** is this coming from???


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Ash in that costume... oh god I almost died XD Actually, Ash was pretty funny overall. That whole moment with the 'non-existant' glass was utterly hilarious.

And he managed to convince Team Rocket that he was a Mr. Mime... though that isn't much of an accomplishment :p "I'm not a Mr. Mime! I just play one on TV!" Love it!

I like that Ash's mom recognized him... even though she did comment, "Does Ash have a twin?!" -_-;;

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I think it's nice that Mr. Mime chose to stay with Delia.

It's nice that she's not on her own all the time now.


This episode was so hilarious and I almost cracked up when laughing! Why funny: because Ash had to dress up like a Mr. Mime for the play in town. But that's not the funny part: When Team Rocket steals a Mr. Mime and when they reach their hideout, Ash reveals himself that he was wearing that costume. Surprisingly, Team Rocket felt embarassed by that and Ash stole their balloon, up up and away!


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I remember this episode. It sure was interesting and circus-ful. But one thing, I wasn't amused about Ash dressing up like a Mr. Mime, I used to say Brock or Misty could have done it. The machine Team Rocket used in this episode was interesting and tank-designed.


Mr. Mime was very strange. not Delia's, the other Mr. mime.

I loved his moves, they were great.



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The beginning was funny. Ash walking into Mr. Mime's barrier and then attempting to catch it.

The circus itself was cool. Ash dressing up as Mr. Mime in order to motivate the lazy, fat, good-for-nothing Mr. Mime was genius. Too bad Team Rocket ruined it by taking him hostage.

Loved how both the wild and trained Mr. Mime trapped Team Rocket's Mecha in barriers and saved the day. 8/10


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Ash was hilarious in that Mr. Mime outfit! It was great to see Delia get her own pokemon, too bad it was her only 1... I didn't however like the circus parts...