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It's Still Rocket Roll to Me! (375)

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I just keeping Octo
They used Solrock's original Japanese voice this time. I wish they had used used Lunatone's because the Dub voice is way to loud.


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A very good episode, they certainly fleshed out Liza & Tate more than just having Ash battle them. That zero gravity training really looks fun I wouldn't mind trying that, also maybe Liza & Tate should incorporate it into their Gym Battles to make things more interesting. Watching the Pokemon in this episode was fun, Pikachu certainly can do good impressions of Ashes other Pokemon.
I cracked up at Pikachu's impersonation of Torkoil. Corphish was hilarious in this episode and I loved the rivalry between Tate and Liza


Pikachu's impression of Torkoal was a good highlight. Tate and Liza's rivalry was interesting, and the zero gravity chamber looked like fun.


Pikachu's imitations didn't excite me :/

I liked how Liza and Tate acted just like brothers and sister tend to act, always arguing and fighting, it was cute. I loved their anti-gravity chamber that they used to practice.

As for the voices of Lunatone and Solrock, I enjoyed Solrock's the most, it sounded neat. 7/10


Too bad that the gym battle didn't start in this episode.

Max was too ambitious, he was lucky when he survived.



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This is the episode where I learned that Tate is a boy. I honestly did not know that before, because Tate and Liza both look like girls in the games. I felt extremely stupid when I found out that I had been wrong for a long time. :p

It was cool seeing the Mossdeep space centre in this episode. The zero gravity thing was intersting, since I've never seen anything like that. It was kinda scary seeing Tate and Max in that rocket, though. I think it's a bit extreme that two little kids can land a rocket safely. o_O


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Liza and Tate for the 1st time; they are both cool gym leaders. It was cool to see a battle between them both with older Liza winning the battle with her Lunatone. It was cool seeing Lunatone and Solrock again. Pikachu's Pokemon impressions were cool when he was telling Ash to let the other Pokemon join in to try the Space Training Machines. It was funny to see when Tate and Max land the shuttle, that Liza and May delt with them.



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I liked this episode cuz TR had Max and Tate as hostages in a rocketship and they finaly give team rocket a rocket to drive!


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I enjoyed this episode. Pikachu imitating others was funny indeed. And I liked how May and Liza got really furious when Team Rocket messed with their brothers.


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I liked that there were twins in this show for once. I mean real twins. This episode also got me into AdvancedTwinshipping too because I liked Liza with Ash. This was a nice episode. I liked that we got to see their parents and have them interact with May and Max because they were sibilings. That's also something I miss on this show. Siblings.


Team Rocket trying to steal the space shuttle was so ridiculous that I was embarrassed to watch that episode. Other than that, the sibling rivalry between Tate and Liza was pretty enjoyable for the most part. I liked how they were able to connect with May and Max and I wouldn't have minded seeing them interact some more.
This was my first time seeing Tate and Liza on the show, and I kid you not, I thought they were going to be Max's age.
But then, they wouldn't have been young old enough to be gym leaders, let alone trainers, so it would not make any sense for them to be that young.


Seeing Ash and friends hanging around the Mossdeep Space Center was neat, as was seeing Corphish wander off looking for food and ending up with Max and Tate. Team Rocket looked quite fabulous in space suits and I liked how Max and Tate had to land the rocket. Seeing Team Rocket frozen into a rocket-shaped chunk of ice made me holler.


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I love this episode. It was a great way to balance the series after the more serious Team Aqua and Team Magma scenes. Team Rocket taking the space shuttle is really funny. I almost feel sorry for them for not getting away with it. Stealing a space shuttle - that's pretty daring. Although you would think a space centre would have better security than some random kids who just walked in looking of the gym leader - They were just asking for an incident. The best part is Meowth throwing the lasso and shouting "The captain has turned on the seatbelt sign." That was hilarious. Not sure about Max and Tate trying to land the shuttle - that was a bit of a stretch. Also the space shuttle is not an aircraft. To my knowledge it can't fly the way Team Rocket were trying to fly it given that it glides back to the ground after re-entry. The engines are only to help it achieve escape velocity and to make adjustments in orbit. It's not a plane it's a shuttle.