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IV Bred Trading Thread

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Event Collector
looking for a timid riolu with eggmove vacuum wave and an IV spread of 31/31/30/30/31/30 (HP rock 70). will offer multiple events for this!!!
Need a flawless Ditto Adamant nature. PM with offers on any different type of nature if you don't happen to have one thats adamant but still flawless


Well-Known Member
Looking for modest,jolly,timid, or adamant flawless dittos. I need'em to RNG so when i can rng shinys ill give you one of your choice. PM me if u wanna help


New Member
Need a flawless/near-flawless Bronzor (preferrably Relaxed nature) with Stealth Rock. Will trade well for it.

When I say UT, I mean untrained. Some may have been infected with pokerus. If that is important to you, ask first.

Timid Espeon NN’d (Hidden Power Fighting) 29/30/30/30/30/30 EV’d
Adamant Salamence (Dragon Dance) Flawless EV’d
Naïve Heatran (Hidden Power Grass) 30/31/31/30/31/31 EV’d
Jolly Japanese Landorus Flawless UT
Timid Kyurem (Hidden Power Fire) 31/0/31/30/31/30 UT
Jolly Gible (Stealth Rock) 31/31/31/*/31/31
Impish Donphan (Ice Shard) Flawless
Modest Cyndaquil (Extrasensory, Heat Wave) 31/6/19/31/31/31
Timid Latias Flawless EV’d
Impish Tyrogue (Mach Punch, Fake Out) 31/31/31/27/31/31 UT
Timid Thundurus (Near-flawless w/ Hidden Power Ice) UT
Jolly Axew Flawless UT
Adamant Rattled Magikarp Flawless UT
Jolly Multiscale Dragonite Flawless EV’d
Bold Drizzle Politoed (Near-flawless w/ Hidden Power Electric) EV’d
Timid Latios Flawless EV’d
Impish Poison Heal Gliscor 31/31/31/*/31/31 EV’d
Careful Tyranitar 31/31/31/31/31/25 EV’d
Jolly Terrakion 31/31/31/*/31/31 EV’d
Timid Zorua 31/*/31/31/31/31 EV’d
Modest Hustle Nidoran (Male) Flawless UT

Docile Blastoise
Impish Gyarados
Quiet Lugia
Adamant Ninjask
Adamant Shedinja
Hardy Salamence (Outrage)
Impish Rayquaza
Modest Lucario
Docile Spiritomb
Mild Heatran
Careful Giratina

Pokemon Pia Dream World Modest Charmander (Japanese OT) Near-flawless (HP Ice)
Befriend A Pokemon! Jolly Leafeon
Cilan’s Pansage/TRU Mystery Egg (Unhatched)
Jolly Movie 11 Victini UT
Hardy TRU Arceus UT
Sassy 10 ANIV Celebi UT
Modest SMR2010 Jirachi UT
Jolly Liberty Garden Victini UT
Serious Liberty Garden Victini UT
Adamant GAMESTP Entei UT
Rash GAMESTP Raikou UT
Relaxed GAMESTP Suicune UT
Bold WIN2011 Celebi UT
Naughty TRU Ash’s Pikachu UT
Gentle SPACE C Deoxys
Gentle GAMESTP Jirachi UT
Impish GAMESTP Jirachi UT
Calm Japanese Movie 09 Arceus UT
Naughty Gamestp Deoxys UT
Hasty Gamestp Deoxys UT
Rash Gamestp Deoxys UT
Jolly SPR2010 Pichu UT
Mild TRU Manaphy UT

Flawless/Near Flawless Non-Shiny:
Timid Ditto Flawless UT
Jolly Garchomp (Outrage) Flawless EV’d
Timid Gengar (Trick) 31/*/31/31/31/31 EV’d
Calm Magnezone (Signal Beam) 31/30/31/30/31/31 – HP Grass EV’d
Jolly Gliscor (Roost, Thunder Fang) 31/31/31/*/31/31 EV’d
Adamant Scizor (Roost, Bug Bite) 31/31/31/31/31/31 EV’d
Bold Jellicent 31/6/31/31/31/31 EV’d
Relaxed Ferrothorn (Leech Seed) 31/31/31/31/31/0 EV’d
Careful Swampert (Stealth Rock, Avalanche) Flawless EV’d
Jolly Aerodactyl (Stealth Rock, Thunder Fang) 31/31/31/*/31/31 UT
Jolly Larvitar Flawless UT
Naïve Mienshao NN’d Near-flawless (Hidden Power Ice) EV’d
Adamant Tyranitar Flawless EV’d
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Blue Raja

