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IV Bred Trading Thread

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Dragon Master
Does anyone have a Latios timid nature wit 31speed ivs and 31 spa ivs that's willing 2 trade for one of my legendaries.
Pm me if your willing to trade.
Does anyone have a Adamant, Defiant Pawniard knocking around with decent iv's? I've just restarted my game so \i dont have much apart from a DW femal Machop and the DW event Lucario. plz someone help? :D


Dragon Master
Need a calm evee with,
31hp ivs,31spa ivs,31spd ivs with wish.
I'm willing to trade one of my legendaries for it.

Pm me if intersted.


New Member
IV-bred & egg move pokes up for trade:
;058; Growlithe. UT, 31/31/5/9/19/31, Adamant, Egg moves Close Combat, Flare Blitz & Morning Sun
;147; Dratini. UT, ‘Relatively superior potential’, 28 Speed IV, Brave, Egg move Haze
;212; Scizor. UT, 31/26/26/7/26/14, Relaxed, Egg move Baton Pass
;350; Milotic. UT, 26/29/30/4/27/11, Hardy
;375; Metang. ‘Relatively superior potential’, 30 Att, Def, and Spd IVs, Jolly. Also have a few UT Jolly/Adamant Beldums – not asking much for these.
:532: Timburr. DW ability, 31 HP and Att IVs, Adamant, Egg moves Mach Punch and Drain Punch.
:607: Litwick. UT, 12/20/16/26/20/29, Serious, Egg move Haze

Ferrothorn with good IVs, nature, and moves Leech Seed & Spikes. Pref lv.100
Cresselia with good IVs, nature, and Sleep Talk. Pref lv.100
Deoxys-A with good IVs and nature. Pref lv.100
Swampert with good IVs, nature, and moves Stealth Rock and *hopefully Ice Punch and Superpower*. Pref lv.100
Heatran with good IVs, nature, and moves Dragon Pulse and *hopefully HP Rock/Ice*. Pref lv.100
Wobbuffet with good IVs and nature. Pref lv.100
Tornadus with good IVs and Timid/Naïve nature. Pref lv.100
Garchomp with good IVs and Jolly nature, and *hopefully Outrage*. Pref lv.100

PM me if you are interested. I am happy to get more info on these and answer any questions.


New Member
Looking for a flawless shiny Sassy Shellos/Gastrodon with Storm drain ability. I have other flawless pokes (shiny and non-shiny) and events to offer. If you have one of these, pm me and we'll work out a deal.

Devil lagiacrus

Brazilian trainer
hello,i'm looking for a togepi,IVs:31 HP/x ATK/20+DEF/31+SATK/31 SDEF/20 SPD,ablity:serene grace nature:calm Nickname:icarus(you put for me)

read signature for see what i'm offering.
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Aizle Syracuse

Cannot fly.
Um... admittedly, I'm a little bit frustrated right now. ´•~•` Not that I expect you to care, of course- the point is this. Over the course of the past couple of months, I have requested three different people to breed this Pokémon for me:


• Eevee
• Male
• Modest
• Any Ability
• 31/30/31/30/31/30 IV Spread (For HP Fire)
• Shiny
• Nicknamed Raojira

Additionally, another individual had agreed to breed this one:


• Scraggy
• Male
• Adamant
• Shed Skin
• 31/31/31/x/31/31 IV Spread
• Non-shiny
• Nicknamed Miev

I've had to twiddle my thumbs for a number of weeks after each successive agreement was made, and I never received any form of notification from a single one of those I commissioned. I believe I've waited long enough. u.u; Thus I turn to you good people to assist me in this matter. I have a few things I can offer in exchange:

Flawless Shinies:;359;;091;;478;

If any of these interest you, please let me know via PM and I'll give you the details; for Rao and Miev, I'm definitely willing to offer more than one of the Pokémon listed (within reason). ='3 Also, feel free to ask me about items- I have quite a few extra little things (a Life Orb, Leftovers, Evolution Stones etc.) lying around in my bag.
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ground types
I'm looking for a shiny axew lv. 1 with perfect Iv's in speed and attack and the ability mold breaker and nature adamant. I have good things to trade:) Pm me please!


Better, though...
Looking for a Frilish with 31 Iv in Hp and Sp. Atk
-Untouched (Not Trained)
-It doesn't matter the moves
Please With the ability water absorb
Can offer:
DW female Banette
Kyogre (Normal)
100 lvl Reshiram
Pokemon With Pokerus
Celebii (OT WIN 2011) A little touched XD
Landorus Untouched


Shiny Hunter
been doing some IV breeds and i got alot of spares for trade.
give me good offers with also atleast the same amount of max iv's your want is.

!! Looking for an Good IV'd Onix + Nosepass with egg moves Stealth rocks !!

Relaxed - Sturdy
eggmoves = Toxic spikes + Stealth rocks.
1. Max iv: hp - def - sp.def
2. Max iv: attack - def - sp.def


Jolly - Pickup/run away - Female
egg moves: Fake out - Switcheroo
1. Max iv's: atk - spd (Pickup)
2. Max iv's: hp - attack - def - sp.def
3. Max iv's: hp - attack - speed

Timid - Levitate
1. Max iv's: def - sp.attack - sp.def - speed.

relaxed/impish - Sand stream
Eggmoves: curse - Whirlwind - revenge - slack off.
1.maxx iv: hp - def - sp.def (relaxed)
2.max iv: attack - def - sp.def (impish + relaxed)

Adamant - Intimidate (Female)
egg moves: Close combat - Morning Sun - Flare blitz - Snarl
1. Max iv's: hp - attack - speed.

Adamant - Rock head (Female)
egg move: Perish song
1. max iv's: attack - def - sp.def - speed.

Bold - Serence grace (male)
egg moves: Nasty plot
1. max iv's: hp - def - sp.def
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New Member
Looking for flawless Dittos of different natures. If you have one you're willing to part with, pm me to work out a trade. I have events, flawless pokes, and shiny flawless to trade. Prefer to trade with those who can clone so I can get a copy of my trade back and no one loses anything.


New Member
Looking for female eevee with perfect iv in hp, def and sp. def, or something near that.
PM to negociate.
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The Swaginator
Currently looking for a Flawless IV (Or Nearly Flawless) Beldum Lv. 1 - 10 with no Ev's, Nature does not matter... (Adamant would be nice though...)

PM me to negotiate...
looking for dw check my sig for the only iv bred i have exception i do have one non dw poke with 31 iv in hp att and sp att with egg move extremespeed


New Member
Looking for a flawless Croagunk with a Speed-reducing nature and Dry Skin Ability w/ Vacuum Wave and Drain Punch. I have a TON to trade, so if you can get me one of these, please message me with what you're looking for. If it's a Pokemon with a commonly-used nature, I'll probably either have it already or can get it. At any rate, I'm certain we can work out a deal.



Nature: Timid

Ability: Inner Focus

HP:30 Att:14 or 15 Def:30 Sp.att:31 Sp.def:31 Spe:31

HP:4 Sp.Att:252 Spe:252

Hidden Power:Ice

Egg Moves:
Vacuum Wave

This pokemon was bred without RNG abuse.

Any offers?


New Member
im looking 4 a charmnder ut wth 31 ivs in atk s.atk and speed, i can breed good ivs in dratini bagon and gible all dwf thanks!


New Member
and also looking 4 a machop wth no guard ut 31 ivs in atk and def, just pm me i also have dwf and can breed u wth good ivs.
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