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It's Mr. Mime Time! (064)


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Charizard being all lazy and not obeying Ash made me mad. Makes me wish that it was still a Charmander. :/

But I did like Ash in a Mr. Mime costume! It was quite funny. Really, the thought of anyone dressed like Mr. Mime is funny. :D

Mr. Mime itself is such a hilarious Pokemon, with the way it looks and everything. It was nice to see Delia get her own Pokemon, especially one that helps her around the house. However, I would be a little freaked out about having a Mr. Mime living with me, because it's appearance can be kinda scary, too. :p


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I'm probably late to the party, but isn't this the episode called 'It's Mr Mime Time' but the episode sign comes up reading 'It's Mr Mimie Time'???

That always made me lol.


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I'm probably late to the party, but isn't this the episode called 'It's Mr Mime Time' but the episode sign comes up reading 'It's Mr Mimie Time'???

That always made me lol.

Yeah, it does say "Mr. Mimie" on the episode card. :p

I wonder how they didn't notice that. You'd think they would have checked to make sure everything on the card was spelled correctly.


This was a pretty good episode. I never liked Mr. Mime (specifically Delia's Mr. Mime) as it never really stood out for me. It was always just there. In this episode, I didn't like any of the Mr. Mime. They were just annoying at worst most of the time. Stella was a pretty good CoD and I liked Ash dressing up as a Mr. Mime. I just didn't find the titular Pokémon interesting.


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I like this episode. It was funny to see that you can even get Pokémon being slobs. Tea Rocket stealing the show was great, it was even better when they realised they stole Ash and then he ends up stealing their balloon lol. It's a bit extreme how Team Rocket get these tanks just to capture Pokémon, yet they still fail to do so. Funny to see them blast themselves lol. Ash's mum and her Mr Mimey are so cute together.


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Ash having to dress up as a Mr. Mime and get tortured by Stella, who by the way looks totally cute in her clown costume was hilarious.


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Mr. Mime, ah that Pokémon makes me smile. But nothing can beat the hilarious scene with Ash and Brock and just the idea of having Ash dressed as Mr. Mime and getting abducted by Team Rocket is just so much comic in one, that this is a hilarious filler episode.
Didnt like this episode that much because Mr. Mime was always such a boring Pokemon for me. I did like the circus thing and how Team rocket accidentally stole Ash in the Mr. Mime costume. That was priceless. Seeing Ash's mom get Mr. Mime was kinda cool but I wish she had done more with him. Still a nice episode with some highlights.


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This episode is a memorable episode to me, because this is the episode where Ash's mom Delia got Mr. Mime. This episode also has a many funny moments that made this episode enjoyable.
Ash running towards Pallet Town and getting slamed into Mr. Mime's Barriar was funny, Ash dressed up as Mr. Mime was funny as well. The circus leader Stella was cute, It's funny when Brock fell for her and said he'd do anything for her.
I liked how Brock and Misty made excuses so Ash can act as Mr. Mime in the Circus(some 'friends' they are), Brock said he's too tall to be a Mr. Mime and Misty said she don't want to hide her face behind costume while blushing. Ash was still hesitating to act as a Mr. Mime, so Stella and some of her cute worker girls requested Ash to do it. Ash blushed and agreed to do it! Lol I thought Ash is dense about it, but he wasn't in this episode. I didn't like how Stella was training Ash, that was too harsh. No wonder why the real Mr. Mime didn't listen to her.
I was surprised that Delia wasn't worried about Ash after Team Rocket kidnapped him, why was she so sure that Team Rocket will let him go? *Sigh*....at least she was shown to worry about him later. Anyway, It's funny when Ash scared them by revealing that he isn't the real and flew off with their balloon.
I'm glad Delia got Mr.Mime at the end, he's a good helper.


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Gah, i love this episode. First appearance of Mimey, its oddly cute. Glad to see that he made an appearance recently in BW.

Also, i found Stella to be a likeable Character of the day.
When the title card of this episode was shown, I was thinking why it was spelled "It's Mr. Mimie Time!".
I think it has to do with Delia's nickname for the one she has: 'Mimie'. Assuming it's spelled the same.


I was pleased by how this episode started and the idea of Ash helping to motivate Stella's lazy Mr. Mime by disguising himself as one was interesting, but I wasn't pleased that the second Mr. Mime stayed with Delia at the end. To date I don't see what he contributes other than basically being Delia's servant. Alas.

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The circus's lazy Mr Mime was interesting and I kind of liked how Ash's mom befriended a wild one, although I didn't expect that she'd keep it when I first saw this episode. I liked seeing the two Mr Mimes build a wall of barriers. :D


Lmao, Ash in the Mr. Mime costume made me die of laughter. I don't get why Dehlia even kept the wild Mr. Mime though...?


I enjoyed seeing Ash acting like Mr. Mime even though Mr. Mime himself didn't impress me until the end when it used Light Screen. 6/10