1000+ Triples wins!
Flawless Rng Regigias

I am looking for a flawless Regigias with a def or spdef nature.

will trade well for one.


New Member
I am looking for a Flawless Riolu (Modest) with Inner Focus ability.
Shiny is not important, though, will be nice!

pm me if you have one! :)


On Hiatus.
Im looking for a DW jolly Flawless Dragonite w/ Egg Moves *Not shiny*
Other shiny flawless pokemon im looking for are timid zorua, timid ghastly, jolly aipom, Impish and bold cottonee, jolly garchomp, bold Chansey, Timid DW Politoed, and much more.

I have a very good amount of shiny flawless pokemon, regular shiny pokemon, and event pokemon to offer.
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New Member
I am looking for any kind of Ghastly, I can offer some IV trained pokemon such as: Mareep 31 sp attk, Aerodactyl 31 speed and others. I just want a ghastly please

Jr Breshears

PKMN Breeder
-Pokemon: Latios
-IV's: 31 / 30 / 31 / 30 / 31 / 30
-Nature: Timid
-Touched/EV'd or UT: UT
-Shiny/Non-shiny: Doesnt Matter
-Moves/Hidden Power type (if applicable) Doesnt Matter

will trade big for this anything in my shop


Well-Known Member
looking for any flawless males with egg moves. PM me for more details


Resistance Member
Looking for:

Timid, UT Rotom

With any of these IV spreads (listed in order: HP, Atk, Def, Sp.Atk, Sp.Def, Speed):
(Any of these will give HP[Grass] 70, correct me if I'm wrong)


INV2011 Suicune/Entei/Raikou UT

WIN2011 Celebi UT

Satoshi's Scraggy UT

Snarl Zoroark UT

Event Shiny Golurk/Hydreigon UT

Emerald Version Kyogres & Groudons UT

among others. PM me if interested.
-IV's 31/31/ 31/ 31/ 31/ 31
-Nature Adamant
-Touched/EV'd or UT-Shiny/Non-shiny: UT Shiny
-Moves/Hidden Power type (if applicablle) Zen Headbutt, Drain punch, Fake Out (and if posssible Ice punch)

I will offer up to 5 things in my shop for it thx :)


Release The Kraken!
Looking for:

Vibrava/Flygon with 30/31 in all IVs but Special Attack
So: 31/30 - 31/30 - 31/30 - 00/00 - 31/30 - 31/30

Needs to know roost, so must be 4th gen.

VM me if you have one/can breed me one. No EVs would be appreciated.
Handsome reward!!!!


trick room user
i want a aerodactyl ut jolly male or female with the ability of pressure with roost and substitute 31 iv on speed atk and hp pm me
offer dw's in my sig
got rare candies gems and ev training items too
also have a shiny eevee and poliwag pm


Shiny Hunter
Looking for any shiny flawless UTS or a flawless shiny level 100 ev trained I can offer tons of pokemon I can give you any pokemon in my shop and I only want posts in my shop


Puppy Trainer
I am looking for someone to work with me. I have been putting together all sorts of eggmove pokemon, and I would like someone to work with me to IV train them. Ideally, I'd like to eventually open a trade shop with whoever helps, but for now, I just want to work with someone for IV training. Obviously, I'm offering all my eggmove pokes to anyone who wants to help me in this venture. If you're interested, just PM me, and we'll talk!


Pokemon Breeder
looking for a flwless ditto i will need proof with a preferrable nature like jolly or adamant will offer up to 2 shinies if it has a good nature and 1 shiny and 1 eggmove poke scraggy with ice punch and ddance
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